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I have more inexpensive coloured originals up for sale. Please send to me a note if interested!

Howling Wolf - A4, coloured pencils - 35 eur

Howlingwolf by Exileden

Cry of Wolves- watercolour and pencil, 30x11.5 cm - 54 eur

Daplik by Exileden

Our time is coming, 30x26 cm - 70 eur

Our Time Is Coming by Exileden

Duskfall- watercolour sketch: SOLD

Wolfsea by Exileden

Also, meantime, let me know which of my experimental "styles" do you like for the most? :D
How everybody is doing?

I swear, most likely I got 1st april's jokes disease!

My April 1st day went so terribly embarrassing, where that day has ended with police action and spies around. All of it has started with typical, innocent joke.
Being inspired where my friends did many text jokes to me, so I was at good mood and thought to do a joke with my family. My friend suggested to do one. Well, I sent a joke that I'm being kidnapped by someone… in the result, it has ended with very quick action organized by my mom where she called every family member, police and the organization to take action to secure my place. It took me a while to figure out, before it's too late to say…

Now I'm bearing a huge embarassment in my heart, everybody is extremely mad at me and I feel that I've failed their trust around people that I care. Though I had no bad intentions, never imagined anybody would take it so seriously on this day, but on the other hand I could have been more cautious that since we are in rough life situation. (sabotages during divorce situations, anyone?)

A beautifu sunny day outside, singing birds and flush green grass field is outside of my window and I'm wearing mask of shame in the corner and drinking so much of tea for the whole mess I've caused. That's how I feel. Oh well.

April by Exileden

Did anybody had similar embarrassing situations?

Also! I have a few, inexpensive watercolour originals up for sale. Please send to me a note if you are kindly interested in purchasing one. Thank you! :hug:


And… I have a little more exciting news that Khaos and I have potential plan to set up a fantasy wildlife art blog together! Where, officially, finally everybody could follow long awaited a little glimpse of Khaos' artwork online! I'd really appreciate for some great support for our small project, it'd certainly help her "to return" by a little into online world.
Hey folks!

This journal will be dedicated supporting my dear friends financially and getting them noticed in art world a little bit better.

Firstly, a little known artist, yet very skilled Arkelion is doing commissions. His situation is quite important since he is my close roomate (he came from US to Europe) and requires a longer stay in Schengen because of medical reasons. However, the rules for visa/stay extension are quite weird and complicated, including requires to leave to another country that is outside of Schengen to restart the "entry date" in order to fill paperwork - and that involves a lot of financial action. I am really hoping there will be some of you guys who would be willing commission him, in order to help him financially- and get a wonderful artwork for inexpensive. The originals are much better in person btw.
His prices are from 20$ for the sketch, 20$ for a bookmark, then from 45$ for a full coloured pieces. I'm also offering help for him, where we do small collabissions, where I do sketches- and they are from 60$.

Samples: The Nephilim by Arkelion Goddess of Time and Space by Arkelion Clash of Souls by Arkelion

If you are interested, please send to him a Note.


Secondly, a good friend of mine DarkTiger-ex a hobby artist, is taking very inexpensive commissions! She needs a financial support for her education and I'd like to help spreading her out. 

For a bookmark, she charges only 5$ (digitally designed, chibi or normal, printed, laminated and filled with feather designs!)

Done bookmarks by DarkTiger-ex 010 - little tiger with butterfly by DarkTiger-ex

And her coloured pictures with watercolour paints are 9$ 

1911965 826736400685775 443616271 N by Exileden

1186861 826736447352437 1172668490 N by Exileden

I am sorry for that I could not offer anything from myself since I'm absolutely booked out and while I'm not available, I thought help my friends to get spots <3. Thank you so much for helping out my friends! :blowkiss: 

Hey folks!

Since a while, I've been planning my visit to Finland with Arkelion and spend time with awesomesauce TwilitTiger in real life finally. Meantime I'll be participating as a photographer of IFFS European Championship Sled Dog races with Igor Tracz's sled dog team- and that race will be happening on 6th-9th March (we'll be from 7th to 9th).

Here is the website of races if anybody is interested:

I must say, I'm very excited for this little adventurous experience and very happy to visit Finland- where my half of bloodline is Finnish (and so is my last name). A hello for awesome Finnish people :wave: 

However, unfortunately things are starting to be more complicated. Since we, located at Helsinki area have to get to Metsakartano (Rautavaara) but the problem is that we cannot get without car (the closest railway station is 40km away, so basically we are missing any transportation by that amount) and my musher friends can't pick up us due to stake-out and so on.

I was wondering if there is anybody who is from Finland (or who is outside, but interested to visit that race) that can drive a car, and is interested to see race- would like to join with us and we all could get to that place for a couple days?  We all are more than willing to share costs of gas and accomondation :aww:

I'd absolutely recommend going up on that race, it will be amazing experience. Plus, you'll get to meet our top mushers and dogs!

Just we thought that it doesn't hurt to ask :D 

Hey folks!

I'm really excited to announce about Khaos' and my idea to bring unique collaborated artpacks of our artworks on live! :D

I know how many of you missed Khaosdog's legendary works after she has left her online activity due to independent circumstances- that's why today is the unique moment where her works are officialy up for sale on public where everybody has chance to grab a glimpse of her beautiful copies of works. Some of prints include her newest works that were never released online before!
Khaos says a hi for you guys! :)

For those who are unfamilar who's Khaosdog, she is one of the most amazing and legendary fantasy wildlife artists. I've did a couple, well known collaborations with her where she did very outstanding colouring job, with surrealistic watercolour style:

Ragnarok I by ExiledenHour of Twilight by ExiledenEclipse of Ragnarok by Exileden

All artpacks include handsigned prints by Khaos and me. Unique collaborated prints (such like Ragnarok and Hour of Twilight) are exclusively signed by both of us and they include original artworks drawn by us! (it's not displayed on photos). Please click on thumbnails to view them below! :float:

Wolf Spirit Artpack Auction by Exileden

Voyager Artpack Auction by Exileden

Let me know if you have any questions :)

My friend has dragged me out for coffee meeting and inspired me with very creative, motivating idea- to create your Inner Map of Dreams, which was based from the coaching workshops. 
This is a part of your inner self training, organizing what is going on in your mind and a little step with your "Personal Legend" pathway. After doing that small excerise, I've felt so pleasant in myself like floating in clouds despite of my grumpy mood, by imagining that I already did what I dreamt for. After all, it's really fun to do :]

What you have to do is to collect pictures (anything, from magazines, photography or even artwork; you can cut out from magazines or print them out) that represent your thoughts, passions and what you want dream to do/or to be.
Find your life inspirations.
Cut them out and glue everything on your piece of paper. That paper sheet is your MAP and you'd have to fill your map with your "dreams". Those cutout pieces are parts of your dreams, i.e. picture portraying of a woman amongst wolves (if you are passionate with animals, wolves or dream to work in sanctuary) or a man travelling through epic mountains (if you are pursuing to be a traveler or simply if they represent finding a peace or inner journey in yourself. Whatever they represent they must represent your own feelings.) These pictures shouldn't mean directly what is shown and what everybody else would see but what you feel/see, like traveler through mountains doesn't mean only your desire to be alpine traveler but also need of inner journey to set free youself from haunting events from the past that are holding down.

While creating your Dream Map, by gluing picture, you'd have to do some affirmations. Let yourself to soar in your mind, imagine and try to feel that you are actually doing what you want to do. Try to envision, instead of that person, is that you. And then move on next picture etc.

It can be related with anything. Your dreams, passion, dreamt career, inner self feelings, relationships and even your self image, both outer and inner. Of course it's the best to be yourself, but being inspired by people which you idolize, is taking their best traits (i.e. why do you admire this person? For courage. What she done in life, I'd love to be as courage as she is. (not to be like her)) not wannabes of being another person.
Also, don't worry with seeking for the best pictures. Don't hunt for best ones or finding things that absolutely fit you- just do it. It's better to just do map than burn yourself out and whine that you can't find *specific* image.

