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I've discovered a new passion of mine!

Ever dreamt of flying?

I still keep imagining what would happen if I took a few steps forward, kept running and while jumping...  I'd naturally fly! That feeling usually happens when lucid dreaming!  
And... that's how it feels with paragliding!

Tajszb by Exileden

I have always dreamt of flying, ever since I was a child.

I've wanted to become a pilot for my career, however it's a long-time crushed dream due to that I've became a transhuman (in that case, I'm unable to detect the sounds transmitted through electric/frenquency equipment such like a radio). It won't happen during THAT my life. I keep thinking if that won't happen during this life, I can hope for in my another life, eh?

However, my strong determination and will of achieving the "impossible" and breaking the barriers... and thanks to faith of a group of wonderful people I've met, believed strongly that I can do it. Everything is possible. Radek, a guy from TV industry, he owns programs about how things work (Discovery Science thing), with his scientific mind asked me "Can you train your sound perception?"

That question was more than just statement.
That was rather a message to change the way of thinking. It has motivated me to think deeper on the solutions, how we can change the situation beyond "logical facts" and ask many more questions until I'll reach the source. And more importantly, I've decided to try doing it. Experimenting. Did a list of solutions what can I do and try all of them.

It's like, I bet you've heard many stories about doctors telling the patients "you have problems with your xxx health? You can't do it! You need to sit at home and limit your activities" and yet, patients did the opposite- and that has healed their health issues. Living with fully active lifestyle. It's the same with my Dingo's story, where he was told to be paralyzed and now, he is fully living with his active life.
Unfortunately the most of us, are trained to think in narrowed way as doctors.

I believe that most of answers WILL appear in front of us while we are doing something, trying, than logically answering questions based on our knowledge which we have experienced so far.    

He suggested me to try... paragliding. Still it requires qualifications as aviation pilot since you need to communicate through radio, but that type of aviation is more "natural" since I am an outdoor type person.

My experienced instructor, Witek, accepted that "challenge" to teach me at his school. Despite that, he kept thinking in rational way "well, she can't fly! I won't have connection with her!"

... at the end, I've flew like a "Queen of Dragons".
That scene has reminded a lot of if I were Daenerys Targaryen (at moment of struggling with her failures) being supported by Tyrion Lannister (my "advisor" who kept asking those questions) and Jorah Mormont (who supported me).

I did that impossible thing.

That was my biggest achievement. Not because I can fly, but I've overcame the barrier where everybody told me "I can't".

Take Off by Exileden

Of course that's not over. Second part of journey will come ahead- and I'd like to share how&what exactly I've did to overcome the barriers. I hope my little story could be inspiring for others who can't do things because they were told by society or have limitations.

Meanwhile, we were working a filming project - a tutorial for beginners about Paragliding. I am hoping it will be released in next month on YT channel- hopefully it will become helpful for you guys! ;)

RodzinkaSmall by Exileden
Our silly cast! 

Szhgiwhs by Exileden
"Jestem zmęczona!" - Instructor kept screaming at every shooting session. It means "I'm tired" but in... female form.

Zapinanie by Exileden
Preparing yourself and safety "checklist" is a top priority before taking of. We witnessed a girl, who forgot to buckle belts on legs and during flight training she has slipped off from harness... and died.

Mormont by Exileden
"Jorah Mormont" was known as our Watcher. He kept watching us and filming. After trainings, we watch videos how we did- and we are able to see track our progress and analyze mistakes. While learning to fly, it's much more difficult than as it seems- because it's all about specific maneuvers. It takes a lot of practices to get used to it.

Przeszkadzacz by Exileden
Arnaq the bothersome dog! During filming on training field, she kept hunting around and brought for us 3 dead rats on camp... She took care of "catering" for us ;)  

Radekiarnaq by Exileden
Arnaq has joined us through entire "sky" journey. She was a great therapeutic support for us!

Patrs by Exileden

... and I've spent extra hours "after classes" alone to "communicate" with my wing. Hours of failures and just a few minutes of success.

Is there anybody who is a paraglider? Let me know! :D
I have a spontaneous trip to Lisbon (Portugal) on 10-13th July!
We are planning to do a photo documentation of that city.

Anybody has been there? Or is living there?

I'm looking for quite original places, artistic areas, less known areas (that aren't mainly told in the guides) or some nature places or non-commercial beaches (and accessible to get there without having a car).
Any recommendations?

Also, let me know if you would like to meet&hang out with us ! :)
 J7a5720 by Exileden

 H8b2136 by Exileden

Snowdogs by Exileden

Zalamka by Exileden

Snostorm by Exileden

Sadows by Exileden

Wnamiocie by Exileden

 J7a5764 by Exileden

 J7a6774 by Exileden

Ligtsnordic by Exileden

...and that one, while making a camp at 3 am, exhausted and so frustrated with my failure attempts to make a fire (you won't go to sleep or relax until all chores are done), decided to walk alone on middle of lake, laid down and watched the solar theatre casted by Nature.

"The dogs there were most important for me. I spent a lot of time with them, more than with people and my dog team was clearly part of my soul- since that's just us who work on the trail."

 H8b3062 by Exileden

The Fjallraven Polar was extremely intensive experience for me, not physically just as an awesome adventure but enriching psychologically- as very strong Inner Journey exploration. 
It was my Race of Life. Even the worst snowstorm and all Nature's challenges could not defeat me - however, there was something that turned out my story to be the darkest in their history.
What has happened? 

I will share whole experience and it's deep meaning about pursuing for your dreams in my upcoming project- a book. It won't be just ordinary book with text, but inspirational one (I hope!).

Photographs with watermark are taken by Hakan Wake, the official photographer. Photographs without watermark belong to me.

PS: Yes, it took me a couple weeks to get "mentally" back from that Polar expedition ;) 
EDIT: Winter Sale! I am making a BIG % discounted sale of my artworks. It's at special prices for two weeks!

I hope they will find better life than at my place :aww:

- All prices are listed in US dollar.

- There are some originals that are NOT listed here, such like older artwork from 2008-2010 (from "big paws" era, I have VERY few of remaining originals!!) - ASK me via note.

- I accept Paypal or Bank Transfer payments!

- Priority shipping is: 9$ for EU 15$ worldwide

- Send to me a note if interested : )

Surprise batches!
Anyone remembers buying Trading Card Games booster packs? So here's the fun: you'll get randomly picked original drawings from me. If your lucky, I'll drop in something super awesome : )
Let's have fun!

