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Ninetndo, I am so dissapointed.

Tue Jun 15, 2010, 2:08 PM
Zelda: Skyward Sword.

All my expections about most amazing and finally true, real, powerfull Wii Zelda got ruinded down deeply. Nintendo teased us and kept in secred with new Zelda for a WHOLE year. They posted most amazing new Zelda illustration year ago and this teased us with greatness of mystery. For. Whole. Year.
So many news were said that'd be completely new and different Zelda.
A perfect Zelda.

I must say, I'm not super happy with Twilight Princes but I'll admit that was well made and beautiful Zelda but too short game and storyline was lacking (save princess and kill ganon). TP style is speechless, amazing concepts of twilight, Link wolf and that'sprobably ultimate traditional Zelda story. Majora's Mask is my number one most favourite game, with most original and craziest Zelda concept. Thats the ony game which does not involves stupid resquing princess, amazing creepy and dark style with intense colors, sad story, crazy masks and three-day concept (very KH esque :D).

When I saw this artwork: I immediately sensed that would be most amazing game.. and it totally reminded me of Majora's Mask. Finally I thought Im going to reach my dreams to finally see MM-like Zelda.…

Chaotic, and what caught my eye were very intense and dark colors. Crazy reds, unmatching color palette, and very dark shading. It's like Twilight Princess mixed with Majora's Mask- epic realism of TP mixed with craziness of MM sounded so epic. Link. Looked most mature and we everyone guessed that would be most mature Link in Zelda ever. And logo, steel-cold letters instead red traditional letters. That sounded like something new than just Zelda. Notice, most Zelda games do have red letters but MM had purple. Maybe it expresses somethin *new* than what usually?

And there wwere a lot of informations (BESIDES rumours) from interview that team wanted to do completely truly NEW Zelda. With something "alternated" game play system than usually. They were referencing a lot to MM, as something "new" and kind of Zelda Gaiden. And that was about to be the most perfect ZElda game...

Now E3 came and I knew thats finally a day where new Zelda is going to be revealed.

God. I wish that I am dreaming.

Itself name really sucks... is weird. Sounds little way too amateur. Yet, I wont judge too much because we dont know whole concept of it but the first impression- is important because title tells a lot of main plot or source in Zelda. Sword is boring word, it happens all the time in Zelda, and yet again we have to hear stories with sword..
And the most sucky thing is.. logo. Ugliest ZElda logo EVER. I thought that was joke. It looks like fan-made logo.…
Mostly I point on Skyward Sword letters, that baby-shiny blue font in childlish style absolutely doesnt suit with whole logo. Background is extremaly boring, but maybe it tells about ZElda Origins stories? I hope that logo is still beta. The best impression made Twilight Princess logo.

Next, about style in game- that's the thing which I am so so so so dissapointed.  CELL SHADED! Half cell shaded. Omg. Seriously, another Zelda for kids?
I'll admit I dearly hated Wind Waker style. It had no atmosphere of feeling, so fake world, it didnt plunge me into game because of epic fake world and so damn childlish. WW was acceptable, but later when Ninny decided to make lots of sub-zelda's in WW style... enough. Enough. I hated more. It destroys characteristic creepy atmosphere in Zelda games.
Whole new Zelda looks half cell shaded and half TP styled. It sucks dearky, and DESIGNS. Monsters are totally WW styled, childlish. Totally. And WORLDS.
You can see gallery above:…
Look at that Winney-the-Pooh styled fucking tree, wow. I do not approve winney-the-pooh style in this.

"This style of quasi-realism does not look great on the aging Wii hardware."

I saw all gameplay trailers and style looks extremaly low as foe Wii enginee. Amazing realistic TP style is only on GameCube enginee, so on Wii we expected for something more epic!.. but, fail. Looks even worse.

And at the end.. Link looks damn fucking the worst.. sorry I have no words how again Im disa. Looks like totally 14 year old girl. Why kids again? Artwork itself is awesome, new style is impressive and thats watercolor(!) but fucking dammit why they made him into girly gay?

Generally, that new Zelda is far and far away from what we expected from Poster. On poster was supposed to be creepy and darkish Zelda, with mature looking link and "something new", but we see childlish link and colorful a la Disney esque world? Please tell me, that was a joke on E3.

I'm extremaly sad. It was MOST antipacting game EVER for me. Extreme disappointed.  But still on good news, thats still a tester BUT I doubt that they would change whole style :/
I love E3 so much, so many news - both happy and unhappy. But this time it striked me strongly..


I'm not completely bashing and judging OMG THAT WILL BE BAD ZELDA- there is no time to judge that game until we'll finish playing it. The first impressions are important. Yes I do expect that's beta, demo and tester BUT many and many demos are showing the most of *outcome* of new game. Some years ago, the first major announcement for TP on E3 was splendid. Zelda always announced splendid testers, demos and trailers and out of most of demo trailers style most likey shall stay as is shown. I'm worried that cell-shade style will stick and I'm worried about this. I'm judging as the first impressions and visually- impressions are bad as far and Im comparing to great expections from the Poster- how game and poster looks far and far different each. I'm Zelda gamer since I was very little child and I have high expections of this game... especially when Ninny says that is going to be the most perfect Zelda? Impressions are not cool. I didn't judge whole gameplay and story, we know NOTHING about story- I'm looking so forward!