That moment when you fill things that you are desperated about, for not having "x" certain thing after doing this, you will slightly feel that you achieved this! It helps you to feel inner richness in yourself than focusing on what you don't have.

After completing map, it will show how your life is so rich! Even if they are just thoughts, dreams and not your photos are there… but still, you feel something. Not something big but just even slightiest glimpse of awesomeness. You'll realize that you have to pursue for, how amazing person you are, unique and it will certainly remind that you have dreams. To help you to organize them and find out what you want to do.

Affirmations are extremely important and creative part of your mind and self growth; yet, sadly it's being laughed by uneducated people who dwell in adulthood by following fashionable quote about "dreams =/= reality", having hostile attitude and "well I don't have time for childlish stuff. I better be done with filling my bills".

Here is my dream map, this is my first attempt to do so it's messy XD. I didn't include everything because other stuff are more personal goals/feelings that I prefer to keep to myself, as well family/close people relations. But here is one that I am sharing…

MapaMarzen by Exileden

MojaMapa by Exileden

Oh and. Originally, I've did my map traditionally and added notes by inked pen. I think the best is to do by hand/printing out and writing with your favourite pen than digitally- because doing something by hand and with effort, real ink shows your value. How you value yourself, that idea and your desire for fullfilling dreams, self-completion. Traditional one I keep to myself and the other is digitally just to share with people online because is more visible to see what's going on! 

1. Lonely Travelling with i.e. motocycle or different transportation.

I'm dreaming to throw everything and go on a massive roadtrip, travelling through the world, do journalism and photograph the beauty of life. Both in literal and mental meaning. I'm a little closer for that….

Everything related writh travels, always inspire me. Everything. Even in most twisted way.

2. "Slumdogs". 
Inspiration from ghetto areas, slums and an opposite to popular belief of beauty and comfort. Something that is raw. Like "The Bronx" atmosphere. Shredding light. I have such huge weird fascination of it, is beacuse it taught me to see things differently on personal level. Seeing things what many people don't see. Empathy. Fragility. Thanks for my trips to ghetto-ic areas and exploring, my experience in psychiatrist hospital was far more unique!
That inspires me to harden myself and finding beauty in strange places, heck not just places but life situations.
I'm dreaming to do series of inspiring photographies based on slums and ghetto areas from cities and of citizens.
Photographer Chris Arnade is my big inspiration.
That picture is painted by Jonas De Ro, amazing inspiring artist… where I hope to learn painting on whole new level like that, someday :D That's why it has a little spot in my inner map.

3. Mushing through Greenland/Arctic.

It has been always my biggest dream to sail through heavens raw arctic circle by mushing on traditional sleds pulled by team of wild, pure greenlandic dogs. As a life journey.
My life goal is a desolated place "Aunerit- The Thunder Lake". In both physical and spiritual meaning.

4.  Hang gliding, skydiving and pilot.
They represent the freedom, feeling of dimension, dreamscapes and more importantly "overcoming the impossible". Someday I'll tell you my story related with this.
Specifically, this maps out my dream to become aerial photographer/artist and maybe a pilot. Also on personal level unveils my feelings of freedom in my inner self. I want to remove my self "boundaries", limited thinking. I should overcome what limits myself i.e. "I can't do this!"

This motivates me to pursue what I dream.

5. Pair with Wolfdog in Himalayas.

Dreaming to do a great journey (and maybe someday write a travel book about me and a dog) with my Arnaq. Traveler and a dog and be stuck in certain place for many months. Dog is human's the best friend.
Also, that represent more my little dream of having a partner that is also passionate about travelling, isn't afraid of the world, open minded, passionate, loving animals etc… I'm dreaming to have a partner /or even friend/ to travel together and share our passion and fascinating with the life itself :)

6. Artwork and awesome, in industry working artist.

Nothing much to say, everybody can guess that. It's all related with artist's career XD.

7. Aliy Zirkle, Zanita Morgan, Marek Kaminski and some inspiring people here.

Some of prople that I get inspired. For their courage, reaching for dreams, making impossible and amazing inner-self strenghts that overcame all mental boundaries. I am hoping to learn the bests from them. Especially I fucking admire women who are very unusual, adventurous, strong yet sensetive, passionate and do impossible which are far opposite to it's stereotypes. 

8. Mushing races, animals and Iditarod.

Mushing has been passion of mine since forever and I'm dreaming to participate in long distance races such like Fedmundloppet or maybe even YQ as a journey with dogs that I love.
Animals represents that I want to get involved more in animal activities to support them.

Iditarod is…. a fucking reminder to send my photoreportage of Iditarod race for National Geographic PL/or other magazines because of my depression/laziness/complaining I've missed that opportunity. Witnessed that, have a great material yet never published them, even I had a large interest from other people!

A note to myself: don't ever do this again.

9. Dudesons. Horse with stunt trick and dumb craziness.

A little dream and part of myself that I've forgot. Or I'm ignoring. I've been always fond for craziness, stunts and doing very unusual things. I am ignoring myself due to that pressure "I must be mature" from society.

"Horse" - is a reminder of what I really want to do on this year, get back on horseback riding and interact with horses that I love.

10. A little paradise.

A place that I've been raised in childhood… A point of my past. It's where "everything has started out". My dreams and very important memories lies in the place called Calpe de Playa, where I was raised as a child. For years this place from childhood keeps appearing in my dreams while sleeping. I've been wanting to visit it, no, it's something where my heart tells me to visit- a point of my past.
A personal journey. I must bring it on, someday. 

My map will be expanding from time to time :). With Dream Maps is where you are ought to take care it like your inner child, expanding it, by adding your new pieces of feelings and dreams. It will be reminded how awesome person you are, taking care of YOURSELF and pursue for dreams!

If you like that idea, try to create your Dream Map and please share it here!

All images are belonging to their respective owners.

PS: Sketch Trades are still ongoing! I haven't yet fully decided with chosing people: 

Sketch TradesI feel a little upset due I've failed with apartment hunting. After lots of time devoted for apartment hunting in certain area which I must get before Feb, I've finally found one… I was so happy and relieved, owner accepted me, I was close to put down payment but then,... the owner has changed his mind. Declined, because no longer want to have a dog there. It's so frustrating and upsetting how people are not tolerant to animals, even though my Arnaq is very well raised and clean. Most offers I've tried, all of them declined mostly because of pet. That kind of pressure makes me to quit having even singliest pet in my thoughts.
So, I've thought to do a little pleasure for myself, for distraction- heck, I've been wanting to do that since forever but due to very busy art schedule in between working on commissions, job, portfolio work and projects -  I have absolutely no free spot for that. But now, I thought just do it, in the way where it doesn't harm my art

I feel a little upset due I've failed with apartment hunting. After lots of time devoted for apartment hunting in certain area which I must get before Feb, I've finally found one… I was so happy and relieved, owner accepted me, I was close to put down payment but then,... the owner has changed his mind. Declined, because no longer want to have a dog there. It's so frustrating and upsetting how people are not tolerant to animals, even though my Arnaq is very well raised and clean. Most offers I've tried, all of them declined mostly because of pet. That kind of pressure makes me to quit having even singliest pet in my thoughts.

So, I've thought to do a little pleasure for myself, for distraction- heck, I've been wanting to do that since forever but due to very busy art schedule in between working on commissions, job, portfolio work and projects -  I have absolutely no free spot for that. But now, I thought just do it, in the way where it doesn't harm my art schedule. I'd like to get them done quickly on my freetime evenings in that way I wouldn't harm my schedule. I'll admit I miss old times of interacting with DA people. I've made some friends through art trades where we felt eachother bonds. I think art trade is more than just drawing, but a form of communication/interacting with other person.