Info: it contains my original works from timeline 2006-2015.

Doodle Batch - 33$ - set of 4 rough sketches.
Sketch Batch - 66$ - set of 3 fully rendered, fine sketches/pencil drawings.
Spectrum Batch - 66$ - set of 3 fully coloured drawings.
Nova Batch - 77$ - set of: 2 fully coloured drawings, 1 fine sketch and 2 rough sketch.
Ultima Batch - 166$ - set of 5 fully coloured drawings. 3 fine sketches and 5 rough sketches. And a special surprise!

Single Original Pictures

"King of The North" - Massive traditional painting (original looks a LOT better!), A1 size (approx 23'x32 inches) watercolor. - 2500$ Now: 1500$

King of the North by Exileden

Real life photo:


"African Blood" - Collaboration with Khaosdog! A3 - 299$ Now: 199$

African Blood by Exileden

"Autumnal Equinox" - Collaboration with Khaosdog! A3 - SOLD

Autumnal Equinox by Exileden

"Black Timber Wolf" - A4 - SOLD
Black Timber Wolf by Exileden

"Fantasy creatures sketches" - 3 fully rendered sketches (picked up randomly! surprise!)- 66$
Fantasy Themed Sketchtes by Exileden

"Blue Storm Dragon" - A4/A3, pencils and marker on printed sketch - SOLD

Storm Blue Dragon by Exileden

"Melody from heavens" - A4, acrylics - SOLD

Melody from the Heavens by Exileden

"Wolves" - A4 - 59$ Now: 40$

"Nocturnal Creature" - A5 - 90$ Now: 75$

Shadow Horses - A4, watercolour - 80$ NOW: 60$

Shadow Horses by Exileden

"Styrah" - SOLD

"Shaman" - Small collab with Khaosdog, never revealed work before: A4 size, indian ink and real blood. 90$ Now: 70$

Shaman by Exileden

Snow Leopard Sketch - A5, graphite pencil. 40$ Now: 30$
Untitled by Exileden

Bottom there are paintings/drawings that have personal meaning but I may let them to go... for people who are very deeply interested with these- for prices please contact for negotiation:

Northern Spirit by Exileden
 Get Away by Exileden
Southern Swamps

Could be deku's place?

Stance by Exileden

Haven by Exileden

Southern Swamp's riverside area of clean water (on the way to Potion Hag)
Untitled by Exileden

On the way to Deku Palace
Viki by Exileden

Snowhead Mountains

Harsh winter caused by Goht's wrath...
Polasnz by Exileden

On the way to Snowhead Temple, through harsh winds, avalanches and sheer conditions.
Wanderredinarctic by Exileden

Goron's spiky rolling makes to get in everwhere faster!
Untitled by Exileden

Great Bay

Entering the Great Bay through dunes from West side of Clock Town.
landscape sand dunes SMALL by Exileden

The Zora hall side: jumping through rocks to find Great Fairy...
Gszb by Exileden

Typical view at raw part of Great Bay beach
Fhjbl by Exileden

At rocky lagoon (nearby to Pirate's Fortress) that takes to Pinnacle Rock
Svgzhjw by Exileden

Used Zora's Mask and...
Somewhereinspace by Exileden

Ikana Canyon/Ruins

Volvano by Exileden

Nightalk by Exileden

Isxb by Exileden

At Ikana Royal Family chamber. I've uncovered that LIGHT to defeat the Ikana King!!
Goldenlights by Exileden

Draught Ikana Graveyard
Gravetard by Exileden

Fancy Ikana chamber underneath of one of graves
Monastur by Exileden

Final Day

Relaxin' at Final Day in Deku Palace. Let the world to end cause sky is the best!
Thsesz by Exileden

Typical Final Day sky... Umm, is the moon getting closer or not...?
Thesky by Exileden

Instead of fanart, this is my tribute to Zelda: Majora's Mask - for me it is the greatest game EVER.
It's more than just game, I grew up with it and it has greatly influenced my life- in a very positive way. That's, Majora's Mask has evoked my vivid imagination, twisted my mind, emotional influenced my art style, creativity, gave me a very odd personality (as how is that game), strange, stayed out from norms and more importantly- inspired me to travel. Seek the most surreal and craziest places in the world.
And inspired me to look up at sky.

Aha, and also I'm staying with old Nintendo 64 's Majora's Mask. That's where I grew up, when it was very underrated and not accepted by many due to spooky weirdness. Now there is unhealthy hype with it...
Oncliff by Exileden

Wanderredinarctic by Exileden

Desolated world.

In the world where no Future nor Past exists.

But a pure happiness.
Hey folks! (dunno for title)

A quick journal with juicy art goodies for sale : P

My good friend Khaosdog is having a very difficult time with health…
I've decided to help her with my best- we need to get specific medications that only can help. Unfortunately, they are quite costly.

I've got entrusted to sell Khaos' prints and artpack since I'll be buying medicines.
Buying prints will go on funding meds and support Khaos's health.
And where she could paint again : )

Chaotic Sprit Artpack
Representing dark, stormy and nostalgic illustrations. Most of them contain historic, old artwork by Khaosdog and original sketches by Exileden. Great for nostaligic collectors.

4 x Double sided A4 prints- signed by Khaos.
1x Ragnarok A4 print - singed by Khaos and Exileden
9x Glossy A4 prints - signed by Khaos
2x Small prints - signed by Khaos
4x Original sketches of Creatures by Exileden
2x Pearlescent A4 Prints
1x A4 print on watercolor paper- signed by Exileden
1x Pendant (Hour of Twilight)
1x Magazine of Khaosdog digital works.

Auction- please offer your price here:…
Highest price offer:
Auction will end in a couple days (the auctioneer decides to close)

 sneak peak:

Prints by Khaosdog

5 A4 prints of your choice - for 49 eur!

Here is chart of prints (click to see)


Simply send to me a note, then let me know which 5 images do you want (name by numbers).
All orders I'll be printing at special printing shop.


You are very welcomed to selflessly help Khaos by donating on my paypal: leonheart (at)

Hope you guys are having a good start of New Year.
Also, my apologies for being inactive on DA x)
... every of you guys can help me to live in a dream. 

So, let's do that! Please VOTE on me below on this link:…

And if you can, please share around to help me to reach the necessary amount of votes to get in! Unfortunately I got introduced there very late and I have very little of time- till 12 december.

Thank you for the great support :blowkiss:


Really, I'd give my leg and arm to be in that dream.

What can I do for you guys?