Also, seriously they shouldn't really do cell shaded anymore, or even realistic- I was looking for a new style. Judging by artwork and main poster, it has very paintery, artistic and unique style. What artwork represents, maybe that would be a soltuion for new style? Like shading would be based on Color Theory rules, instead typical using black as shadow. I havent seen any Color Theory based shading in game yet.
Notice previous Zelda games: TP had artwork based on more dark style which suited well in game, WW toony style same goes in game, MM with intense and dark colors suited in game etc. so in demo style does not suits with artwork.
I'm guessing and really hoping that game which is shown is really hard beta tester and demo- where majority style could change. I noticed on E3 they represented Motion Plus movements and effects of Wiilot in Zelda as major point, not game itself. So maybe it's just hardcore beta? Also Zelda show on E3 did fail, Wiimote did not work as they expected etc. So maybe staff was in hurry and did quickly cell cover to show game and later will be changed? And date of game release is moved on later and I expect it will be moved many times.
I dont strike out completely that game, I still believe something will be out of it... just that sounds too fishy at all.

EDIT2: I noticed in SS both Master Sword and Hylian's Shield is based on classic OoT designs. Does it means something? I saw this extremaly ugly small artwork of this:… and I noticed itself Link has brough classic looking from 2D zelda (dark pants). Itself sucky logo's back is a typical sign of Hyrule... so I seems to expect nothing new and unique with zelda but probably a presequel of Zelda origins. That's my guess.

EDIT3: Onto good news, we found that game will not be *actually* stupidly cell-shaded. They said the newest Zelda will have a new style, referred to Impressionism- that would be rather a 'living painting' and they still have to work on this for quite time. That now explains a LOT. Referring to poster which has very artistic and oil paintery style, and then official link artworks are watercolor-y. Impressionism is a style which mainly focus of crazy brush strokes and color palette.

Bear in mind- there is NO war between "New Zelda Sucks" and "New Zelda FTW". Here we respect everyone's opinions.

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Terms of Service

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 6, 2010, 9:29 AM
Terms of Service

Commission Policy

1. Commissions and Prices
Please check here: (currently there are no commission pricing and infos- I'm updating with new commission system. Will announce when is ready! :])
The prices of commissions may vary (these are examples and estimated prices), please contact with me if you want fully estimated price of your desired commission.

To order a commission, please send a note on deviantART or email to: leonheart (at)

2. Payment
I accept payment preferred via PayPal. Other forms of payments such like snail mail  or bank transfer may be accepted, depending on the situation.
I take payments up front, before I begin. However I can arrange payment plans for commissions above $200-300.

If the artwork is finished before final payments are made, the Client will not receive the original painting/drawing or un-watermarked digital image of the commission until final payments are made. If the time frame between completion of artwork and final payment exceeds 6 months from the date of third (3rd) reminder email/note/other contact source, I have the right to resell the commission to the highest bidder to recuperate the loss in income.

About Payment Plans: This option is available from $200 and up. The Client pays the first portion of arranged payment before the start of work.  After the commission work is completed (I will show a preview of finished commission in small format before final payments. Full size of image/original won't be delivered to the Client until all payments are completed), the Client is responsible to pay all final payments within two weeks. If the Client fail to deliver final payments, will be charged with an extra fee - 30% of the remaining payment (i.e. if the remaining payment which the Client has to deliver is $100, the new price is $130 if they fail to complete payment within 2 weeks)- and will have extended deadline by one month to complete the payment (deadline can be discussed). If the Client is unable to finalize the payment again, I have the right to cancel their commission, including delivering the original painting and full size file to the Client without any refunds. I'll reserve the right to re-sell the original of completed commission.

For the information: while realizing Paypal payment (or any other form) PLEASE include your deviantART name if you're ordering a commission from deviantART.

3. Refunds and Cancellation
I do not do refunds so please be certain that you want to place an order before doing so.
However in very unique situations if I cannot complete your commission due to specific reason, I can provide you a full refund.

Also I reserve the right to cancel a commission due poor communication, rude or inappropriate behavior by the Client.

4. Revisions
Clients will have the opportunity to direct alterations of their commissions in the sketch stage if they asked me to show. I will do two revisions: one in the sketch stage and one in coloring stage (only Digital media). After that, revisions will cost extra fee- depending on the time it takes to do them.
As for working in progress status, is the Client's responsibility to request/ask for updates.

Small commissions are considered as small works, and thus time revising sketches is no factored into the price.