I'll take a few slots for sketch trades with interested people- please simply leave a comment with your character references/or short description what do you wish me to draw under this journal ^___^
I'll be making choices based on my own preferences of what I feel to trade with/what would be interesting to draw/what I'd like to get based on skill/style. It's not first come, first serve or anything else etc.
If I decide to choose you, I will let you know and we can discuss details ^^
If you aren't picked for trade, please don't take offence. I am sorry if anybody would feel upset for being not chosed but please respect my choices, okay?^^

- I will draw creatures, humans, animals, landscapes, fanart… I'm pretty flexible for ideas.
- I'll let you know what characters I'd like you to draw for me. Mostly you may expect of Xolotlan, G'Kilaq or other never revealed my charactes as well humans. 

No, he is not ready to leave the world... he wants to live as it seems..!

It's the third day that he is with us. And the first day for me where I feel mentally a bit better and I'm eating properly.

He has really shocked everyone. His mentality, he is doing very well, happy, full of life and is fully responsive! How he was acting, managing and behaving in such that state of health- that was something really incredible. The vets gave him very difficult chances of recovery and worried about brain damage that occured him because the first days after accident (when he was at clinic) he was in very tragic condition with mentality. Despite that he was moving his head like a fine dog, he had absolutely no responses. Pretty much like zombie.

Now, thanks to all love, support and warm response he received from us, family, grandparents visited also and friends that came, spoke, took care and spent time with him he has returned to that kind of mental state like accident never happened. He has "recovred" from post traumatic mental issues. He is very happy acting. His facial expression was very clear that he wants to be with us. 

Healthwise with his physical body, we are still unsure how things are going. We have to visit clinic for checking/consultation with RTG tests to see if his joint has returned and grown up in pelvis. He is still absolutely unable to walk or move... but today he is walking by a very, very little! Crawing, with diffuculties but does improvement that is moving better, can move to his favourite spots in our house. Thus, I'm not sure if that's happy news that he is finally having real steps of healing.... or pretending, like that legs are still in bad condition/joint is not healing but he forces himself out. He is very good at hiding pain. I can't wait to visit clinic! The worst feeling is of unknown. Like you are not sure if things re better or worse and that leaves me being in anxiety. I have already so much of soothing and joy feeling seeing him doing better mentally. 

Swz by Exileden

That was on Saturday. He was laying down 24h. He couldn't move. Besides lifting up his head and a bit paws. He had to lay down to let legs slowly recover. Those were the hardest times for us seeing him vulnerable.

Sleepingpet by Exileden

Petting, scrubbing, touching and talking warm words for him were the best what we could do- and leave him in peaceful nap times. His response was improving quickly. Giving him favourite treats was most exciting thing to see because he was slowly responding nicely! Meantime I was giving him medicines regulary, treatments and massages to help. 

Dingofamily by Exileden

And that was yesterday on Sunday, where he has improved a lot into fully responsive, happy dog like before he was. Family has visited us and he was very happy. 

Dingchewig by Exileden

His favourite bone for chewing. He didn't want to give back!

Playing  by Exileden

Every day Dad and I are taking him on stretchers outside. He enjoyed being outside. Was very playful, was "wrestling" with stick with me!

Overally, that makes definitely a lot more difficult for me to make that final decision if I had to do. After visit at the vet clinic, more likely we will know what is next. But, if the health condition won't improve up to level of basic comfort, where would be better to make a final decision - at least he'd spend his last days on earth with us happily and full of love than having his head down, being consumed with pain... Honestly I feel really scared and nervous to hear what is going to be next for him...

Once again, thank you for everyone for all comments! :heart: They really were comforting. Trust me, I've readed every comment.Listening your stories about pets were really touching. Now I feel very happy to let know you guys small but  good news about him. Let's keep fingers crossed!

This is follow up from this journal:…

Why... Just why....?

Maghappy by Exileden

A few past days, I've been dealing with quite traumatic moments with our family dog- battling for his life. 

That family dog, named Dingo, is a very special dog for us- that no other dog in whole universe can replace him for us, in meaning of loving another dog in a very special way how we did to him.  (Just to be clear, we have only two dogs: Arnaq as my own dog and Dingo as family dog.) I really regret that I never spoke much about him there but only Arnaq was center of attention.

He is our very first dog. We adopted him as a 5 month puppy when I was... 11 years old! I was a mere child and my brother was 9. I was raised with him for entire childhood until adulthood that where I am right now. All animals that are/were with us are treated with the best love and care from us. All are/were important, but Dingo was more than just a pet as family member. More than who Arnaq is for me. He was a big bro for me. His presence at my family house, seeing his golden in our yard was quite natural like presence of my parents there. He had everything that many dogs could dream of: a loving family, protection, safety, a lot of activities, time spent with nature, swimming in the sea every year and a lot of attention. As nearly 11 year old dog, senior, was very healthy, still kept doing activities as usually... well, besides Arnaq's jealous behaviour. But still, they had amazing time together.

Everything has started from him. My passion to sled dogs, Greenland dogs, sportings, animal activities and canines came from him when I was a child. For entire almost eleven years we had passionate and beautiful story with our family dog.

409190 550387578321009 569970484 N by Exileden


Unfortunately, about a couple days ago he went through traumatic accident. He went to the clinic for couple days where we were battling for his life. 

Dingo is in tragic health condition: internal body damage. Hearing vet's essay of his condition after RTG and tests was very hearbreaking for us. Three major damages are: back spine damage (the least thing to worry), broken pelvis on right leg and his left leg joint has completely fell off from pelvis that caused both legs completely out of function. Basically, he is absolutely is unable to function, nor walk, use his biological needs, stand or even hardly to change position. His half of body is out of function, leaving him into huge pain.

Yesterday we were at very good clinic. There we had promising surgery where they had to fix his leg to joint back. At the first it went good, because the most important part was to fix his left leg and then on right leg pelvis could get recovered before he could use. And that could be the best scenario. Unfortunately his leg fell off just right after session... after few tests, vet had very upsetting expression that chances of saving his leg are very nigh. And that means his basic life needs and comfort would be absolutely gone. Also wheelchair becomes not good option due that he would have necessary few operations that are risky for his life in order to use it. After long discussing and seeking for every other options, there is possibility of serious surgeries but many of vets strongly do not recommend due to his old age that could be very risky and painful surgery. Even if could be successful, the rehabilitation process would be very, very difficult and another series of complications of post-surgerical health issues would pop up. That could set him into odyssey of suffering in order to live...

993615 668945723131860 649901161 N by Exileden

I and my family are ready to do everything for him, up to limits of his comfort. And we are doing the best as we can for him, amongst the best specialists around us. Unfortunately, as far as it seems, the situation for him is beyond the comfort limits at the moment.... Within next couple days it may lead us to final, yet the most painful decision for me and my family but could be really the best for him...

... is to give him a pair of wings.

I really never thought or imagined of not having him with us anymore. I knew that he would leave from our life at some point, maybe in next two years.... but not that soon..! We really could battle more for him, but again I have no heart to watch him in pain because we really have no idea what results will be. I'm very devastated to have him more but also devastated to watch him in pain. But a friend of mine, experienced musher from yukon told me something beautiful: "For a dog like Dingo's situation it will be better to let him to go, rather than making heroic efforts to keep him going which will just prolong his sufferings. You are already a hero for being able to grant for him all wonderful eleven years since the puppy until the seniority- where it becomes natural time for bodies to return to the earth and soul to high skies." 

Right now, he is with us at our family house... and that's the most important, I guess. We decided to comfort his mental pain to let him to be at our warm family house until Monday where next possible surgery/or final decision will be made. He has traumatic brain damage but I know that he certainly is doing mentally better being with us at home. Just now he reacted to my command to bark- as the first decent information received by brain :'). He has good appetite! I made him favourite meal. Though, on sadder news, so far his physical health is not getting better but actually worse... 

... I haven't slept for whole night, knowing that my dog is suffering and I feel that. My health issues and eating disorder due to huge stress went much worse. Every day is quite difficult for me...

All I'm asking is to please send prayers and warm thoughts for him and us :hug:

541248 424227944270307 964599873 N by Exileden

60828 157491404277297 4006787 N by Exileden

44336 609160795777020 1729645032 N by Exileden

Thank you for being such wonderful dog :heart:

Firstly, many big thanks for all people who supported my flight back to home :heart: (and the biggest for PheonixxFoxx :hug: ) Perhaps the goal wasn't met at that amount.... but the rest was just the matter of luck that I were able to fly back :> Thank you again for purchasing my small works!!