If that really happens that I'll be accepted, THANKS to you, watchers and friends where the biggest impact would come from- I don't want just to say "thank you" - for me, thanking via internet is somewhat empty and effortless expression. 
Is there something can I do in return for all the support that I have received?

I throught to do a full tutorial how I create a full illustration- it will be up to you guys, whether digital or traditional. Video or pic+description tutorial.
Or do decent series self-motivating journals and about effective travelling, improving your life (that's something I wanted to do a whiiile time ago but never had time for that. To write it correctly and well, takes really a lot of time and I get easily burn down) and improving art as well. In my opinion, a tutorial alone (how amazing artists do that) is not the best answer to improve your artistic skills and I believe the most important factor is the motivation and understanding "yourself" as the artist- and from that, we are building the path of improving our physical skills. It's called "artist's journey".

Any other ideas? Feel free to express from yourself : )

My aim is not really sort of exchange "you help me to do this, and I'll help you" strictly but that way we can build a better communication between us.

Oh! And yes, I've returned from my mind-twisting travels in Asia…. and, still till now I can't collect my words. It was one of the hardest, bloody challenging, surrealistic, yet enchanting travels ever I've did. That travel experience has completely changed me as a person. It was more an inner journey where I faced with my worst fears and… I think I've won myself. 

I dearly hate much planning travels, especially in such very tight time pressure. So much…. and the best part part is, I made it way too complicated than it should be XD. My mind likes to play tricks, like pushes me to plan crazy activities, to explore as much as it's possible and yet, my "comfort zone" part of mind is screaming "nooo, that's too much and I dont feel like going through all of shit" - especially that I'm going with my leg contusion and hearing impairment.

Right now, within my thoughts I don't wanna travel anymore and all I want to sit, stay at my cozy little corner with a cup of hot tea =__=

And on Friday I'm flying.
Not looking forward.

Oh well.


I'll be out from 14th till 28th.

I was planning to stop for one night from 15th to 16th in Singapore, but after some thinking I might skip that and do a decent Singapore exploring from 26 to 28th before catching flight back to Europe. The prices for a night stays at hotels scared me off ;) (and due to many reasons I can't stay in a multi-people hostels due to the equipment that I carry)

 But I may change my mind… 

So, dear Singapore people and travellers:

Is there anybody kind and willing to hang around with me there and show around that city? I would love to hear from local living there how it's really like that "world" as much as I can!

- What would be interesting to explore? Bear in mind, I'm not *really* looking for overly commercial places that are typical for tourists, I would like something… unusual. : ) Or something really interesting! Also bear in mind with accessibility, I will not rent a car nor taxi, more likely via MRT trains or foot : P

- The most interesting place to eat? I love culinary! :heart:

- I was thinking to do electronic shopping since I kept hearing it's really inexpensive. Any suggested malls/places/plazas/bazaars to do shopping? (and how to get there in the best way via Metro trains (MRT) )

- Any safety tips? Any certain places to avoid?

- As for accomondation, any recommended inexpensive (def less than 100$) place to stay? Obviously in a safe area, easy to access by MRT and… an interesting place would be a plus but I dont have hopes too high due to budget : ). But no multiple shared rooms with people or pods due to a few reasons.

- Feel free to send a Note if you want to meet with me and show me a little bit around, or eat, draw etc. : )

Also for BALI, is there anybody living there or planning to travel on mid November and would like to hang around with me a little bit? To show, explore and so on?
 Especially… I would love to hike on the volcano mountain or I'd dream to explore local villages! Send to me a note. : ) 
Anybody was (or live) in Bali, Java, Singapore or Indonesia in general? (or around these areas) Or even Australia? 

I may have an unexpected trip over there on mid of November.

While being there, I'd love to explore and maybe do a travel photoreportage of Bali (and nearby).

I feel really stressed out since I have to plan out everything in such a very short timing notice. 
I'd be happy to hear for suggestions, recommendations etc. and if anybody kind is living there (couchsurfing) I'd be happy to hang out and learn being there!

PS: As for Singapore, I might have a flight with a day (or two) spent there. I thought to explore there. As for Australia, since being in Bali, I'd be close to it. I've never been there and always dreamt to see that country. But I am not sure if time-wise I can arrange it....  
Now it's time for new bath of monthy commissions.
Moved out to a new place, closer to rehab and need to pay bills now.

This time I'm coming with two really unique commission slots offers, tagging along with Khaosdog : ) 

Currency: 1 euro - 1.25 USD

Small Collab-Comissions with Khaosdog!

1. ACEO Cards (2.5x3.5 inch) - 50 Euro

We are offering 5 slots for ACEO Cards! I'm doing the linework and Khaos will colour.

-Shipping is extra 5 euro.
-Paypal Only.
-Interested? Send a note with title "ACEO Commission".

2. Speedpaint Portraits (A4 size, 9x12 inch) - 75 euro

We are offering headshot/bust up of a single character. I am doing the sketch and Khaosdog is painting. They will include very simple, blotchy background. 5 slots only.

-Shipping original is extra 10 euro 
-Paypal Only
-We reserve the freedom of artistic interpretation ; )
-Interested? Send a note with title "Speedpaint Portrait"
Because I can't believe! *__*

Can you recognize who is that?

10620591 10202322918906999 7461529839174775632 N by Exileden

10647201 10202322918266983 7917991690993668199 N by Exileden

Can you believe how a beautiful dog Auri is?
And do you remember how she looked like a few months ago, at the edge of death?

Finally a decent update about husky named Auri that I've rescued a while time ago- from death.
Here is the previous journal:…

Now, after many months of her recovery at my friends Sled Dog Sanctuary (got to the best place for dogs ever!), Auri became a TOTALLY DIFFERENT dog. Even I couldn't recognize her! Recently she looks like a beautiful, pure breed husky with very solid and heathly look. Literally, even prettier than many purebreed (with papers) huskies I've seen!

On the day where we rescued her, she was in tragic health condition and starving really badly, and lived in a pure hell- we even couldn't tell what breed in type is, some of us thought that she could be possibly an Akita mix! Her recovery road wasn't easy. Besides that she was in a bad starvation shape, that caused issues with her blood circulation, her skin was literally rotting and was infected with many, many types of bacterias- including E. Coli.
Her weak body could not handle strong antibiotics used to eliminate bacterias, so we had times of doubts.
Also many thanks for the people who willingly to donate for Auri- in total we have collected 30 USD, which have helped a lot, like supplying with medicines for her. Now you can see the results for taking a little part of helping a dog :D
But at the end, everything has leaded to happy ending. She is now fully recovered and happy husky dog :) 
Right now, we have finished fixing her process- and now, she is looking for a new home!

