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Concept Artist and Illustrator known under "Kilaq" alias: also known as traveler, photographer, musher, animal rights activist and passionate hunter about the life itself.

MY EMAIL: leonheart (at)

My email leonheart (at) is NOT working anymore, for some strange reason I'm unable to open it.

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I'm trying to make it more visible. It's highly recommended to read if you are interested to commission/buy/bid on auction my artwork.…
Alriiiiight. It's time to share my big news here before I'll forget! :excited: 

After very long time of waiting for the right moment both in the space and time, finally I am expecting to have official Greenland dog litter collaborated with my trusty friend and Nordic Storm kennel… where mother is going to be my Arnaq!

There is a long story behind which involved a lot of planning and a few of amazing happenings that led my one of my (impossible) dreams to come true- but that's story for another time. I'll have my own Greenland dog/Gronlandshund/Greenlandic Inuit Dog/Qimmiq litter of puppies (and very first GH dogs for United States!) - where parents are going to be my Arnaq (dam) and Ulvar (sire)! 
Bragging out is definitely not in my style but I can't resist that where I must mention as being an active person in Gronlandshund activities- I think this litter will be one of the best ones with it's purpose as working dogs since centuries- for western country climate, of course.
And yes, we are keeping one dream-puppy with us, Altair, a black shadow who will cross the whole world. He'll stay with my friend but will be actively mushing with me.

Aha! I'm announcing it, in case to see if there is anybody on DA who would be interested in a real Gronlandshund puppy from us. I used to find homes for the dogs in the need through my deviantART where I successfully found amazing homes for homeless sled dogs. They are doing wonderfully at new responsible, good homes from DA people. Some of them lead amazing mushing lifestyle in the US.

We may have some available puppies for sale, we are open for reservations right now!  If you are interested in an puppy from us, please send an email leonheart (at) where we can discuss.

I'd suggest to read the simple FAQ below and make sure if you know everything before contacting with me:

More informations about who are Gronlandshund/Greenland Dogs/Inuits:…

In United States and the rest countries in World (besides Europe, Russia and Greenland), Gronlandshund are basically unknown canine breed. In Canada, I know only 2 people who own GH since CKC registered it's as a dog breed. Thus, AKC (for USA) does not recognize this dog breed, but on the better news, Gronlandshunds/Greenland Dogs are fully allowed/legal to participate in any mushing races in entire US and Canada (because in US, race rules about purebreed/Nordic dogs; GH are allowed in class along with Samoyeds, CED and Malamutes). So, I'm hoping that our kennel's will have very first Gronlandshunds base "started" in states ;) Not as a dog breed that could be considered in US but the whole mysterious passion for these canine species.
 It's also your chance to own the first one, with proper bloodline for it's country (no 100% "raw" bloodlines (i.e. pure import from Greenland) could cause a lot of mess in a country which "never had experience with these canines"- as it's said by Norwegians).

Anyway, back to that! Let me to present teh parents… as black&white parents …

Father: ULVAR Nordic Storm.

A beautiful, full black with ruby red fur with bear-like face. The dark Knight. He is one of the best personality-wise Greenland dogs I've ever met. When you look at his eyes… his eyes are the doors straightly leading to his soul. He is very emotional and smart dog, and as well, caring a lot about owner, like Arnaq. As for a "difficult breed known as Greenland dogs", his personality is truly amazing. Ulvar is a perfect working dog and as a leader, which I don't need to write a lot about it… besides the proven fact- he has toughly defended the 1st place in World Championship races and many top positions European as well at international Sled Dog races- bringing a fruitful pride for Poland, a country to be known having the finest sled dog mushers. But that's not the most important thing, just that… he is a very unique and healthy dog, carries a lot of valuable traits to keep the truly Gronlandshund in it's natural type. I have a very strong faith, he will give wonderful puppies and close to Greenlandic ones.

Ulvarofficial image by Exileden

427008 383893441637091 1100599366 N by Exileden

1836676 663792507011452 1652286123 O by Exileden

1622659 685119688220770 361219468 N by Exileden
Untitled by Exileden

Mother, the Ville Siegstad's line: Twinkling Nova's ARNAQ.

I really regret now that I never had any chance to share my amazing, unique stories that I've had with Arnaq, some might make people to cry. Most things I really keep to myself. Arnaq is the most emotional dog I've ever met, her metaphor of feelings and behaviours are strongly reflecting like human's. Smart, well mannered and avid observer. As working dog, she is a very intelligent, quickly learning, excellent leader, hard worker and extremely fast runner. She is running in solo mode on skijoring and bikejoring- which not many of Greenland dogs have ability like Arnaq does. More interesting part of her is her bloodline, that is from Greenland. Her father, Gimli, is a pure, real Inuit Greenland Dog from legendary hunter Ville Siegstad, Ilulissat. He finished many long distance races in Norway and Lapland in Iditarod type. Arnaq carries most personalities from Greenlandic line.

