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Contact and About me.

Concept Artist and Illustrator known under "Kilaq" alias: also known as traveler, photographer, musher, animal rights activist and passionate hunter about the life itself.

MY EMAIL: leonheart (at)

My email leonheart (at) is NOT working anymore, for some strange reason I'm unable to open it.

Terms of Service

I'm trying to make it more visible. It's highly recommended to read if you are interested to commission/buy/bid on auction my artwork.…
A few days ago, something has happened to me and really illuminated my soul like a bright candle light.

Like a light of hope.

As I mentioned earlier, I really dislike talking about my health issues where I'm not really proud how is my life going lately. And how the days feel like I'm stepping on a very, very thin ice. To put in poetic words, the light is extinguished. 

But I found out a place that could be a good, effective chance for my rehabilitation to improve my health situation. After talks with my family, therapist and doctor, we all think it could be a great chance for me. However, the rehab place is quite expensive per a monthy stay. 
I am working out to make it as I can since my health is most important. 

So, I am exceptionally open for digital, full colored digital speedpaint with nice care with details commissions to cover my upcoming stay. They will be finished within a month.


Suicune by Exileden Inner Flame by Exileden Gloomy Days by Exileden


- The base price is 55eur per one character+background commission.
- Extra characters or detailed characters/themes may cost extra fees.
- Send to me a note on DA if your interested. For OC or Fanart I'll accept only visual character references without any complicated descriptions. No OC's based on written descriptions, I am sorry. Written descriptions are allowed for generic character (non OC), i.e. a wolf howling on hill or ice phoenix rising up from crystals. You are welcomed to request a mood theme like anger, sorrow etc.
- I'll go with my inspirational flow (artistic freedom).
- Paypal payments only.
- The commissioner will receive a full size picture via email for i.e. printing :) and a Web ready file for i.e. for use on internet.
- The commissions will be finished within a month.
- Terms of Service:… (No. 5. doesn't apply with these commisions)

SLOTS ARE FILLED UP! THANK YOU!! You can sign up for next month's Waitlist. 

Thank you for your support! :blowkiss:

Important notice for people who commissioned me earlier (the remaining list): from now the remaining commissions and art projects (especially almost all are in traditional media) are being held until I'll get stable with my health and have proper conditions to work on it's media- for approx. 2-3 months. This series of speedpainting commissions will replace that time for the neccesary reasons of mine with safe timelapse. If you have issue with this, please kindly send a note to me and hopefully we can work out something.

As a side note, small update about Auri: She is getting back on her weight on normalcy. She is now clean and feeling definitely better. She is on the good road now :)

Deviousness Award

Deviousness Award
`PearlEden's dedication to being a truly devious artist is without question. Her gallery is full of beautiful pieces of art that take you on a trip through an enchanting mythological world. Additionally, `PearlEden's community spirit shines through in every area that she touches. From mentoring in groups, to providing motivational feedback for fellow artists, to sharing inspirational journals about her travels and artistic adventures, `PearlEden really is a shining example of someone who deserves the Deviousness Award. Congratulations!
-awarded June 2011


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Yay! Thanks! :D
Zekkentak Featured By Owner May 3, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
No problem! ^^ I'm kind of holding myself back in terms of making art for a little bit longer but I'm really looking forward
to start making all kinds of work once I'm finished with school :)
BaneEden Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Happy REALLY late birthday! :huggle::cake: sorry for the delay ^^;
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Happy late birthday! Sorry that I'm late, and I want to say that your artwork has inspired thousands, undoubtedly  millions of people across the globe, including myself. Keep up with your amazing work!I am a dummy! Kermityay Meow :3 
bestiaferus Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014
Happy birthday :)
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happy birthday you overly talented person!!!!
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Happy Birthday! Hope you have/had a good day!
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