5. Estimated Waiting Time.

Please be aware that I'm very busy artist, student and with lots of my duties in real life and I'm working as a traveller as well.
So basically, that means I work within NO TIME FRAME on commissions, so I cannot guarantee any time when your commission order will be completed. Please be patient, I'm trying my best to take the most of the time as possible to grant with the best quality for your commission order :]
Feel free politely to send a note/email asking me about your commission status.

If you wish to receive a completed work from me on certain date (deadline) we can arrange that.
I will charge an extra fee for a deadline. The price is dependent on in what time I need to complete, how big is commission and availability of my time.

6. Shipping

For traditionally made artwork, the commissioner may receive the original piece of commission upon their wish. The commissioner must pay an extra fee for the original and shipping&packing costs.
I will ship the artwork worldwide. The prices may vary depending where I'm currently.
Estimated costs including shipping, packing and gas: (currently I'm in the USA)

Prioritaire Shipping/tracking number within USA:  8$  for an A4 size artwork.  OUTSIDE of USA: 13$ for A4 size.
I also provide option shipping by Courier where is the fastest form of shipping and safest as well. The price may vary, starting from 20-30$ +

There is no guaranteed timeframe of delivering. Within USA, it may take up to a week. Outsie may take from 2 to 3 weeks.
I DO NOT TAKE ANY responsibility for shipping. I pack the original piece in secured envelope and secure the best as is possible. Once I take the package/mail to the post office, it's no more of my responsibility what will happen while shipping and how long it may take. The commissioner has right to ask for tracking number or proof of shipping.
The Client is responsible for providing a correct shipping address.
INFO: It's highly recommended to provide the Client's REAL NAME (no fake names, nicknames or internet names), because there is chance that package may not get without addresse's real name where they live at. I don't have time to check everybody's address if is correct or no- it's up to customer.

Damaged or lost artwork from shipping.
Unlikely but - If that situation happens, all what I can do is to issue for a refund from Post Office if that option is available. If I get refunded, I can fully refund for the commissioner what I got from Post Office. If the refund isn't possible from Post Office, I can send a gift print copy for the commissioner to cheer-up :]

For the information: While I finish a commission, it does not mean that I am shipping the original artwork of the commission order immediately- due to owing to circumstances beyond my control during my traveler career- I'd like ask the commissioners for a patience and understanding while waiting to receive the original artwork, while you agree those my terms by purchasing.

Paying for the original picture necessary fees and providing a shipping address immediately after commission completion or taking commission order is highly recommended. Deciding to receive the original picture of the commission much later after the completion of the commission is not recommended- I do not provide shipping originals after several months of completion due to many reasons. The Client must be decided whether want an original painting or not while placing the order.

The Client is responsible to provide a correct address via note on deviantART /or other Community where the commission informations were provided/ or email-  I will not ship on address which is given by Paypal. If The Client fails to give an address -even if the shipping is already paid- I am not able to ship the artwork.

7. Usage and Rights

a) I reserve all the rights to the commission work. I have right to use the commissioned work to produce my prints, merchandise and sell them unless we arranged something else/or it's a commercial commission. Rights can be negotiated for an extra fee.
However I reserve full rights to display commissioned artwork in my Art Portfolio.

b) The Client may not make and sell prints of the artwork, or profit from the artwork beyond the resale of a physical original painting or drawing (traditional media, not digital). The Client may resize or crop the artwork to create icons, wallpapers, or other graphics to be used in non-commercial digital format, but the Client cannot alter the artwork itself. The Client may also upload the artwork to their personal website or gallery, but credit is required in the form of a link back to the artist's gallery, and it must not be any high resolution or unwatermarked version of the artwork.

c) All commercial usage and other rights can be negotiated.

d) The Client cannot claim that they or someone else made this picture besides me.  (The Client cannot claim my work as their own)

8. Optional stuff, which makes communication between the Commissioner and Artist easier with a smile.

- By providing the information for me about your desired commission order- please write the most necessary, clear and as short as possible informations for the commission. Sketched out references or any visual references are the most welcome to catch the best accuracy for your desired image.

- If is possible, a good advice when you have possibility to track my deviantART Journal or my Facebook page posts where I may announce urgent informations for the commissions.

- If there is any problem with the commission or feel not pleased with the service, feel free to mention, but please do it very politely and be willing to resolve the issue where I'll be happy to do my best to fix something.

- It happens rarely but a few times I've experienced "missing notes" where I have not received from the commissioner note/or they have not received. (also this happens with emails) In that situation, if I'm not replying on urgent commission related note more than two weeks or something, always feel free to send a note again.

- If I complete a commission for you and our deal is finished, I'd be happy to hear your honest opinion about my service where would be a good reference for me to improve better with my services :] Happy clients counts for the most!

Buyers policy

This is an extra short policy for the Clients who has bought my merchandise, prints and original artwork.
Please read before purchasing and you must agree with all terms.