Ready to be adopted!

Then we can really call it as fully fulfilled mission :dance:

10342891 10202322916626942 5861317646266672556 N by Exileden

10392328 10202316264380640 1015077394909208726 N by Exileden

I remember when I was holding her on car ride in such tragic conditions. Her expressions were somewhat... like entrusting her entire life in my hands, like she knew that we are going to give her a new life. As a sensetive person towards animals, I've hugged her so tightly. It was some kind of trust. 

10157270 10202322956987951 1256102231878454648 N by Exileden

Very friendly with children :)

Oh also,

If anybody is interested in adopting her, giving a GOOD and RESPONSIBLE, loving home where she would never experience trauma again - let me know! Though bear in your mind, we will help you to get her to your place but all transportantion will be at your cost.  
EDIT: All of them are sold out!

... a few weeks ago, Khaosdog and I have released an artbook! 

This is only the Beginning of our enchanting "Slient Ark" project. Basically it's a collaborated album that has hundred of pages filled with artwork by ours (our collabs, khaos' alone and mine), including the some were never released anywhere else.

A simple book. For inspirational use.

10580406 960327870660309 703959937 N by Exileden

Savbsz by Exileden

Saartbookpreview by Exileden

And a special original sketch by khaos and mine included in only 5 copies of that book... (this one is by Khaos)

10687140 959057980787298 4641742165473339648 N by Exileden

As soon as I have announced on my personal FB, almost all of the books got sold out. I have only ONE remaining book (signed) that is available for sale right now. Well technically, two, but the second I'd rather to keep for future marketing, I may let it to go....
However, there a very last copy for sale (with original drawing by Khaos and me), but not right now but is reserved for grand auction- will include a massive and beautiful original painting of this cover. But I'm not in a hurry to sell it yet....

On the day off I was sitting on the table in a cheap apartment complex for travelers with multi-people shared room where I lived with my friend. Despite of feeling like a melted chocolate every day and having wet hands ( and hey, my Nesquick chocolate which I bought from store already got melted too!), I tried to sit down in a public table to work on a commission. 
Surprisingly, in Malta there are BARELY any air conditioners. I swear, there days are hotter than in Florida. And we have the worst room because... even it doesn't have open-able windows. Sleeping was a pure nightmare. So hot and hard to breath comfortably. I felt like in a can. Or no, even worse, in a plastic bag.
Oh yes, that's the best word to describe.
Wear a plastic bag on your head and try to breathe during warm days.
After the first sleepless night I wanted nothing but return back to the North.

Ok, the first attempt of working...

Workiiin by Exileden

... and then a guy came to me. He was massive, all tattooed and had typical gangsta face. Apparently owner of this apartment complex and asked if I wanted to do cocaine here.

I laughed and kindly said no.
He was polite and left me alone.

Another roomie came and asked where is my friend because... garbage is on the table and found an old, rotting tampon in bathroom. Somebody didn't dispose them and now they are going to start arguing a'la ping pong style of "who did this??" and "I didn't do this!!"

- Oh god, how climatic is that stay. In hotels I wouldn't have funny stories to share with. But with these I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

I couldn't concetrate anymore on art and left.... to get plunged into a spire of the world of Malta. 



Species: The Volcanic Mediterranean Island.

Language: English and Maltese.

Malta is one of few countries in the world that accepted English language as governal language in use there. What I've experienced there, English is much more dominant than their native language! Currency:

Euro Visa/Passport: for European Union/Schengen countries, only ID is needed! 

Expenses: Mmm, kinda expensive country. Not so cheap, euro standards. People: VERY friendly, polite and safe country. A lot of foreigners.
Experience based on my friend who moved out to malta and local friends that I've met and spent a lot of time: they consider Malta as a very comfortable country. People party there a lot, it's known for festival, playing and party country- but in a healthy way, not in obscure like where fights or something serious would end. Police is a rare thing there. Everybody is chill out there.

Food: Mmmm, DELICIOUS! Mostly culinary is with a lot of italian influence, seafood and a little bit of local Maltese (nuts, jams, gozo cheese and oven products). In restaurants usual price for a meal is ~ 10 euro. I really deeply recomment to try seafood there, so fresh and delicious. Cheaper option is, I recommend to visit local, real Italian pizzeria: it's REALLY cheap and extremely delicious! Real ingredients and most are organic. For 5.50 euro I had the best pizza ever and I was full for entire time. A must to try here are gelato ice creams- a cactus fruit and melon ice cream!

- Brewmasters Pizza- an absolute MUST to try. Local pizzeria located in Swieqi town. Very affordable.

- The Villa - if you want to try something better and luxury, this is my recommendation also. They have amazing food mixed with local maltese seafood with art of Italian culinary.  Located in San Giljan.

Moving around without car: For 1.50 euro you can ride in any bus and as much as you want for the whole day. Buses usually go between cities, but in general moving around is pretty easy since that country is small. Nature: I take that any country has beautiful nature, but Malta is not a paradise for hikers (unless you have a car, then more things you can explore). All around is dry volcanic desert-like enviro and very salty sea.

Recommedations: In my opinion, every country is worthy to visit. Malta is really worthy experience. But if you are on the another side of world and want to visit Malta- it isn't that worthy that much, you may get a bit disappointed. Malta is rather great for a short, fun trip. The best is to get a cheap flight like Ryanair and fly for a few days- for fun, to party, get plunged into spiral of happy and celebrating people, swim (here you can swim nearly everywhere), make new friends there (it's a pretty social place), explore a bit and do some snorkeling.

Funny facts:

- You can get tan veeeeery easily there!
- When I was hiking through wild landscapes to get to wild/non public beaches, I was getting through military areas/training grounds. Here in that country they don't forbid you going there or tell you what to do or not, "babysit" you, but everything is up on your responsibility. You have to be careful and pay attention; if the red flag is up flying there, stay away. We went at night through these ground to beach… and we didn't realize but the guys were shooting next to us!
-drivers drive there like crazy. So crazy, I swear there are really no rules. Lanes are faint and so on. And pedestrials were walking everywhere on the streets full with crazy drivers, like a holy cows arounds. However, the communication between the walkers and car drivers is really amazing. I acted like a wild animal with instincts moving around there!
- Probably not the smartest idea, but I made a self made salt from the sea :D
- I can't spell ANYTHING in local maltese language. 