Speaking of which.... the flight from FRA-WAW was really, really terrific. My mind for the entire day was "I'll never fly again!", "No more travels and I wil sit goddamn in safe house!" and so on, but knowing myself on the next day I'm all like wanting to get out somewhere.

For entire life I've flown for probably thousands of hours of flights and recently every year I'm on aircraft many times and even been on the steers of the aircraft. And even more, I'm aspiring pilot wanna be as my dream though I'm not able to become one due to health issues and that I'm transhuman- which pretty much crushed my real dreams. Anyway, I'd consider myself as sky person- combining my passion of flying, aircrafts, love to birds and the symbol of freedom with flying: that creates my favourite moment is to get damn boarding pass, get though gates and wait to get to my plane with excitement. Even the biggest turbulences grant no fear to me but enjoyment. Actually I enjoy them because makes less boring feel of flight...

Well, that flight back to home... has really terrified me. I had many moments of small accidents that I've been on that plane but this one... wasn't funny at all. The skies over Poland were covered with extremely thick, thunderstorm-y and basically- bad weather. My plane started to take down and land slowly. The landing was so damn long, whole view from window was covered with white mist. Nothing is able to seen. The fun starts, I think in my head. I like that kind of turbulences. Sharp rain was dingling my window. So, here we go.

I kept staring forth and back, trying to find any glimpse of land. Nothing. It kinda does make me think about Smolensk accident... what if the land is just there above? 

Then after some long while, I finally saw anything of land... and wooah, we are damn pretty close! The tall buildings are just right below our plane, that mist was extremely thick... then I felt very sharp turn. It felt like rocket taking off up to the skies. Our plane has shot upwards like, it was about to crash a tall building. It took very sharp upward rush to return to the skies. It nearly crashed a wrong spot. Passangers were panicking and very nervous. Luckily we had safe "escape" upward flight through stormy clouds and drifted for about half hour and re-took landing again. That for second attempt which was very sharp landing but successful. 

 photo Badflight_zpsb9b15ece.jpg

(view from window for second attempt landing, much better "view" than that first one)

For entire time when we returned to skies, it felt like time was going forever, I was scared, thinking about never going to planes and having mess in my mind- even "life threatening" process of thinking. I wasn't sure how to react or prepare in case if we fail though for the most time I remained physically calm and trying to beat my negativity with positive thinking to influence the situation with energy. It worked actually... But really, I were scared. I really thought it could be end. That would be very same as I could die on car crash or even 3 days ago I had accident on mushing that I hit my head on the ground on full speed and get brain injury... if not that Florida's natural soft grassy fields has saved my life (I'm ok, but just feel dizzy, my head is swollen but I'll be ok). Even now, my way of thinking about flights is fine and I'm looking forward to fly again, but actually might change from now.

Either way, bravo for Lufthansa pilots for their hard work.

After we landed, the lane on the airport was closed and afterwards many flights were cancelled.

Oh and Arnaq did fine. She totally doesn't mind that...

I'm back to Poland. I'm still on "travel shock" mental and physical state due to that suddenly I had to change the world, environment, my lifestyle, people which I care and just everything after living in states for many months. But now seeing Poland... it's truly beautiful country. I need to finally start writing more and posting photos and miracles of every country that I've traveled. But there is a thing I noticed about Poland that I wasn't aware, I used to call it "so boring" until I started to live outside of it- after travelling to many places, now I'm very aware how unique and unbroken with nature is Poland- and there I've came with idea (a while ago) with small project about Poland because very, very little people are aware about that country. I swear, you'll love it.

The reason why I came back to Europe were health issues that went very bad with me and soon I start rehabilitation ;/ But the most important for me is at the moment is to stay positive. Think positively and have good energy the best as I can.

So generally... I think it's funny that I think in way "I will never fly again!!one11!" then now I'm like all I want is to get on flight and go somewhere.

PS: Isn't awesome how that airport in Frankfurt serves very elegant choice of many types tea, coffee, hot chocolate, juices and milk? 

 photo frankart_zps38693f1a.jpg

Then there we go... I drank too much of coffee tea during 5 h of layover. Drinking tea makes you want to use bathroom more often, which is a good thing that cleans your body. But going on flight with "too much of tea" was actually bad idea...

Untitled by Exileden

Ok! So there is the photo report after our successful devMEET! I decided that I won't be writing much but just let the photographs to express emotions what was going on.  I love photography so much and catching natural shots of people. Most of photos were caught by me and few by Arkelion and I'm still waiting from Aktuell

Once again, a lot of success with devMeet that has happened I need to dedicate a huge thanks for Ahkward, Aktuell and Arkelion as well Tatchit for the wonderful logo despite that she wasn't able to attend- and to everyone that attended there.

(click to view it in bigger size)

Orlando DeviantMEET 2013 by Exileden

Untitled by Exileden

First meeting Arnaq. Knowing nature of Inuits, I thought she would start a fight...

Untitled by Exileden

.. and then she turned into cutest fluffball on the earth.

Untitled by Exileden

We got absolutely perfect place to sit and draw under shade, close to bathroom, water spots and trees! And.. a grill. Next time Arkelion should bring his cooking supplies and cook a very nice food for everybody!

Untitled by Exileden

Arkelion demonstrating his painting.

Untitled by Exileden

Ahkward with original watercolor splatter paintings belonging to talented Lucky978

Untitled by Exileden

I sense some supertrolling there... :icontrollface:

Untitled by Exileden

Untitled by Exileden

My comrade keeps trolling me... :XD:

Untitled by Exileden

Untitled by Exileden

Personally I love that photo, expressing that artist will find any spot to draw!

Untitled by Exileden

Interesting idea to store concept art and ideas!

Untitled by Exileden

Untitled by Exileden

Untitled by Exileden

Untitled by Exileden

Afterwards we had a group photo shot and then interactive photosession with Arnaq: where it involved running with ger as a sled dog, petting her and giving her commands. Arkelion was instructor of that session along with Ahkward 's held and I with my alaskan comrade Aktuell were taking photos (and slightly trolling eachother lol). 

Untitled by Exileden

Arkelion instructing fellow deviants about handling a sled dog.

Untitled by Exileden

(click thumbs to view large sized pictures!)

Running With Arnaq by Exileden Running with Arnaq 2 by Exileden

Untitled by Exileden

Untitled by Exileden

After every run, everyone had chance to interact with her by a bit, prizing her and giving commands.

Untitled by Exileden

Untitled by Exileden

Untitled by Exileden

RattieLove prizing Arnaq under instructor's eye :>. It was very fun to watch people interacting with dog.

Untitled by Exileden

Untitled by Exileden

Untitled by Exileden

Unique high-five command between derpy faced Arnaq and :devBaneden:

Untitled by Exileden

Untitled by Exileden

Arnaq's signature couldn't be missed... but to what I've learned is that she is a very bad artist. :P

Untitled by Exileden

Let me know what do you think of devMEET! :)

Feel free to use my photos where you are at as a profile, your own ID, on your Facebook etc. No need to get permission! :)

Just tomorrow we are having a devMEET!
Are you excited for this meeting?

Let me to feature a thing what we will be doing….

Kalyandari by Exileden

Aktuell with her first experience of canicross run with Arnaq!

For anyone who is interested Aktuell and I will be offering photosessions with Arnaq, as experienced leader in sled dog sports! They will be something like this photo above, running sessions (canicross) with Arnaq where you can feel how it's like to run with a leader. Though that session will have limited spots due to that how Arnaq will feel to run in warm day. But, we will have unlimited photosessions of you and dog!
Just please let know Aktuell and me if you are interested :)

And here are a few other photos of Arnaq, known as greenlandic Inuit dog. 

