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Concept Artist and Illustrator known under "Kilaq" alias: also known as traveler, photographer, musher, animal rights activist and passionate hunter about the life itself.

MY EMAIL: leonheart (at)

My email leonheart (at) is NOT working anymore, for some strange reason I'm unable to open it.

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I'm trying to make it more visible. It's highly recommended to read if you are interested to commission/buy/bid on auction my artwork.…
Because I can't believe! *__*

Can you recognize who is that?

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10647201 10202322918266983 7917991690993668199 N by Exileden

Can you believe how a beautiful dog Auri is?
And do you remember how she looked like a few months ago, at the edge of death?

Finally a decent update about husky named Auri that I've rescued a while time ago- from death.
Here is the previous journal:…

Now, after many months of her recovery at my friends Sled Dog Sanctuary (got to the best place for dogs ever!), Auri became a TOTALLY DIFFERENT dog. Even I couldn't recognize her! Recently she looks like a beautiful, pure breed husky with very solid and heathly look. Literally, even prettier than many purebreed (with papers) huskies I've seen!

On the day where we rescued her, she was in tragic health condition and starving really badly, and lived in a pure hell- we even couldn't tell what breed in type is, some of us thought that she could be possibly an Akita mix! Her recovery road wasn't easy. Besides that she was in a bad starvation shape, that caused issues with her blood circulation, her skin was literally rotting and was infected with many, many types of bacterias- including E. Coli.
Her weak body could not handle strong antibiotics used to eliminate bacterias, so we had times of doubts.
Also many thanks for the people who willingly to donate for Auri- in total we have collected 30 USD, which have helped a lot, like supplying with medicines for her. Now you can see the results for taking a little part of helping a dog :D
But at the end, everything has leaded to happy ending. She is now fully recovered and happy husky dog :) 
Right now, we have finished fixing her process- and now, she is looking for a new home!

Ready to be adopted!

Then we can really call it as fully fulfilled mission :dance:

10342891 10202322916626942 5861317646266672556 N by Exileden

10392328 10202316264380640 1015077394909208726 N by Exileden

I remember when I was holding her on car ride in such tragic conditions. Her expressions were somewhat... like entrusting her entire life in my hands, like she knew that we are going to give her a new life. As a sensetive person towards animals, I've hugged her so tightly. It was some kind of trust. 

10157270 10202322956987951 1256102231878454648 N by Exileden

Very friendly with children :)

Oh also,

If anybody is interested in adopting her, giving a GOOD and RESPONSIBLE, loving home where she would never experience trauma again - let me know! Though bear in your mind, we will help you to get her to your place but all transportantion will be at your cost.  

Deviousness Award

Deviousness Award
`PearlEden's dedication to being a truly devious artist is without question. Her gallery is full of beautiful pieces of art that take you on a trip through an enchanting mythological world. Additionally, `PearlEden's community spirit shines through in every area that she touches. From mentoring in groups, to providing motivational feedback for fellow artists, to sharing inspirational journals about her travels and artistic adventures, `PearlEden really is a shining example of someone who deserves the Deviousness Award. Congratulations!
-awarded June 2011


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OneEyedCanine Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014   Traditional Artist
This is for you :D
Congrats on your coming litter of Arnaq pups!…
Exileden Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014
Awwww :glomp:
InTimber Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014
Your work is just overflowing with emotion. They are not just drawings but feelings/ inner self pictured. "Reading" them is stirring.
rabidbunnyd Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I already sent you a note about a previous theft, but I just realized that this work is also tied to your previous alias.

Zekkentak Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I wanna draw you something but I dunno what I could draw that can represent you <.< You got an OC or somethin? Maybe I could draw you something Twilight Princes-ish hmm
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SiolentH Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014  Professional Photographer
I'm trying to remember if you were the artist who used to draw this wolf, looked sort of like a maned wolf that was black with a bright blue mane and feet. It had a name that I think started with 'G' and maybe was related to a story? I saw your hellhound and it's got a similar body type. Anyways that was years ago, it was in my favorites but is now in storage, but it was my favorite!
Zekkentak Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
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