Svgzhjw by Exileden

Travelers by Exileden

Ygjn by Exileden

Sxn by Exileden

Skzn by Exileden

Sunlightbliss by Exileden

Rdsz by Exileden

Passivelife by Exileden

Mysvhv by Exileden

Pagsxb by Exileden

Klszub by Exileden

Kaplica by Exileden

Jsx by Exileden

Isxb by Exileden

Ilitarsvz by Exileden

Festin by Exileden

Flaugsz by Exileden

Explj by Exileden

Mdina by Exileden

Mdina3 by Exileden

Picsneak by Exileden

Karciabest by Exileden

Tsxv by Exileden

Photographer behind scenes :P I used to do photosessions for my friends as a token of gratitudy for friendship here: 

10668227 955472741145822 1360152625 N by Exileden

The food is quite good there. Seafood is absolute must to try. I always hated calamaris but here when I tried... wow, delicious.
Even though the local, amazing fishes are overpriced there but worthy to try at least once. Their culinary specialities in restaurants is italian herbs&vegetable mixed with seafood. As for local groceries, it's the best to buy at local maltese bazaar's and village stores. An inexpensive amazing breakfast I had was local oven Maltese bread (forgot it's name), feta cheese with herbs (from gozo), tomatoes and lime picked up from the tree and a fig jam. I made sandwich with feta base, tomatoes and shredded lime on top.

Fisches by Exileden

Kolacja by Exileden

Zarcie by Exileden

Flught by Exileden
Off on the (sky) road again.

Finally, it feels good.

It has been a really long while since last time I've travelled or did any activity that is important for me. I've been battling with my illness where I often had thoughts that could be my last year mark. The worst part was where I have completely lost my inspirational drive and gave up with my dreams. Only what kept me "alive" were my upcoming puppies. They were like a little light. (and that's why it really hurt me that fact they never existed- but at least I'm glad that I had to experience that phantom, that vision of expecting for them really helped me to go through).

I'm very grateful for my best friend who "kicked me out" really hardly to be back on track of "myself", a thing that I've passionately rised up my life for - travelling. She proposed me to come to Malta island and live there with her, just all of it came spontaneously. 
I've realized how my health condition has very extensively drained out my whole energy, where in result I no longer had any desires/motivations/drive for things that I used to be very active- sports, travelling, flying and many other activities. Now who I am, I'd definitely not call myself naturally spirited traveler anymore- no, not myself anymore.
Honestly, I felt kind of scared to go, especially in that condition.
The worst part was that I didn't want to go! I wanted to go, but other half in myself- didn't!


I didn't waaaant to go??

A new, fresh, exciting place where I never been?!?

I'm glad I forced myself and went. Said to fuck all of this. Fuck this and do it. Sometimes I think spontaneous things are the best usually.
Took a long train ride to Kraków, stopped at my friend's little house, gave her a Lithuanian beer and had crazy talk about her (probably craziest) weird travel plan which is all about fucked up connections and visas to Middle-East countries- through Russia to Kazakhstan and around it. Then from there I got on flight to another country which I never thought to go….

While flying and seeing the volcanoes from the front window, made me to feel so happy (that exact feeling of butterfly happiness which I haven't felt for loooong time) and I was acting like a child who never seen snow.

It's really amazing to see the beautiful world. I can't explain that happiness feeling when you actually experience the beautiful, crazy landscapes, different language, culture, climate and the world - cannot be compared or imagined through what is seen on magazines, photographs or TV.

It's just so great to feel it again, especially after all my drive and desire has vanished from me.

So, at the very moment I'm staying in a little modest place in a typical suburban towns of Valletta with my best friend and helping her out with living after her friend has left her. Here is the view at the moment:

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Oustreet by Exileden

As usually, I'm going to call out and ask if there are any DA people living in Malta or know/visited that island well! :)
Comment if you are; any recommendations? Ideas? Meet ups?

A few photo shoots from first days:

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Afuckinvolcano by Exileden

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Went to local farm store with my best friend and Italian friend met there. all around there were so many dogs. As a dog (and animal in general) lover, I always like to pay more attention on dogs from foreign places than people :] So, a dog couldn't be ignored be be photographed, they even "begged me for that".

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Also, let me know if you guys want me to write a day-by-day (not exactly everyday but every like 3 days) of travel journalism with photos+text ?...
I've been trying to draw something, but for some reason I couldn't.
I did, but it turned out so bad that I was so disgusted to look at it... teared it and threw in trash. 
Nothing is for no reason. Because I can't draw... it means that emotionally I've been feeling so stuck in one place. Like... "it's not okay..."

It's not okay....

My thoughts are taking me back to my visions that I've seen in my dream world... a black, large canadian timber wolf looking dog with lime green eyes. Next to him, there was sister, that had artistic "spill out" white markings on brown coated mask and spotted body. She had large golden eyes. They weren't pretty looking greenland dogs, quite weird but had "eyes of soul". They carried names, the black one was Altair and female was A'Vega... 
They were my puppies.
My children.

For whom I've been waiting for a good forever. I've been impatiently counting down the last days, preparing for their birth. Thinking about them every day and awaited for my children, Altair - who was meant to stay with us. My little Altair... My dream. My dream litter of puppies after Arnaq and Ulvar that I sought for a very long time, I keep telling people that I'm not just a breeder but I treat it something way, way more than anything that I can't explain. For entire time with my great friend that we carry collaborated litter of puppies, we felt so emotional about it like literally we were mothers/pregnant!

On 36th day of Arnaq's pregnancy I've went on pregnancy control tests to check how everything is processing at the best vet.
I was staring on the computer screen, waiting for the informations or pictures of puppies with tingly excitement. I've seen something for a moment but I'm not sure what's going on... Then the whole team of vets came to see and that's where I've received breaking news that Arnaq is on... 100% not pregnant! I'll save writing a text answering why, but that happens rarely and it's just not lucky happening. Other than that, everything else is OK, good and healthy in Arnaq's that area. No infections or malfunctions. It's just Arnaq's unique tolerance of getting pregnant is really low due to her hormonal liquids. Even it was quite successful mating twice times. 
It felt very, very painful knowing it's not going happen and dreams just stay only dreams. And it felt literally... like a losing children. 

Of course, the litter is now re-scheduled on 2015 year. In next year we will be trying to mate her through controlled method where for sure we'll know her "limited" estrus phase unlike last time. No surprise why mating her was extremely difficult. 