- I am not taking any responsiblity for the shipping. Please look above for "Commission Policy" rule no. 6. about shipping. The Client is responsible for providing the right address and the real name.
- original artwork: do not remove my signature at the bottom of artwork.
- I do not refund money for purchased items from me. All sales are final.
- If customer is unable to prove the right address/or get the item/or get in touch after payment, I'll hold the item up to 3 months in safe area- after that the item is voided and will be up for sale again.
- If you have received an item which you didn't order, let us know. We will work out to replace your order.
- I reserve the right to refuse selling items due poor communication, rude or inappropriate behavior granted by the Client. 
- The Client have rights to resell the original and other items but cannot reproduce them.

By ordering a commission from me, the Client is agreeing to all the rules above.

Other terms than what is listed can be negotiated. Any questions, please contact with me!

Thank you for your support! ♥



Only Serious Bids!

When I have a certain item for sale, I am asking for real, serious buyers who are able/and obligated to pay for this item by using real money. It's not auction done for fun and no, absolutely no points.

- When you place your bid offer- be absolutely serious and 100% sure that you are able to pay the price which you offered if you will eventually win.

Exactly. When the highest price is 50$, and you are offering 80$- that means, 80$ is the highest price bid. If auction will end and if you will win- you are obligated to pay what you have offered.
Always pay attention to your price offer- take that your offer is the price which you will pay.

If you are uncertain, don't bid.

- No taking back your bid offers/changing your mind.

That rule has to be absolute. This must remain an absolute, with no exceptions to friends or begging person.

When you offered a bid (even if they are on lead) and then request me to cancel it, I will not cancel your bid no matter what due to many certain reasons. All what is left is for you to hope that someone will outbid you
But if you win, you're obligated to pay.

Why? Because if we keep people to slip out, cancel bid or change their minds, even if we let only one person to do that, it may ruin whole market with auctions. Once one person will see the unstability with auctions, they will not take it seriously and more people will bid enormous offers then be all "hey I've changed my mind" and disappear what that could ruin whole market with auctions.

Or, let's see. I've put item on auction and for four days I had to take care (yes it takes my time to control it) bids there, then I finally close it and that person changes mind and does not may the price. In result I'd have to completely re-do auction. And yes, I really would rather to not dirt out my account with non art stuff that too much (In general  I do auctions  very rarely) where the process of restarting would be not on the hand for auctioner.

Just simply let's keep one clear rule: the bid is absolute. No quitting or changing mind. Simple but that keeps a balance
I also really deeply recomment to other auctioners to be absolute with that rule for good sake for everyone.

- I will not tolerate situations like: I can't pay because…

If you are winner of auction or even with your highest bid offer as leader (when you have the highest bid offer, always take this option that you'll buy this, than "maybe") and then you come out with a text "I can't pay because.. (because I bought a present for my friend) (because I had to pay bills)etc."

I really happen to have many Clients from dA who kept telling me that they want to commission me or buy certain originals where nearly when they were decided, they kept changing their minds where their common saying that they bought something else already while our conversation about purchasing art from me was earlier than that decision with item. I'm just telling situations like these above, with Auctions- will NOT be tolerated.
Be absolutely sure and have a common sense of prediction in future (aka. if in a week auction will end, that you will have funds to pay for item in next week, i.e. if your phone bills arent on your way where will take away your funds). Be responsible with your finances, okay?

- Blacklist.

All people who broke rules above: which means changed their mind, disappeared or never paid for item while were obligated to do- will be posted on black list under there and are not welcomed to purchase anything from me.

CSS Journal Coded by FleX177

I would like to move a very specific thread.

It's about the price of art and commissions. Because there are a lot of questions; what decides for the price of art? Why it is worthy? And why do we buy commissions?
Some is already written here:…

I've met with many people who were complaining about the price of art, especially why it is expensive and it doesnt deserve. Even some person did a drama just because prices of my art are *too* expensive. And I'm not alone, I've saw on some proffessional artists who are on dA as well.

I noticed the price of art on deviantART is very low.
Like many people complains that full colored picture plus you get original for 50-70$ is too much. I did some research and counted how much artists originally earn (out of dA)- even a simple artist earns 5 times more than great artists on dA which I know.
Do you know on Eurofurence just only PRINT can be sold there for 100-500 euros?
Do you know in real life a simple artist/graphic designer can earn 60$+ for an hour of work?
Do you know real life (I'm not only talking about famous ones) artists sell their just prints for 200$ and simple originals for about 800$?
Do you know Hirst who *never* did really art after all, sells art for million dollars and buyers still buy?
Do you know most great and proffessional artists on dA sells their art/commissions much cheaper than outside from dA?

"I would love to buy, but I have only 20 bucks... can I pay??"

Save those words.
The main reason is, because on dA there are so many young people and especially who doesn't know the real worth of art. Deviantart became more as community.. actually, more as an universal site than art site. An example, on Eurofurence or any other art cons- there are more people who have a sense for art, are willing to spend lots of money for art, prints, illustrations of their favourite subject. In galleries (I had art shown in local gallery once) art of unknown artist is sold for thousand dollars and no one had problem with the price. My art shown in gallery was sold at least 3x times more than what I sell on dA, and even I had so many demands for this.