Untitled by Exileden

Untitled by Exileden

Onto less fortunate news is that health-wise I've been feeling unwell and I'm at clinic to recover. Thus, I'll be definitely on devMeet that I can get off there for a couple hours. I will do everything to be devMeet. I am extremely grateful and happy of the amount of people that will come on devMeet- and I feel like I've put so much of hear for our devMeet. Do not worry. There is possibility that I'll be a bit later than the original time of meeting, I might be around at 1pm. 
If I'm not there on the time since Arnaq is a "sign" of where to meet us- don't worry. Just wait there and I'm sure you all guys will find out eachother. I'm sure Ahkward and Aktuell (she looks like about on that photo with Arnaq above!) will take care of you guys!

Are you feeling excited for devMeet?

devMEET Informations!…

devMeet Profiles! Check out who is attending to our devMEET! (if you are attending, yet have not signed up there- sign up now!) We may be expecting more people than listed on devProfiles.…

Florida Devmeet 2013 By Tatchit-d63zg3h by Exileden

Now it's time to wrap up all details and informations for our deviantMEET in Florida which we briefly announced it a couple weeks ago. :dummy: 

As a team who initiated that idea of organizing a friendly devMEET, :icontatchit: Tatchit, :iconahkward: Ahkward, :iconrawliett: Rawliett and I along with :iconarkelion: Arkelion help- we all would like to invite anyone for our chill-out friendly meeting! We will be there with... our special guest who is a Greenlandic Inuit dog coming from the North. 

:bulletblue: When: 

Our meeting will be held on Saturday, May 18th starting between around 12pm-1pm.

:bulletgreen: Where: 

The location will be at Blue Jacket Park in Orlando, FL. 

Here is the official address for it. 

Blue Jacket Park

2501 General Rees Ave

Orlando, FL 32814

Screen shot 2013-05-10 at 6.38.48 PM by Exileden

It has lots of wide open spaces, as well as lots of shade for us to hide under. The park has restrooms, drinking point, a lot of trees, dog friendly and so on. There is a very large fountain there, that is where we will all be meeting. 

90268111 E15b695ff7 by Exileden

To find us, will be easy... simply find us with a white husky/wolfdog looking a like dog with sepia three spots on body. :lol:

Army Official by Exileden

:bulletyellow: No car? No problem! If I'm correct then...

If you are getting up there without car, this park has easy access by public transportation. Buses with no. 313 and 13 are ones which are going to Blue Jacket Park from stations such like Orlando Downtown.

Here is a map how to get there from Orlando Downtown and Orlando International Airport for potential travelers which may come there via flight. Simply try to find out on your own how to get by public transportation from your location!

Screen shot 2013-05-10 at 6.39.58 PM by Exileden

Screen shot 2013-05-10 at 6.40.41 PM by Exileden

:bulletyellow: Who?

Anyone is invited! If you can get there, then you are totally welcome to come join us. Feel free to bring your friends too, even if they aren't on dA! Here are devMEET profiles I've created whom you'll be meeting:…  Though, it's expected that there will be more people than ones who are listed on devProfiles! If you are planning to attend to our devMEET and want to create a devProfile where you get featured under that my journal, please send me a note with your short brief who are you, three fav pieces and additional infos (we very highly recommend that if you have specific needs or fears i.e. "I am afraid of dogs" or "I am blind" etc. in that way we will try to remember and provide the best service).

Now onto MINI FAQ:

- Is there any age limit?

Of course not! It's open for any age. I've been to many official devMEETs and organized a few ones, there are many people with various ages, ranging from 14 years old to twentys. We all act like if we were all in one age :)

Though, make sure that your parents permit you to go on devMEET if you are underage! We take no responsibility for anything. 

- I'm scared to meet you guys… I'm not as good as you guys etc.

Being afraid because you're potentially meeting a few of "amazing artists" in real life isn't reason to be afraid! Faster, you'll see how we are just boring humans like everyone else. =P We aren't cool people, we are who we are. Because some of us are great artists and have professional reputation does nothing with our personalities or influence on our lives. :> The only I may be different because I'm from different culture, I guess :>

Just knock if off from your mind that we are "cool" or "celebs". It will make your life a lot easier.

- But, I am not artist....

Hey, devMEET is friendly to anyone! Sure, many of us will be artists and may have topics related to DA or about art but we will have mostly a friendly chill out there about nothing-and-everything. 

I have social anxiety and I feel SO stressed about it….

That's why there will be petting dog-therapy session with Arnaq! Come to her and pet her, breathe and relax. Just chill out. Relax. Let us know what you feel and we will try our best! This is a friendly and very tolerant devMEET, not to act like a cool person. Be yourself!

- What should I bring there?

Anything! Obviously.... bringing deadly and harmful tools/weapons is strictly forbidden:P. Feel free to bring your sketchbook, art supplies, your favourite plush, candies, 3DS/DS/PSP/PSVita etc. Also I'd like to advise you guys to bring your own drink and food. Around that area there are no cafes or stores nearby (there is one cafe but that's about a while of walk), I'd like to advise to bring your own food if you'd like to snack something.

Also, if you want to bring your own pet, it's welcomed though, bear in mind that Arnaq is unfriendly dog to dogs (yellow ribbon). Unless if that's very submissive husky (prefered male) and they should go along well :D 

- I'm unable to attend on devMeet because I'm out of state…Will you organize in [my] state devMeet?

I'm sorry! To organize a devMEET is very difficult and not as easy as it sounds. It's not like I can come everywhere and shout up, hey let's meet here. There are so many factors that are involved within why I'm able to organize a devMEET in certain place and time… but if I could, I really would LOVE to have devMEETs organized in all 49 states :heart:

But! For those who are out of Florida, I want to let you know that you aren't out of options. You can take an inexpensive round-trip flight over there if you are financially on comfortable spot to spend money for a roundtrip flight and maybe have some small vacations in Florida :heart: Currently we have two potential people who are outside of FL state and are planning to come to our devMeet…. and I very appreciate that effort and I'll prepare special gifts for them. :> Always I can lend for a helping hand with finding available cheapest flight fares and planning flights. I'm such a sky person :lol:

- Tips and Reminders!

1. Bring your sunscreen. We will try to stay in the shade, but you need to play it safe!

2. Always stay with a buddy! Yes we are in a park, in safe area but try to stay in a group or at least with one other person. Safety in numbers! 

3. Be careful driving around Orlando there are lots of tolls. The directions I gave you above avoid them, so stick to them if you can. If you are confused by them, you can use the address fro teh park (also above) to get your own directions. Often, you can set settings to avoid tolls on your GPS or maps searches online.

4. Since we will have Exileden's dog with us, you must follow HER RULES. You NEVER run right up to a dog and pet them without asking. The basic rules with Arnaq are posted below. Many people have been around her and she is a great, agreeable dog, but still, use a common sense being around her. If you have doubts or questions about Arnaq ask: Ahkward, Rawliett, :devArkelion and Exileden

5. For your own information: we take no responsibility for anyone. Everyone is responsible on their own. 

6. Behave politely and respect people. No harrasing, making fun of people and so on. Do not bring harmful items. Violent or harmful behaviour on devMEET will NOT be tolerated.

7. Lastly... Be yourself! :heart:

:bulletorange: What?

So what are we gonna do once we get there! Well, there is no really a "schedule" with devMEET since it's a mere up to everybody, besides a group photo thing. We figured we could could start by all having lunch together so we can all sit down and get to know each other exchange names and etc. From there, we can hang out in the shade and draw together continue to hang out. Though, for sure, I'd like to do a Group Photo shot of us all and we will do once everyone or most people will show up there (about an hour after official time of devMEET).  We can do some in person trades and let people draw in my sketch books. Maybe we can take turns doing demos. We can walk around and explore the park and maybe play some games. If you want to bring a football or frisbee, feel free and we can possibly play a bit. Really, it is up to you.  So there is list of what we can do:

- Sit and draw. (obviously lol)

- Feel free to talk to many people, that's where you can make new friends.

- Mini petting dog therapy! 