Technically it would be not a big deal, our dreams are not over but that's not just this... I'm just afraid of something, that it may never happen. You never know what can happen in next year.
Just I feel like I can't collect myself after hearing these news.

I feel like the vision of Altair and A'Vega is just only dream...

That's the feeling of that's just not okay...

Tl;dr : FOR PEOPLE WHO WERE INTERESTED IN OUR PUPPIES: the litter is moved for the next year, 2015.
Alriiiiight. It's time to share my big news here before I'll forget! :excited: 

After very long time of waiting for the right moment both in the space and time, finally I am expecting to have official Greenland dog litter collaborated with my trusty friend and Nordic Storm kennel… where mother is going to be my Arnaq!

There is a long story behind which involved a lot of planning and a few of amazing happenings that led my one of my (impossible) dreams to come true- but that's story for another time. I'll have my own Greenland dog/Gronlandshund/Greenlandic Inuit Dog/Qimmiq litter of puppies (and very first GH dogs for United States!) - where parents are going to be my Arnaq (dam) and Ulvar (sire)! 
Bragging out is definitely not in my style but I can't resist that where I must mention as being an active person in Gronlandshund activities- I think this litter will be one of the best ones with it's purpose as working dogs since centuries- for western country climate, of course.
And yes, we are keeping one dream-puppy with us, Altair, a black shadow who will cross the whole world. He'll stay with my friend but will be actively mushing with me.

Aha! I'm announcing it, in case to see if there is anybody on DA who would be interested in a real Gronlandshund puppy from us. I used to find homes for the dogs in the need through my deviantART where I successfully found amazing homes for homeless sled dogs. They are doing wonderfully at new responsible, good homes from DA people. Some of them lead amazing mushing lifestyle in the US.

We may have some available puppies for sale, we are open for reservations right now!  If you are interested in an puppy from us, please send an email leonheart (at) where we can discuss.

I'd suggest to read the simple FAQ below and make sure if you know everything before contacting with me:

More informations about who are Gronlandshund/Greenland Dogs/Inuits:…

In United States and the rest countries in World (besides Europe, Russia and Greenland), Gronlandshund are basically unknown canine breed. In Canada, I know only 2 people who own GH since CKC registered it's as a dog breed. Thus, AKC (for USA) does not recognize this dog breed, but on the better news, Gronlandshunds/Greenland Dogs are fully allowed/legal to participate in any mushing races in entire US and Canada (because in US, race rules about purebreed/Nordic dogs; GH are allowed in class along with Samoyeds, CED and Malamutes). So, I'm hoping that our kennel's will have very first Gronlandshunds base "started" in states ;) Not as a dog breed that could be considered in US but the whole mysterious passion for these canine species.
 It's also your chance to own the first one, with proper bloodline for it's country (no 100% "raw" bloodlines (i.e. pure import from Greenland) could cause a lot of mess in a country which "never had experience with these canines"- as it's said by Norwegians).

Anyway, back to that! Let me to present teh parents… as black&white parents …

Father: ULVAR Nordic Storm.

A beautiful, full black with ruby red fur with bear-like face. The dark Knight. He is one of the best personality-wise Greenland dogs I've ever met. When you look at his eyes… his eyes are the doors straightly leading to his soul. He is very emotional and smart dog, and as well, caring a lot about owner, like Arnaq. As for a "difficult breed known as Greenland dogs", his personality is truly amazing. Ulvar is a perfect working dog and as a leader, which I don't need to write a lot about it… besides the proven fact- he has toughly defended the 1st place in World Championship races and many top positions European as well at international Sled Dog races- bringing a fruitful pride for Poland, a country to be known having the finest sled dog mushers. But that's not the most important thing, just that… he is a very unique and healthy dog, carries a lot of valuable traits to keep the truly Gronlandshund in it's natural type. I have a very strong faith, he will give wonderful puppies and close to Greenlandic ones.

Ulvarofficial image by Exileden

427008 383893441637091 1100599366 N by Exileden

1836676 663792507011452 1652286123 O by Exileden

1622659 685119688220770 361219468 N by Exileden
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Mother, the Ville Siegstad's line: Twinkling Nova's ARNAQ.

I really regret now that I never had any chance to share my amazing, unique stories that I've had with Arnaq, some might make people to cry. Most things I really keep to myself. Arnaq is the most emotional dog I've ever met, her metaphor of feelings and behaviours are strongly reflecting like human's. Smart, well mannered and avid observer. As working dog, she is a very intelligent, quickly learning, excellent leader, hard worker and extremely fast runner. She is running in solo mode on skijoring and bikejoring- which not many of Greenland dogs have ability like Arnaq does. More interesting part of her is her bloodline, that is from Greenland. Her father, Gimli, is a pure, real Inuit Greenland Dog from legendary hunter Ville Siegstad, Ilulissat. He finished many long distance races in Norway and Lapland in Iditarod type. Arnaq carries most personalities from Greenlandic line.

Arnaqbody by Exileden

Army Official by Exileden

56284 176160519077052 4170631 O by Exileden

Untitled by Exileden

1958202 667818483275521 734565153 N by Exileden
Mushingapusieni by Exileden

Skijoering by Exileden

But what makes the puppies more unique is that litter is the parental love. The parents has chose eachother and paired (via pheronome linkage) on their own. Not paired by the breeder's decision! Thet had strong feelings each other (without heat!) to simply name... that's how the Nature picks the best selections.

Untitled by Exileden

Lovedov by Exileden

Coat-wise and body shape wise, we are expecting long-leggend, strong bulit dogs and more likely puppies may have bear-like/Ulvar-like faces.
We may get: fully black with white markings/gray wolf alike fur/ coyote-alike fur with a lot of markings/ totally white with little gray markings/ black&white with mixed markings/gray&white with mixed markings.

Both dogs are absolutely guaranteed to be excellent working dogs in sled, especially for mushers or people who plan to do sled dog activities- as well great companion for humans. They are very healthy, passed all tests positively and have a HD-A result at dr. Siembieda. All puppies will have a FCI pedigree.

If you are interested in getting a real Greenland Dog puppy from us, feel free to email me, where we can discuss: leonheart(at)   Or via note. We are now open for Reservation Listings.
Only serious people, please. Preferebly for active people, mushers or had experience with wolves, wolfdogs or primitive/difficult dog breeds. 
Feel free to ask questionsl.