So, in general. What prices the worth of art, is *usually* set on:
a) Demand. That's the first thing what decides for the price mainly. If your art catches enough audience and many people are willing to buy/order art from you.
b) Time and Effort. It counts as your personal time of work and effort. There are many good artists on dA who charge 1000$ for art, to not suprise you- that art takes them around 30 hours of work- I've calculated that they earn ONLY 33$ for an hour which price is quite low as for very good artist.
c) Materials costs. Usually materials for artists are very expensive. The more complex picture, the more materials are used. Like my alcohols are not cheap thing.

Some artists *usually* count the price which time decides. Art which demands more effort and better effects, it requires more time.  I counted that 70$ worth full colored my commission from my last dA price list, which takes average 5-6 hours- I earn only 11-13$ per hour, so that's why I usually finish each one commission in one day, not two commissions per day.  But due when I was closed with my commissions, I still did some private commissions- I had emails from people outside from dA who offered 25-30$ per hour, the price which I should charge. That's usually standard price of standart job.

I love buying commissions or original drawings from artists (traditionally mostly). When I get an original drawing, I can enjoy the touch of scribbled lines on original drawings. And THANKS to originals I've learned drawing better, no kidding! :D I remember when I got the first original drawing from Wildspirit and I saw how she does so smooth lines by pencils. And from this time, I've learned doing smooth coloring. Original art- the greatest tutorial for traditional artist.
And another reason is, original traditional drawing carries a part of artist's spirit. Not only I love getting originals from artists but from my dear friends who aren't artists at all.  If my fave artist (or my friend) would die, and I own their original drawing, I'd always know that I have living part from him/her. That's so priceless.
So in my opinion, it's so worthy to buy. Sadly, I dont belong to rich people and I cant afford much really lol :V

So, in general, complaining on artist's eyes how prices are expensive and unworthy to get, is very rude behaviour. If you don't like, don't buy- that's the best method for that (:
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It's over.
Im unhappily back to home.

MASSIVE journal! Clicky on a link to see photos <3

ACTUALLY, I had MUCH more amazing time than I expected. And that happens to me rarely xD.
I've met and hanged with AlectorFencer, KebiJackal and ChristopherMarx for many days.
I must say Alector is one the best people on dA which I've met, even our irl friendship is still fresh but we have good feelings.  
Also I really liked Kebi also he was the only person who was able to speak in Polish, he used to translate many stuff for me. Oli was cute in own kind too :D and creates unique own persolality. That whole pack had really nice atmosphere and I felt with them so great.

OK, mini story tiem!

I had at 6 am flight, soo I didnt slep (just 1 hour) this night, I had LOTS to work- plus Im Longsleeper so that was so horrible for me not to sleep.
When I arrived, I was all ZOMBIEPLZ.  ZzzzZZZzzz. And I bought on the airport Pokemon Heart Gold to play a bit during travel.
Then we met and drove to Kebi's house. Wow. They have SO nice room. Im jealovus. Warm, massive and ahh!

The first thingie, she showed me some originals and such. Here is our original Ragnarok II painting and I went wow how is awesomely colored by her irl!…
It will be on sale via online SOON xD

After breakfast we went to art shop. AND OMGWTFGOD, art shops in germany are like PARADISE! Ughh. Sooo big. LOTS of great paper. LOTS of brushes which I want to buy. LOTS of paints. And ahh! Seperate Polychromos pencils! Alector and me went so crazy that we were making lolzy fun at shop and splited paint everywhere on boxs XD. I wish could buy lots stuff but was SO expensive D: and I just bought Schmincke paints, which I dreamt to own so badly.

But whole the first day was tiring and not greatest. I was SO tired, kind of stressed and I had headache. We went to Oli's house for pasta party and here was wtfy that some German ppl were all talking together in German and I was all sitting and :| LOL. BUt then all because I was SO tired and my head was exploding >_<  I had to keep drawing to not fall asleep at Oli's on other people eyes LOL.

Speaking about drawings! Alect and me started working on our special Real Life Collabissions, and yeah, do you want know how artists are working? XD We have some weird humor sense when we draw... and here we go XD

Here how proffessional artist is working.. and yeah that her thumb is effect of our fun at art shop xD…

Lol at wip, I tend writting lolzy texts... lololol.…

We didnt meant to make blotches ACTUALLY flying from ass.. really.. XD……

Oh and thats the sketch which I did for Oliver!…

Next day was a lot better. Kebi, Alect and me went to Berlin and visit some places. Omg, I must say that Berlin is way different city than ever I seen. I've seen NYC as horrible crowded city and ugh London is massively crowded etc. but Berlin is massive city with no city after all xD. It's so greeny, lots of plants, so clean, modern, has beautiful and smooth road and such.. friendly! :D

ANd I totally WTFed.. in Berlin there were so MANY hares/rabbits on grassy islands in middle on big roadways!…

LOL... those are actually bikes?…

wurst :-)……
(really, I hated how they force poor little dogs to sit enchained :/)

And then we went to really nice and weird place. Somehow steampunk/slums/graffiti/metal/urban styled stuff.………

After this, we went to Thai Restaurant! Later we went crazy and made of food a mixture.. which would remind of rare shit lolol. And made really lolzy sausage by mixing with everything.