- Have a few sessions with Arnaq. Depending how weather will be or how she will feel, I can host running sessions with Arnaq to feel how it's like to be with full time mushing dog (leader)! With my own professional photography equipment I can do individually a photosession of you and Arnaq! 

- A group photo shoot.

- We can always figure out something once we get there :D

:bulletred: Rules with a Greenland Inuit Dog. How to behave with a dog.

It's surely very exciting and interesting experience to meet such unique dog, I'm sure everyone will have brilliant time with her but, just in case, some people may have experienced with dogs, or even with dogs such like wolfdogs or have no idea about dogs at all. Though Arnaq is well raised and very behaved dog, she is unbroken dog from her own wild traits and share a lot of wild canidae behaviour. Being surrounded by many strangers, she feels a bit shy around. Once she will get used being around you guys, she will feel more open and excited. She is a SAFE dog, friendly around people but a common sense is that even safest dog is able to bite if they feel harmed. These are just in case safety instructions:

- Use a common sense when you are around her. Approach to her very gently and slowly. Don't be too sharp or run straightly up to her. Approach to her and show your hand, let her to sniff and observe you. Then you can pet her. Her favourite spots to get pet are back and belly. Once she will lay down on the ground like a submitted puppy, feel free rubbing her stomach! She LOVES that.

- She is very informative and vocal. Greenland dog's tail usually remains curled up but she may have her tail layed down that means she feels shy. With that position, approach to her gently and very friendly. Always use a calm tone voices.

- Do NOT provoke or growl at her. Do NOT spook her. She may do to you. Once she growls at you, take a step back. She never bites anyone straightly without giving a warn (growl).  Just don't approach your face to Arnaq's face too close.

- She must remain being leashed all the time. If you will notice her running freely or getting untied, please inform me ASAP! 

- For the most time she will be tied on tree/pole. Do not untie or take her for a walk without my/or Arkelion's permission.

- She is not friendly dog to other dogs (yellow ribbon) in defensive manners. Seeing other dog in close distance, she may be barking enegetically. Don't get spooked but I'd advise you to not approach to her when she is in "barking rampage" to defend her field, she may accidently bite you. To some dogs she may be friend and some not.

- Very unlikely, but if you happen to get biten by her- let us know ASAP. For your information she is fully vaccinated against rabies and other sickness.  Remember, she never bites anyone (humans) for no reason but if she do, then somewhere you made a mistake;)

- Once she will get around you guys, things will go smoother and more fun ;) Just watch for her exciting run and playful poses... She may invite you for playing!

- if you are afraid of dogs: PLEASE LET US KNOW. 

That's all.... anything else? :P   Also, most importantly, I want everyone to have very good and enjoyable time. Be happy, think positively and respect others. Be yourself! Don't act like you want to impress someone, just be like who are you naturally. There is no race or any competitions. It's a friendly devMeet where I want everyone to feel like at home. If somebody is in a help need or something, let's support eachother! Lastly, I do NOT want to be treated like a boss, leader or anyone with higher position- but just like everyone else. Sure, I have initiated and leaded that idea but once we are there, it's just a chill-out meeting. 

Hey there!

Just giving a heads up about devMEET in Florida :)

As for location, we had very hard and lots of headaches with picking location. There were a lot of pros and cos with Jacksonville VS Orlando, but at the end, after listening out people.... the majority has chosed Orlando. Also another reason was we wanted to be more fair since Orlando is in middle of Florida where southern Floridian could have access to it. It's on fair location for everyone from Florida.

But as for exact location, yet we have to decide. Unfortunately I have no way to check locations personally due to that we live far from Orlando and I don't have the great knowledge with US cities, we are still working for peaceful park area where we can sit, friendly for dogs and have access to eat something.... and as well easy to get in without many stupid toll checkpoints! With my Orlandian friend I am still working on exact spot.

But! If you are well oriented with Orlando, please send to me your suggestions where would be the best place for us all! :) 

So far...

Date: 18th May. It's hammered officially.

Location: Orlando. 

Time: Probably 2pm. Still under planning.

We will try our best to work on more details as soon as possible! If you have questions, feel free to ask! :>

Meantime, please take a look at our devMeet Profiles whom you'll be meeting:…

Wolves 2014 Calendar

OH and, my friend, excellent photographer Lupinicious is asking for a help on voting on his images for his Wolves 2014 Calendar....… Check it out! It's really A LOT of fun to vote! I love his voting system. I had really hard time to choose photos which IMO deserve to be in it...

DevMEET Profiles!

I came with small idea to create "profiles" of us representing a short brief about us how you can expect on exciting devMEET. It's not only about us as organizers but also anyone of attendees on our devmeet can create a profile like that- and I will feature you there :3
If you are planning to attend on devMEET, simply write a few sentences about you, add special notes about you if there is any need, your nick how you want to be called and pick your three favourite pieces of your artwork. Send to me a note!

Here's whom you'll expect to meet on Florida devMeet….


"I'm Kat, aka Ahkward. I am happy to talk to anyone about anything, art-wise. I'm originally from Colorado but I am studying Illustration at Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida.. I just finished my sophomore year and I look forward to seeing you all!"

Tu-mkari ot Ikt by Ahkward Koko-zaihkt ot Ikt by Ahkward Entrance to Douhk by Ahkward


" I'm a short, very open and socially odd person who loves to chat about art, chickens, cereal (anything but the raisins), and how incredibly sour math is. I'm currently in college for a zoology based degree and enjoy a good conversation about the field from others with experience or interest. It's difficult to scare me off so don't be afraid to chat with me and ask questions! " Edit: She may not able to attend on devMEET due to having no available transportation to get down there.

Find Our Way by Tatchit  Route by Tatchit  Ledge by Tatchit



Call me pancake Kilaq or Exileden. I'm really quiet, odd, not talkative and a boring hobbit one who likes to lay down on grassfields. Always has a piece of straw in mouth instead cigarette. I'm photojournalist, freelance illustrator&CA, traveler with no homeland and an aircraft pilot wannabe.
Despite my quiet and wanderer nature, feel free to chat or ask for a free sketch lol"
ps: I'd like to request people to speak slowly and clearly to me in English since I'm not the best at hearing/vocal communication at that language. Also I speak in broken English with Nordic accent :P

The Journey by Exileden Amvn - Critter Design by Exileden Xolotlan by Exileden


"Yo! My name is Kaly (kay-lee) but my friends call me Pepper (since I used to eat the pepper out of the shakers XD). I am a native Floridian, born and raised in Orlando. I am a photographer specializing in equine photography. I can be kind of quiet sometimes but also really crazy when I am around the right people. I also am part Dinosaur. You may see my "true" face (also called Dino-face) but don't be afraid! I am a friendly Dinosaur."

 (her new devART account will be updated)


He's a cooking chef with a lion's heart, who has been travelling through europe and nature wastelands :D

The Nephilim by Arkelion After the Storm by Arkelion Goddess of Time and Space by Arkelion


She's an Inuit dog with her originating parents from Greenland who served Inuit tribe people.
She is a working sled dog and goes for races/expeditions every fall and winter time. Summer time is the lazy season for her.
She dislikes other dogs.
She loves being rub on stomach.
She's quite emotional, vocal and communicative.
She's obsessed with "coconut-thing" on palmtrees.
She is terrified of water creatures like fishes.

She has clear preference of which people she is going to like or not.


"Howdy, my names Hannah. I'm a full time Graphic Artist/Illustrator and a 5th generation Floridian. I will have tablet pen in hand ready to draw and will most certainly be ready to chat it up with all you lovely people. My interests include art, paintball, gardening, books, a good lol, and "back to basics" kind of living. I won't have much to say about movies, pop culture, video games, music (although I do enjoy these things). I love meeting new people and can't wait to see you all there!"

A True Floridian by GoldenDruid My Zoroscope: LeoDragon by GoldenDruid Midleap in Midsummer by GoldenDruid


"I'm a younger deviant and am still developing my skills. I love and admire many artists on deviantArt (including those who will be coming) and try to learn from them. I can be very awkward and can be self conscious about my art. Try to keep K-pop away from if you wish to avoid ultra fan girl mode. I'm random and get along with most people. I also love potatoes."