Also, since I don't consider myself as a breeder, I'm more a dog-rescue type of person and not fan of breeding (especially I hate overbreeding so much or for the dog shows only!)- I only support where breeding is having very strong reason i.e. having perfect/very rightful dogs to keep the breed's existence on safe line, keep strong and healthy working dogs and so on. This chance which I have, is the only since I consider as a perfect bloodline for it's purposes- it may be my last breeding! I never know when I'll have opportunity like that… Plus, the dogs may go to United States as the first Gronlandhunds, so it has to go with very good settling with right/proper bloodline (and hopefully, obviously get in very responsible, good hands of people!) They may open a new existence in AKC, who knows!


Where the puppies are located?

In Europe. They will be born in south Poland (Wroclaw area, closer to mountains) at my friend's kennel in the countryside. 

Are able puppies to be transported worldwidely?

Yes! Pickup from our kennel and the delivery of puppies is intentional To add in: I am experienced "dog importer". I've imported some Greenland Dogs from different countries to owners, and also imported a few rescue dogs to another countries via flight. Occasionally I fly with my dog from East Europe to USA, she made many thousand miles of flight with a big care and safety.
Options For Europe: you can pick up in Poland on your own travel/I can transport your dog to your destination (on your cost)/or, during Mushing Season (starting from November), our befriended mushers i.e. Waldemar Stawowczyk, who is traveling through bavarian Europe for mushing events and pick up can be arranged with him. Or pick up at i.e. important mushing events such like European Championships. There are so many options, which are possible to work out.
Option For USA: The great news are, to avoid large costs, on this year's December I have friend who will be flying from Poland to USA and can take up two puppies- which can turn out very cheaply! The puppies will be grown and ready to leave to new homes at that time. All you have is to pick up the puppies from International Orlando Airport (FL). Worldwide: We can work our something :)

Personally, for me, as a dog importer it's not a problem. The buyer must cover importing costs, but that can be negotiated (i.e. since I'm traveler and if I want to travel around your area, the costs can be cut down ;) ) Also, please be informed and to know the rules of your country about bringing a dog from another country! Australia has the worst restrictions.

When the puppies will be born and when delivered to new homes?

It's expected to be born on middle of September, 2014. They will be able to leave the "nest" when they will reach 2-3 months of their age- so around Nov/Dec.

 How much is for the puppy?

The exact price will be informed privately ( approx. 1000-1500 USD), for only serious buyers. The price is also negotiable, because our the best interest is to locate in the right homes and at trusty people- who will devote for them for entire it's life, provide a good quality of living and certainly will threat their dog as own children no matter what difficulties are. The problems and difficulties with the puppy is always caused by the human, wrongly raising the dog.
While acquiring this puppy, you must feel unconditional love for that dog on the first place, than expectations i.e. this must be a great sporting dog.

I support people thinking that: "My life journey will start with a legendary Greenland dog…." Instead of "I have the best, winning Greenland dog! I hope they prove their value to other people" No. Nope. Our great line of dogs is not bragging to other Greenland dog people and others.

Who can get a puppy? Who is the good "owner" for the dogs?
Is it only restricted to active mushers?

Because of the great potential with dogs, I'd prefer the puppies to go to active mushers. However, it works like that: I'll be very picky to whom my puppies will go. I am my little ones like my own children, with all love and I bet it will be kind of heartbreaking experience to let them go to new people. You may be a great musher, experienced but not a with a heart person for dogs (like musher named A.B. who changes her greenland dogs like gloves)- my puppies will go faster for non-sporting people, not having perfect living conditions but on 100% devoted with a love, discipline and passion with that dog breed (like me, how I started it out). 
Basically we are looking for trusty, very responsible people, who had experience with difficult dogs or wolves and have a lot… of spiritual understanding to Nature's power. And has possibility to devote a lot of time and love and lead active lifestyle (i.e. canicross, biking with dog etc.) We are not only restricted on mushers. They can go to normal people (in non-sporting way) and who knows, their mushing career may start from just owning the first, with great potential greenland dogs who could teach them- like how it has happened with Waldemar Stawowczyk, the World Champion in mushing- where they got their first greenland dog pair without any expectations but with a love for them, the rest has came by itself :).

 Can I import a Gronlandshund to United States?

Yes! And now it's a very rare and unique chance to not miss: on December there is a special flight to USA from Poland! The puppy will be prepared for the flight under care of my partner (who will be flying to US) and will have all paperworks done, i.e. Pet Passport, vaccinations and chip- and a FCI pedigree. All you have is to arrange pickup the puppy from Florida (Orlando/St.Augustine area).

And what about Dog Shows or races in US since AKC doesn't recognize this dog breed?

 Gronlandshund doesn't exist in USA. Due to all official records and informations, I am the first Gronlandshund owner in US. However, for mushing races, events and competitions it's not a problem. Because all races in States are recognized with CKC also (CKC recognizes Gronlandshunds) .

Activities with Gronlandshund if I am not a musher? Travelling with them? 

Having a Gronlandshund is more than any other pet. Sure, it's a dog, but it's as exciting as owning a wolf or unknown creature. They are known as the strongest and most powerful mushing dogs, both in long distance expeditions and sprint races. Besides mushing, Gronlandshund is amazing companion for backpacking traveling. They are true, devoted travelers. Other than that, get sucked into sports of skijoring,bikejoering, canicross etc.

2010-06-18-136 by Exileden

Also they are born to be travelers. I travel a lot and I never met a perfect dog for travels, despite that GH is a wild and untamed instincts dog- apparently became a very good companion and easily readjusting-able on new situations! There is a reason and long story answering why, but not for this time. They have no issues with flights, they have been boating for centuries, they like long car drives or sitting in the crowded buses and staying silent. If you think having a Gronlandshund will bond you from travels, no, take him/her on Himalayas. It will stick like a glue on your side, comfort you in darkest hours and defend you against the unexpected dangers. They will sacrifice. Of course if you will devote a lot of time, love, proper raise with proper communication etc. like your own child. Yes, GH is like a child. Not a dog where can be treated as 2nd category, where many dog breeds submitted to humanity and allowed humans to be treated lower- GH did not submit. GH will NOT tolerate your bad treating them. 

Untitled by Exileden

How Gronlandshunds are like with their temperament/behaviour in comprasion to i.e. husky, wolfdog etc?