After eating! Lots of dirt and mess xD…

Our infamousss sauce... BLEEEH! We used: thai BBQ sauce, Ginger sauce, and white something curry like sauce, lemon, tomato, fish sauce, and... something else. Everyone was forced to taste mixture, psh.…

Alector went crazy! She walked all the way without boots! ^^…

Ho-kay, after Berlin-days, we took Oliver with us and we went on countryside to Alector's house. Omg German countryside is sooo pretty. I loved so much. I will upload moar photos later.
The most lolzy part was.. that everyday I woke up at 11-12pm and we all together (Alector, Oli, Kebi, Feli and I) had breakfast at 1pm and.. at 12 am we had lunch! After lunch was beer sometimes but mostly we were talking and laughing.

The fields were so shiningly yellow!………

Breakfast. OH YES I must mention that in Germany.. there are my lovely colorful cereals- Froot Loops. OH  GOD, you probably have no idea how I went so happy and I HAD to buy! Ahh, I have so weird obsession on cereals >___> Why in Poland we dont have ANY colorful cereals?…………

And on Sunday we went to Rugen island. Omg so long way. And I was playing pokemanz. My Feraligatr got 42level in Ectureak Gym lol.……
And I fnd those squared patches on road really inspiring.. *lol*…

Then we went through twisted forest on Rugen to beach! Wow. So beautiful. Agh. Rockyy beaches. I havent seen a sea like this for many years and I was really very happy seeing it. Rocks were really crazy and creative.………………… (laguna with white water!)………

After this we went to really AMAZING fish restaurant. Oli hates fishes so he enjoyed something else, and we had EPIC fish dishes. Mine was anglear fish, with zuccini, pineapple, potatos and amazing sausage. Do you want know how that fish tasted? :D…

Oli seems to be NONONO xD…

My fish dish :heart:…

And Kebi's weird fish:…

Going back to home, we had an accident by hitting a deer- see on the past journal.

The last days we spent talking, drawing and Alector taught me some digital art! <3
I have so many other photos but that's all for now. To crop, prepare and upload photos really takes lots of time.  I have other photos which I want submit as submission on dA.
But here are last some random photos:

Poor new branded Polychromos pencil is going serve food..……

Some lolzy sketches for Alector and Kebi……

In the last day, when they were taking me back to airport, some MASSIVE traffic was on highway to airport. Traffic was really LONG AND MASSIVE. We were worried if we will not miss flight. We thought there was srs accidend but.. apparently a SMALL hole on the road was and it caused massive crowd. We lol'd and Kebi showed a fuck you to it XD.
On the airport, we were really sad thats over. I got attached with them so strongly and such... well there is always next time. Not only I met new awesome friends but also I've gained lots of experience.
That's why I love travelling. Thats why usually all my hard worked money I love spending on travels, instead on clotches or whatever material stuff of course I need to save for car and new house grr..
And my back flight was splendid with dramatical view and rainbow striking between clouds.……

Now Im back to boring 'reality', clean my dA inbox, work on commissions, take care with some stuff and worry about uni :/
Thank you Alector and Kebi for begin amazing people and for everything.

Sorry for poorly wrotten journal, itself took me 2:40 hours to write >__o
I just wanted to share with this.. well how I go with lifestyle. Like I said as for me the sense of life is to travel, meeting people, discovering, going forward and sailing a lot. I dont want to be some businesswoman and spend my entire life in making money, be some puppets to economy and I never want to create a family. I'd love to have a partner but no childs. I'm rather kind of a wild woman.

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Mon May 24, 2010, 3:57 AM
WARNING- links and text contain graphic content.

As AlectorFencer wrote whole story about the collission which happened yesterday when we were getting back from Rügen island. Here is:…

Shortly, Kebi, Alector, Oliver and me were driving by car back to our house. I was playing NDS Pokemon Heart Gold, Alect was playing with my Nikon and Kebi was driving. And suddenly I felt huge crash and dynamical. At first I thought we crashed with other car, but I see the road is empty. We suddenly stopped the car and wow... the blood and meat parts were on the front of car.
We got hit a deer who suddenly jumped on the front of our car.
It was so quick and sudden action that Kebi couldnt do anything. And what he did, was splendid.
Could be worse, we didnt got injuried or anything.
But after little searching I found dead deer's body and... two little babies. She was pregnant...
It totally crushed us. We were really sad, especially Alector and me made almost cry. We called Police and hunter to get situation sorted...
part of deer inside of car'S front………

Life is really crushy. Both to humans and animals.
Im all glad that absolutely nothing happen to us all besides dear!