Arnaqbody by Exileden

Army Official by Exileden

56284 176160519077052 4170631 O by Exileden

Untitled by Exileden

1958202 667818483275521 734565153 N by Exileden
Mushingapusieni by Exileden

Skijoering by Exileden

But what makes the puppies more unique is that litter is the parental love. The parents has chose eachother and paired (via pheronome linkage) on their own. Not paired by the breeder's decision! Thet had strong feelings each other (without heat!) to simply name... that's how the Nature picks the best selections.

Untitled by Exileden

Lovedov by Exileden

Coat-wise and body shape wise, we are expecting long-leggend, strong bulit dogs and more likely puppies may have bear-like/Ulvar-like faces.
We may get: fully black with white markings/gray wolf alike fur/ coyote-alike fur with a lot of markings/ totally white with little gray markings/ black&white with mixed markings/gray&white with mixed markings.

Both dogs are absolutely guaranteed to be excellent working dogs in sled, especially for mushers or people who plan to do sled dog activities- as well great companion for humans. They are very healthy, passed all tests positively and have a HD-A result at dr. Siembieda. All puppies will have a FCI pedigree.

If you are interested in getting a real Greenland Dog puppy from us, feel free to email me, where we can discuss: leonheart(at)   Or via note. We are now open for Reservation Listings.
Only serious people, please. Preferebly for active people, mushers or had experience with wolves, wolfdogs or primitive/difficult dog breeds. 
Feel free to ask questionsl.

Also, since I don't consider myself as a breeder, I'm more a dog-rescue type of person and not fan of breeding (especially I hate overbreeding so much or for the dog shows only!)- I only support where breeding is having very strong reason i.e. having perfect/very rightful dogs to keep the breed's existence on safe line, keep strong and healthy working dogs and so on. This chance which I have, is the only since I consider as a perfect bloodline for it's purposes- it may be my last breeding! I never know when I'll have opportunity like that… Plus, the dogs may go to United States as the first Gronlandhunds, so it has to go with very good settling with right/proper bloodline (and hopefully, obviously get in very responsible, good hands of people!) They may open a new existence in AKC, who knows!


Where the puppies are located?

In Europe. They will be born in south Poland (Wroclaw area, closer to mountains) at my friend's kennel in the countryside. 

Are able puppies to be transported worldwidely?

Yes! Pickup from our kennel and the delivery of puppies is intentional To add in: I am experienced "dog importer". I've imported some Greenland Dogs from different countries to owners, and also imported a few rescue dogs to another countries via flight. Occasionally I fly with my dog from East Europe to USA, she made many thousand miles of flight with a big care and safety.
Options For Europe: you can pick up in Poland on your own travel/I can transport your dog to your destination (on your cost)/or, during Mushing Season (starting from November), our befriended mushers i.e. Waldemar Stawowczyk, who is traveling through bavarian Europe for mushing events and pick up can be arranged with him. Or pick up at i.e. important mushing events such like European Championships. There are so many options, which are possible to work out.
Option For USA: The great news are, to avoid large costs, on this year's December I have friend who will be flying from Poland to USA and can take up two puppies- which can turn out very cheaply! The puppies will be grown and ready to leave to new homes at that time. All you have is to pick up the puppies from International Orlando Airport (FL). Worldwide: We can work our something :)

Personally, for me, as a dog importer it's not a problem. The buyer must cover importing costs, but that can be negotiated (i.e. since I'm traveler and if I want to travel around your area, the costs can be cut down ;) ) Also, please be informed and to know the rules of your country about bringing a dog from another country! Australia has the worst restrictions.

When the puppies will be born and when delivered to new homes?

It's expected to be born on middle of September, 2014. They will be able to leave the "nest" when they will reach 2-3 months of their age- so around Nov/Dec.

 How much is for the puppy?

The exact price will be informed privately ( approx. 1000-1500 USD), for only serious buyers. The price is also negotiable, because our the best interest is to locate in the right homes and at trusty people- who will devote for them for entire it's life, provide a good quality of living and certainly will threat their dog as own children no matter what difficulties are. The problems and difficulties with the puppy is always caused by the human, wrongly raising the dog.
While acquiring this puppy, you must feel unconditional love for that dog on the first place, than expectations i.e. this must be a great sporting dog.

I support people thinking that: "My life journey will start with a legendary Greenland dog…." Instead of "I have the best, winning Greenland dog! I hope they prove their value to other people" No. Nope. Our great line of dogs is not bragging to other Greenland dog people and others.

Who can get a puppy? Who is the good "owner" for the dogs?
Is it only restricted to active mushers?