"Hello there! My name is Sadie, but you can call me Aoi c: I do art as a main hobby and for fun, I am not in college for art, but for pre-med. I love horses and meeting new people. Im very friendly and understanding, so its not hard to befriend me xD cant wait to meet new people at the devmeet!! im obsessed with model horses and hair dye <3"

Start of Hell by horseandGodzillaluvr Let me be by horseandGodzillaluvr


"Ummm sup people I'm devin or as few may know me as Breakingtime4no1. I am easily confused and very random but I think that's my best quality XD. As the majority may know we all love art . Hence why we on DA. I love meeting people and also warning if you talk about animes I love beware of the loud excited girly scream . See y'all there."


"Hello, my name is Sarah, and I've lived in Florida all my life. While I may be quiet and nervous/awkward at first, if you talk to me and I start feeling more comfortable, you may have a hard time making me shut up. I love making new friends and talking about art and anything related to animals/nature."

Engo by animalartist16 Sand and Flame by animalartist16 Meteor Shower by animalartist16


"Hello all, my name is Halie but you can call me Shadowhawk or Hawky. I'm a native Floridian who is a bit shy and loves to draw, read, and listen to music. I also play flute in band and dabble a bit in writing. I watch Asian Dramas and anime, read manga, and listen to J-Pop and K-Pop among many others. Can't wait to see you all there."


"Hi, my name is Daniella, or just call me Eden. I was born in Florida and I love to travel, draw, and write stories. I'm generally a happy, jolly person, and love to make new friends. Yet I can sometimes be shy. Listening to Rock music, especially the band Muse, and reading books is what I love to do. I'm usually by myself at home, making this a perfect time to draw random fantasy stuff with my pencil. And I love video games, werewolves, and nature."

P.S. did I every mention Muse is awesome?


"Hey! My name is MAE. :) I am originally from Heidelberg, Germany. I am a competitive western rider and am enlisted in the U.S. Air Force. The DevMeet will be a day after my last day of high school, so that's pretty cool!! I've been wanting to go to a meet since I first joined dA as a young kid, so this is pretty much a dream come true! Looking forward to meeting all of the wonderful people behind the art. :D"

Unicorn Zebra by RattieLove On Fire by RattieLove Celestial Unity by RattieLove


 "Hello! My name is Newsha, and I just moved to Orlando a couple of months ago but originally from D.C. I also recently got into the industry as a concept illustrator for DeNA Studios and am excited to meet everyone there (: " 

Anime Boston Entry by Newsha-GhasemiRosebush Delirium by Newsha-GhasemiLegends Die Hard:Re-worked by Newsha-Ghasemi


" HI! My name is Tifany. I cant wait to meet other DA members. Im a sophmore at UCF. Im a studio art major with a focus in illustration :)"

Supernatural Print by MidnightZone Mass Effect by MidnightZone S by MidnightZone


"Hi, ya'll :) My name's Edward, but most people call me Ed or Eddie. Some people call me Dragon too because of my Dev name (which is also my video game alias) I was born and raised in Florida, I recently moved to Orlando about 2 years ago. I love to draw, take nature photographs. I'm a bit humbled about having a profile on here due to the amazing talent I'm seeing, but you learn as you go along or so I have found out. Look forward to meeting everyone else there :D"

Colored Raindrops by Dragon-Ed Monster Splash by Dragon-Ed Let's Begin... by Dragon-Ed


"Hey! My name is Katy (or Lucky). I am currently attending Georgia State University in the fine arts program. I love surrealistic fantasy...and I love working with watercolors as well as pencils, acrylic, and marker. I am super excited to meet everyone!
I am traveling all the way from Atlanta, Georgia, but I figured this opportunity was too exciting to pass up! Yay for plane flights "

Galaxy by Lucky978 Fly Away Sculpture by Lucky978 Black Rainbow Fire by Lucky978


"Hiya, I'm Jennie! Known here as HyperSonicFire15 (originally Jewel, then Storm/Storm Wendjule, then my real name) I am still in the beginning stages of drawing, slowly (very slowly, like a snail) learning human and animal anatomy and fleshing out my style of art. I'm normally pessimistic and quiet when engaged in a group activity or meeting lots of people, but knowing that I am going to be meeting fellow artists and creative minds gives me a mild sense of euphoria, will I finally find 'my place'? We shall see!
I love Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokemon, bats, the colours purple green and blue, cats, colours in general, reading, fuzzy socks, and animation of any kind. :D I can't wait to meet you! "

Scribbles by HyperSonicFire15   Pictures tell a Story by HyperSonicFire15   What makes me happy a cup by HyperSonicFire15


"Hello, my name is Tiffany, and I have a year left at the Art Institute of Jacksonville, and I am majoring in Media Arts and Animation. I look forward to meeting you all on Saturday. ^-^"

Colored Herp Derp Flying Dragon by GeekyTiffany Spider Pet by GeekyTiffany Tron inspired Circuit Board Girl (revised) by GeekyTiffany


"Hai! I'm Amber, or Nyte [Night]. Whatever you want to call me, I honestly 
respond to both.. thanks to my skype friends xP I do mostly sketches,
as I tend to not have the mind to go in and make everything look neat..
as well as I think my neat stuff looks worse than the sketch xP I've
lived in Florida all my life, in a really small town in the middle of nowhere.
I'm really friendly so don't be afraid to introduce yourself :3 I love talking about
the Legend of Zelda, and Pokemon. And I will probably have my pokemon
games with me xP For other art, I do dabble in photography and I do lots
of photomanips~"

Zor Reference by Nytelyteable Dream Weaver by Nytelyteable Kill The Lights by Nytelyteable


"'ello! I'm Brittany! I'm a high school student here in Orlando, and I'll be coming with my mom ~nirak1, as well as at least one of my sisters. ^-^ I've been drawing digitally for over 2 years now, and I'll probably bring my laptop along with me to the MEET. Can't wait to meet ya'll! :3"

p s y c h o s i s by DarkHeartSeer Who, me? by DarkHeartSeer Look Up Re-draw by DarkHeartSeer

"Heya! My name's Erin, but I commonly go by Foxx around the internet. I'm currently enrolled at UNF, going for a major in the Fine Arts, although I'm on the lookout for a school that offers animation in a cost-effective manner xD Most people around here know me by my fan comics, but I'm hoping to start my own set of graphic novel series one day."

'Cross the Universe and Back Again by Flying-Foxx Digital Speed (Cheetah Run Cycle) by Flying-Foxx Pokemon Daycare by Flying-Foxx


"I am Adriana, a pleasure to meet everyone going! I am a junior (finally becoming a senior) in High School, and I love art. I'm not exactly quiet anymore, but I am a bit shy in the beginning. I'm not the best artist, but I'm working on it. I also take private lessons for singing, and I get payed to do church gigs on Sundays (I am the Alto section leader for my choir) and I play the flute for the wind ensemble and Jazz band at my school so music is also a pretty big influence in my life. However, I want to double major in computer science and animation in college. I was actually not born in Florida (Costa Rica), so I have a slight accent. Can't wait to see everyone!"


"I'm Crystal (or CC) and I'm about to be heading off to high school for the next school year! I draw with pencil/pen behind the scenes but I like to do digital art a lot. I was born here and been living in Florida for all my life. IRL I'm kinda shy and fidgety looking but I look forward to meeting you all!"

Mission by ChiibixC  Haku and Chihiro by ChiibixC Cavern Meeting by ChiibixC

Hey hey guys!

Since some time ago I've been thinking to organize a devMeet in states, then after some few talkings with wonderful friends we came with idea that we could organize a very friendly devMeet in Florida since I'm living there recently so.... Tatchit, Ahkward, Arkelion, me as Exileden and my dog Arnaq :D we would like to invite anyone who is willing to come and spend a time pleasantly with us at small devMeet in Florida on 18/19th May. 