BTW: Im not shocked psyhically or something. Im absolutely fine today x)

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Sat May 22, 2010, 3:16 PM
German ppl do have weird sense of humour lololol.
But thats cool that you can laugh out so louldy most of time with them.
Even with nonsenses.
Beer, alcohol, red faces of laugh and p***s cactus and pervy book

welcome to germany hah!

Ich liebe niemcy lolololol (ulaa, wymiatasz, sprawilas ze wszyscy pierdnelismy XD)

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See yah- EDIT

Tue May 18, 2010, 5:46 PM
Omg if I'd be late in LITERALLY one minute, I wouldnt fly to Germany. Crazy times on airports lolol.
But yeah Im in germany now! And shortly, I decided that I'd rather not want meet anyone and do any devmeetings. Sorreh!

PS: German keyboards are so confusing LOL

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Sat Apr 17, 2010, 8:38 AM
yesterday I had BIRTHDAY!

I completely forgot about my bday.. who really forgets about their bdays lolz... so I moved my bday-party on 18th.
Thankyou for everyone who remembered, for bday wishes and gifts :D

What do you usually wish to get for bday?  

Oh btw, Arnaq's mother really is looking for a new house. Nova is a pure Greenland dog with amazing temperament, calm, very friendly and prefers to be with people for hiking than working in sleddog teams.  Photo of her:…

Commissions- collabissions with WildSpiritWolf Get custom art done by us for nice price!…

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tragedy of poland + livestream.

Sat Apr 10, 2010, 10:05 AM
I think whole world knows what has happened..

I woke up very early, preparing to leave for meetings and had a TV turned on.
News were as usually same and nothing special. After couple mins I came back to TV and I see the screen is black-white..
President and most important people of Poland have died in tragical accident. It's said to be the biggest tragedy in new Poland history.

Even two days ago we met with Piotr Nurowski - director of Polish Olympic Comitee.. and he was one who perished in this tragedy.
May they rest in peace.

Tomorrow I'm going with my friends to President's Palace to sign up in condolence book (if anyone is from Warsaw /or planning to go as well, feel free to join with us!)
I might make a photoreportage of this.

Thank you for your support comments and condolences. I will sign in condolence book in the name of everone on deviantART who supported this.

By the way...

I thought if anyone would be interested if I'd run on my webcam my Greenland dogs on livestream?  Or something..?

this day I webcammed on Oovoo (greatest webcam program ever!) with kankakanka because we were waching important horseback races where we placed our bet... and we lost lol. Someone won 80.000 pounds on their bet lol.

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Currently I'm on the highest lead with amount of llamas in whole dA. Thanks to everyone, but the game is still not over!

I want and YOU want as well to see Ultimate LLama when I'll reach 3000 llamas? Help me giving llamas and only 700 is left to reach for Ultimate!

Augh, I wish could give it back but I'm so sorry! I tried. I had couple internet crashdowns of having almost hundred tabs opened by giving away points.
Me and internet we are even not ABLE to keep up with all llamagiveaway! I  did my best with giving away but I feel I gave only to 30% people, I just cannot catch up with everything and internet too.
I'm sorry to everyone who did not get points/llamas from me, but I thank you so much for doing! I just I'll offer prize for random person in lottery!  

Kiriban has happen impossibly so fast, so I couldn't believe that almost 20 people caught it! (and still get notes)
But in my rules, there is always one winner:no, two by now >>

GoldenOath as the first person who caught kiriban
:devquanyalis: actually get's the best prize... for coolest admitting that's April Fool's kiriban! :lol:…

I figured that way with admitting the truth of perfect kiriban cheaters which is very hard to admit.. is so cool :XD:

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Real Life Collabissions

Mon Mar 22, 2010, 8:17 AM

19.05. 2010

I'm going to Germany. I'll visit amazing :iconalectorfencer: and KebiJackal and hang around with other awesome people. More about this trip later.. but we plan to organize our birthday party and on this day shall be devMeet in Berlin! We would love to invite everyone! :D

Lolz, originally right now I should be on the airport and fly now but due to many unlucky events which happen to us- we were able to rebook our flight in last minute!

So in order, we would love to take couple of very unique type of collabissions... Real Life Collabissions! (RLC)

We crazy dudes came to a conclusion that when two artists meet in real life, their talents can be clashed together properly without any distance issues! The results of two artists working on sketches and colours at once will be so much difference and definitely very rare and absolutely unique!

You will have the chance to own a piece that has been originally touched by the two of us who blotch and cake their fantasies and imaginary powers down on paper and create a new world that surrounds your character!

In order to this and since the time is very limited, the slots to those collaborations are very limited.

:bulletblue:Here is our offer:

2 slots of the format A5 for each 50€
2 slots of the format A4 for each 100€

The sketches as well as the colouring will be done by PearlEden and AlectorFencer in corporation and teamwork. Much media and paper types are available and we will choose what suits your personal image best.