Because of the great potential with dogs, I'd prefer the puppies to go to active mushers. However, it works like that: I'll be very picky to whom my puppies will go. I am my little ones like my own children, with all love and I bet it will be kind of heartbreaking experience to let them go to new people. You may be a great musher, experienced but not a with a heart person for dogs (like musher named A.B. who changes her greenland dogs like gloves)- my puppies will go faster for non-sporting people, not having perfect living conditions but on 100% devoted with a love, discipline and passion with that dog breed (like me, how I started it out). 
Basically we are looking for trusty, very responsible people, who had experience with difficult dogs or wolves and have a lot… of spiritual understanding to Nature's power. And has possibility to devote a lot of time and love and lead active lifestyle (i.e. canicross, biking with dog etc.) We are not only restricted on mushers. They can go to normal people (in non-sporting way) and who knows, their mushing career may start from just owning the first, with great potential greenland dogs who could teach them- like how it has happened with Waldemar Stawowczyk, the World Champion in mushing- where they got their first greenland dog pair without any expectations but with a love for them, the rest has came by itself :).

 Can I import a Gronlandshund to United States?

Yes! And now it's a very rare and unique chance to not miss: on December there is a special flight to USA from Poland! The puppy will be prepared for the flight under care of my partner (who will be flying to US) and will have all paperworks done, i.e. Pet Passport, vaccinations and chip- and a FCI pedigree. All you have is to arrange pickup the puppy from Florida (Orlando/St.Augustine area).

And what about Dog Shows or races in US since AKC doesn't recognize this dog breed?

 Gronlandshund doesn't exist in USA. Due to all official records and informations, I am the first Gronlandshund owner in US. However, for mushing races, events and competitions it's not a problem. Because all races in States are recognized with CKC also (CKC recognizes Gronlandshunds) .

Activities with Gronlandshund if I am not a musher? Travelling with them? 

Having a Gronlandshund is more than any other pet. Sure, it's a dog, but it's as exciting as owning a wolf or unknown creature. They are known as the strongest and most powerful mushing dogs, both in long distance expeditions and sprint races. Besides mushing, Gronlandshund is amazing companion for backpacking traveling. They are true, devoted travelers. Other than that, get sucked into sports of skijoring,bikejoering, canicross etc.

2010-06-18-136 by Exileden

Also they are born to be travelers. I travel a lot and I never met a perfect dog for travels, despite that GH is a wild and untamed instincts dog- apparently became a very good companion and easily readjusting-able on new situations! There is a reason and long story answering why, but not for this time. They have no issues with flights, they have been boating for centuries, they like long car drives or sitting in the crowded buses and staying silent. If you think having a Gronlandshund will bond you from travels, no, take him/her on Himalayas. It will stick like a glue on your side, comfort you in darkest hours and defend you against the unexpected dangers. They will sacrifice. Of course if you will devote a lot of time, love, proper raise with proper communication etc. like your own child. Yes, GH is like a child. Not a dog where can be treated as 2nd category, where many dog breeds submitted to humanity and allowed humans to be treated lower- GH did not submit. GH will NOT tolerate your bad treating them. 

Untitled by Exileden

How Gronlandshunds are like with their temperament/behaviour in comprasion to i.e. husky, wolfdog etc?

 GH are nothing like husky. Closer to a wolf, but not really. Not a dog. They are a unique piece of nature. They are completely different, separated canine species- An arctic, ancient Inuit canine spiecies used for hunting and transporting in extreme conditions, lived on human's side for centuries to survive. A lot more information is written here: Is that true that Gronlandshund is considered as the toughest dog breed in the world? Yes. They are not a "dog" anymore that can be treated as lower category than human (a pet), they can stand against the owner very easily. They are fully capable to bite the owner. Their psyche, strength and bite force is so powerful. More powerful than i.e. pitbulls. My Arnaq has beated down 3 various pitbulls, GS and an american bulldog. It's all about their powerful psyche. That's why raising a greenland dog should be involved with a lot of care and right psychological understanding. Always have a Caesar Miller inside of yourself :P But again, raised properly, they tend to be much easier to take care and handle than husky or even German Shephard, as absolutely non problematic pet! 

Can I visit your kennel?

 Yes, it will be available from late September till November. It's located in touristic traditional village, where there are a lot of traditional resorts and places to stay close to our kennel. :)

FACEBOOK PAGE of our Silent Ark Kennel and Gronlandshund fans!…

At the end.... here is a "derpy" photo of derpy T'Ingvarr (Ulvar's brother) says hi !
10426815 657292421016471 3554122888059443600 N by Exileden

Deviousness Award

Deviousness Award
`PearlEden's dedication to being a truly devious artist is without question. Her gallery is full of beautiful pieces of art that take you on a trip through an enchanting mythological world. Additionally, `PearlEden's community spirit shines through in every area that she touches. From mentoring in groups, to providing motivational feedback for fellow artists, to sharing inspirational journals about her travels and artistic adventures, `PearlEden really is a shining example of someone who deserves the Deviousness Award. Congratulations!
-awarded June 2011


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