Thus, we have not decided for place of devMeet because we would like to hear where majority of people would prefer to show up. But there is choice where we can hold a devMeet: Orlando or Jacksonville. 

You can also vote for which location here in Poll:…

We, personally would prefer to hold that meeting for Jacksonville due to Tatchit's location at North Florida, as well Arkelion and I live in St. Augustine which is still on North... but we wouldn't mind to drive to Orlando :dance:. We'll let to decide where most of you guys can show up, whether it's going to be Orlando or Jacksonville.

As for devMeet schedule.... I'll say, just simply have fun hanging out with us!  I'll bring my sketchbook, we can draw all together, Tat, Arkelion, Kat and I are very willing to share our art advices and so on. You can even make a lot of new friends. Since it will be a very first devmeet with a Greenlandic Inuit Dog, I'm sure all of you guys will have tons of interactive fun with Arnaq! You can run with her, to feel how it feels like to run with a sled dog, play with her (she is very vocal and rich with "wolf language" when you interact with her) and... anyone who feels social anxious or shy, dog-therapy with Arnaq will be helpful! :heart:

So... it's not yet final and official devMeet announcement, just please let me know/inquire your interest to attend for our devMeet, pick location which would you prefer to show up and any other ideas. :3

Arisnns by Exileden

ARnaq eating by Exileden

I know it's been a couple weeks after my birthday, but I really wanted to thank everyone for the birthday wishes :hug: 

I wish I could thank everyone individually... but my birthday was very unfortunate and stress made me really busy. I'm in fear of my anniversary day of birth where I came to the earth because every year I seems having a vast of bad luck/happenings there in the row. I don't really ask much for birthday, I'm not a party type person or wanting many people around me, lots of happeh and fancy events or anything, even I don't get any presents because material items are really never important for me- but all I ask is the peace on that day for myself and from lovely people which I really care. It's a day where I wanted to feel self happiness and peace since I'm still recovering.

But having every year some unfortunate events, is like some kind of dark omen.  At the end of my day where I tried to enjoy by getting out for hiking with my dog, the sun was bloodly red on the skies.... (photo doesn't do justice, it never catches the real color of was pure crimson red)

again, thank you :heart:

Bloody Sun by Exileden

Sketches22 by Exileden

Recently I am offering a few rare slots for any kind of traditional pencil commissions (+with possibility to receive the original). Due to move to a new place for temporary time and most of furnitures were gone from old area, I need to get basic furnitures, art desk and update with my art materials to be able to continue working on major works.

- These pencil sketched illustrations will be drawn on 8x12 cartige.

- feel free to request for emotional mood or action for sketch: such like anger, sorrow or action: I'll experiment by adding poses in motion, perspective or slight background such like smokes or lightnings. I offer also couple themed sketches.

- fanart themes is allowed if is desired. fanart related stuff such like pkmn or ff characters or so on are usually discounted off from the normal price.

- with those I am offering service to receive original artwork if anyone is interested. For handling&shipping is 10$. Though it will be registered shipping in safe envelope, I take no responsibility for lost or damaged artwork during third party's handling (post office, during shipping). 

standard fine sketch of one character - 35$ (example like above). pencil on a cartige.

- additional character is extra 20$

detailed fine sketch of one character - 50$. pencil on high quality smooth paper for finest detail, tonation and shadows.

- additional character is extra 30$

Please send to me a note or email if you're interested or for further questions. Paypal or Western Union payments are accepted.

thank you for your interest! :blowkiss: 

Anchorage at night by Exileden

The starry roads which shaped entire Anchorage city were slowly disappearing into dark pitch. It's always depressing to farewell a place where you felt so great.

It's now behind my back. It's in the Past. In my memories. As well my family hometown which I've left.

Often I sit down under a fully bloomed fresh trees and palms surrounding me- and swim within memories of the Northern snow, mountains, it's air and christmas trees around me... I miss Alaska so much. 

Spiritually I'm feeling that I belong to the North. Born with my half of Nordic ancestry, as a child I always loved winter and mountains for the most. Used to live in Finland when I was a child for short while and I memorize well crazy cold winters in Poland where I was raised there during my childhood. Lived in High Mountains in past year. Whether I hear something about Greenland, my hair on skin stands and I get into shivers. Out of excitement and the feeling of belonging to the Arctic. Now I'm dreaming to do a journey to North Pole... maybe someday... /end of self babbling.

Alaska, was an old dream of mine. I somehow already expected how it would like to be. I somehow knew it would be a great state... no, I'd even call a country because it's a tad different than lower 48 states. Because how Alaska was so unreachable for me that I've stopped dreaming much about it.

But finally it became a reality for me, that certainly has changed my experience. It's far superior than what I imagined, thought or expected. 

I've been in many states and lived in some- so far Alaska is the best state I've experienced so far. I can already tell that is far superior than most of them... because of that fact the typical "west civilization" of USA hasn't harmed Alaska too much. And that part I loved for the most. What caught my heart for the most was a faraway village of Unalakleet and Shaktoolik. The more from Anchorage and it's typical, americanized places, it's better. At least for me. Please don't take what I write is a truth to yourself but rather a truth of my world which I want to share with you guys. For me, I'll never believe or take as a real truth what is spoken or written from another person (in words/symbols) but what I've experienced as my own truth and it should go for everyone else. There is no such one, real truth but there are may parallel truths for every individual person. Like, for this person is a truth that eggs are awesome but for me not. But the real truth is one- our existence. That we exist. The rest is only parallel truth, experiences and opinions.

Edit: I've removed part about how I'm not pleased with food in USA after many years of my own experience and living in couple different states which I wrote very shortly because I'd rather to stay away from huge discussions since people take journals too seriously- and that leaded to a few misunderstandings. At least not under this journal. I'm sorry!

So.... I'm very looking forward to visit lovely Alaska again. 

Now, it's the time to get back and stress out to usual lifestyle... and get an art desk since at new, rural place we don't have any furnitures set up pretty much. 

I've been wanting to get on and write a major journal update while I were in Europe. Though I had some health complications, been on ketanol almost every day where I shouldn't due to surgery where my mouth was full of stitches and had a huge stress level. All of that was happening before my grand travel which I've been planning for a while, worked on it very hardly, stressed out so much till tears and did a lot despite some difficulties which I had. I am very grateful for my beloved ones who supported me a lot mentally. Despite that, it wasn't easy.  I never had a chance to write a Journal update and now I'm on the road to Alaska.
To the place which is existing about 10 hours in the past from Europe.

That day where I left my hometown, was another where I had to leave everything behind my back and head for a new life which is waiting for me. It will be a long term travel where I don't know how it will turn out like. It will be a road to the unknown for me.  I'll admit that I feel somewhat upset and sad.

I'm thinking to return writing journals about my travel experiences and life in general, sharing the experience of travelling (which many of them weren't nice but valuable experiences. Heck, most of my travels usually are rough, not sparkly, I'm telling you that. Travels are about the skill to manage with situations which are not dependent to us than blaming how we are unlucky.) and it's values.

Alaska.... another of my dreams are coming true. I never thought that one of my dreams of faraway place would come true and be a witness of the Last Great Race on the Earth, and even more, to be a media press of that race known as Iditarod where I'll pass that event in form of photographs to European media.
And actually I didn't know that was... easy. Easy in way that it wasn't impossible but required to move lazy ass, do good planning, organizing and... will. If you really want something, you gotta move your ass and do something. Many people only want it but dont do what the want, like they are waiting for it. Unfortunately it happens to every one of us, even with small aspects of life. It's all about having ability to be able to set priorities in our lives.

Sending a warm greetings for you guys from Minneapolis! Six hours of waiting on the airport. I think I won't make of having 10h backlogged jet lag!

 photo readyplik_zps5a44369b.jpg

Any recommendations to keep me awake…. but no cafeine pls. Water makes me more drowsy unfortunately.

 photo az_zps76510c14.png Photo by Jeff Schultz

PS: Is there anyone who is from Alaska?
Or will be on that Iditarod race?