 GH are nothing like husky. Closer to a wolf, but not really. Not a dog. They are a unique piece of nature. They are completely different, separated canine species- An arctic, ancient Inuit canine spiecies used for hunting and transporting in extreme conditions, lived on human's side for centuries to survive. A lot more information is written here: Is that true that Gronlandshund is considered as the toughest dog breed in the world? Yes. They are not a "dog" anymore that can be treated as lower category than human (a pet), they can stand against the owner very easily. They are fully capable to bite the owner. Their psyche, strength and bite force is so powerful. More powerful than i.e. pitbulls. My Arnaq has beated down 3 various pitbulls, GS and an american bulldog. It's all about their powerful psyche. That's why raising a greenland dog should be involved with a lot of care and right psychological understanding. Always have a Caesar Miller inside of yourself :P But again, raised properly, they tend to be much easier to take care and handle than husky or even German Shephard, as absolutely non problematic pet! 

Can I visit your kennel?

 Yes, it will be available from late September till November. It's located in touristic traditional village, where there are a lot of traditional resorts and places to stay close to our kennel. :)

FACEBOOK PAGE of our Silent Ark Kennel and Gronlandshund fans!…

At the end.... here is a "derpy" photo of derpy T'Ingvarr (Ulvar's brother) says hi !
10426815 657292421016471 3554122888059443600 N by Exileden
A few days ago, when I was at open field work in another city 200km away from Warsaw, working as off-road/trail photographer as usually- I got a call about a husky dog in desperate need that is located in MY area. Fully starved dog (just bones), having severe skin issues, bleeding and leaking mold off from skin and fur is falling off found on streets laying down- and needs immediate health attention. I'm not anymore active volunteer in my animal rescue foundation due to life changes, but my instincts of rescuing animals came back. I've responded to the animal foundation and took responsibility of picking up and transporting a husky in need.

 I had to cut off from work, and ummm the issue was… I went there with my co-worker whith his car. Everything sounded perfect, that dog was in need to be transported to Warsaw by today which is good for me cause after work we are driving back to Warsaw.

Buuuut the problem was… A nice, shiny BMW car.

My co-workers beloved car, plus hes typical urban, clean type guy. 
Lacoste shoes, tommy shirt etc. lol.

That already screams in my head: NO, never! He will NEVER want to transport a dog, even an ILL dog. He used to transport Arnaq once, he enough hated that her fur wires were stuck in his car, even singliest one.

But to transport a dog that is infected, dirty, has rotting skin, bleeding under belly and yellowish whities leaking out from skin? Literally a zombie dog?

That was the hardest task for me to work out, persuade him otherwise I'd feel very guilty cause that dog had perfect chance to be saved… but after whole conversation, which I think was funny it worked! I persuaded him.

Once we got that dog... I was making probably thousand excuses to calm him dog since he was all the time freaking out and regretting for agreeing for this deal. But that girl was such angel! So friendly, cute and very, very calm despite of her condition. I feel like she on purpose sat in one position and didn't move at all - and I think it greatly helped my co-workers paranoia of "infecting" his car XD.

10477564 916687755024321 9057632630294300665 O by Exileden

Poor thing... My pants had blood spots after her bleeding skin under belly.

There was a moment where he had to stop suddenly and jumped out from the car, cause wanted to pee so badly and Auri (that's how I named that rescue husky dog) immediately stood, and almost jumped out of car to check if my co-worker is okay. I was all noooo you are risking my coworkers anger by moving sooo much! But I thought what she did, it was cute...

But at the end, a big bravo for my co-worker for doing this favor and overcoming this fear. Even he started feeling sympathy for her. :heart:

After arriving, I brought her to my home to take care until people from foundation take her to rehab. She was full of life and my Dingo accepted her with love. I really love rescuing dogs from darkness and observing how much of love they get, like giving them a chance for a good life. Honestly, on the other hand I don't like being part of dog rescues because I get attached too much or depressed... y' know, I'm really extremely sensetive human being...

Rela by Exileden

My Dingo invited her to play! She was very alive, but kept falling on the ground due to lacking of muscles and strenght. But she didn't give up and kept playing. I think Auri is a beautiful lady, right?

Auri has great chances for recovery to be a normal dog, though rehabilitation at foundation cost money- she has chances only through good will from kind hearted people who would be willing to donate a few bucks. She lives on donations until she will get a new home.

You can donate for Auri's recovery via Paypal (just any amount, we don't ask much, just 5$ is fine!)
Please put in title:  DAROWIZNA DLA AURI

For interested people, especially who donated, I can post updates about Auri's recovery!

Other than that, recent things in my life went drastically worse and also I lost my important chance for recovery and also I caught illness where who knows how long it will take to recover (do not ask about that, I don't like sharing less happy things about my life on public) so for the most time I'll be focused on dogs and animals since they are somewhat... therapeutic for me ?...
Thought to share a photo journal of our Greenlandic dogs since I've been spending a lot of time at kennel at countryside. Enjoy!

For those who aren't familiar with these canine species:… (I've fixed now a lot of mistakes and added some new infos)

Salbei by Exileden

Saga, showering in dim lights of sunset.

Shimadrinking by Exileden

She's a Siberian Husky (adopted) anf is stealing a coffee from my friend.

UlvarFace by Exileden

Ulvar. The Dark Knight. He is one of the most lovely and raw spirited Greenlanders I've met...

ShantuBlack by Exileden

Blackie and Shantu.

Lovedov by Exileden

Ulvar and Arnaq are couple. They have quite fascinating story of their relationship, a mixture of extreme fascination eachother, love and hate. Ulvar is very caring man, expressing nice gestures which Arnaq really enjoys... their expression of "romantic" moments are very similar to humans, with a lot of care.

Viggo by Exileden

The Arctic one. Arnaq's brother, named Viggo.

Ulviggo by Exileden

Confrontation. Viggo has very strong position in the pack hierarchy. He expresses his position to Ulvar. He doesn't seems to very happy that Ulvar is having the rights to potentially mate his sister, because that automatically shoves off Ulvar onto higher rank without natural confrontations.

Ulvarstands by Exileden

Ulvar has very unusual Greenland dog's coating. It's fully black, with ruby red fur shades.

UlvarRageArnaq by Exileden

The whole thing with "love" with Inuits, is very interesting. It's rather a huge bomb of various behaviours and emotions. They are very, very fierce and aggressive within their rituals. They get into fights - I think that's sort of demonstration, I believe these fights have a "reason" within mating process.

Ulvarszghx by Exileden

 Arnaq snapped his nose during play and he got really pissed because it hurted him.

Arnaqszh by Exileden

When the days are very hot....

ViggoLights by Exileden

Also, I have big plans ahead; we are planning an official Greenlandic dog litter after Arnaq with the dark knight... :) More of it will come in next journal, we are still in the process of mating them.