Plus you will have the chance to get it framed, too!
The frames will be 100% handmade and fit around your picture and enclose it for the best presentation on your wall.
For this extra option, it's best to talk to us for postage and packaging.
Postage fees are exclusive the commission price. We will inform you about it once we received your message.

Getting a slot doesn't mean you are fully confirmed!
This offer requires serious interests and therefore the slots must be confirmed with the payment as soon as possible! The pictures will be drawn at the time between the 19th to the 20 of May.


At the beginning of April, one single slot will be opened for an A3 artpiece. You will receive it with a handcut passepartout for free! So stay tuned!

:bulletorange:Slot 1.) A5 - Wolftrest
:bulletorange:Slot 2.) A5 - Mainwenn

:bulletorange:Slot 3.) A4 - Wolftail
:bulletgreen:Slot 4.) A4

One thing is for sure, this is going to be absolutely brilliant!

If you are interested, please send me a note and don't hesitate to ask me questions!

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Mmmmm kittens

Wed Feb 24, 2010, 3:13 PM

I like long walks on the beach and singing in the rain in the arms of the one I love :love:

Almost as much as I like Avril Lavigne! I love me them sk8r bois!

Tell me something that rhymes with Month!  OR PERISH.

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Norway Trip + Awesome Photos!

Fri Feb 5, 2010, 6:27 AM

WARNING. This journal has really many photos. Sadly dA journal is not good for photo-journalism :/

That little two-days trip was.. such an amazing experience. I felt like I spent here 3-4 days. I had to make a devmeet in Oslo, however I thought it won't work because I was staying like 100km away... sooo it didn't work.

Okays. So I found cheap tickets for myself and I had NO idea how importing the dog looks like. I NEVER imported any live animals via plane. I've called several times to and they expained me how it works (wow sounded SO complicated! D8) and that I have to bring my cage. Ugh.

My Dad dropped me to an airport by his nice pickup, I had a flight at 17:55.

lolz warsaw airport xD

He helped to get out my cage and such stuff on the airport, blablablah.
When he left, I was all UGH, since it's like FIRST time I have to handle with all stuffs on the airport, and trying to find my gateee.

The travel on the plane was AWESOME and so.. short. I was so lucky to get place above window. The sky was starry, I saw beautiful constellations, and large moon. Under the sky was a large cloudy spot with orangeish color.  When we were arriving, the plane has hit on the organgeish cloudy milk and I saw.. Norway. Wow. I just was all.. wow.


The airport was damn pretty. I mean, was surrounded with heavy snow and beautiful evergreen trees and rocks!


Okays. Here I was SO stressed. I was worrying if I will able to get out from aiport or find Karen.. but apparently Oslo-nian airport was easy! Smaller than Warsaw one!

Funniest thing was when I was getting out with my cage.. someone was screaming to me. Like HALT! HEY HEY STOP!
I didn't react because I was busy with my thoughts and ran forward faster. But some cops creepily and freakily caught me. I was all O___o
I've scared a bit, cos I was wondering if I will understand them... lolz. They have stopped me because I was having a cage and they thought there is a living animal inside! I told them its EMPTY and they were all "UGH O__o oh okay, sorry!"

Karen came with my Arnaq to welcome me! When first time I saw Arnaq.. I was all "Wow. That's... how she looks like really."
Then we went to the car and I've met Katinka. We went to her home. In Espa, like 100km away.

All the way I was all "Wow. Wow." adoring how beautiful is Norway!

At the home. Wow. Katinka's kennel had like 40 Greenland dogs. All kennels were surrounding her house. The house is traditionaly Nordic looking. I loved it. This evening I had nice chats with Karen and Katinka. My english speaking skills went much and much better.

My bedroom ;P

The next day was.. amazing. I won't write too much details, we'll go onto things. Photos!
On the breakfast I LOVED norwegian cheese. I have NO idea how it was called, but was sort of dark and soft cheese. It had weird taste, like a carmel with salt. Mmmm.



Then we went to play with new little puppies. They were like 2-3 month puppies.


They were so damn cute-y running around their Mom! <3

They were eating real salmon.


My Arnaq with a puppy above her.

And after, Katinka and Karen invited me for sled dog trip twice time. I didn't expect... but damn, thats so awesome from them.

Arnaq was the first timet running with serious sled team. Karen has waited for my come, and we together seen how Arnaq handled! In some words, she did an EXCELLENT job. She wasn't scared at all and was pulling as well as all other dogs.

I LOVED her expression how she is WTF-y with begin fisrt time hooked to sleds.

Arnaq had very sexy partner, Ulvar <333. Look at his pretty bear-ish looking!

Katinka with her Ulvar (:

More details from mushing:

Later I was playing with dogs mostly and doing lots of photos. Sadly after mushing I had so horribly frozen fingers and after some days my skin has died and I lost touch feeling >___>

Åldefar. One of my favourite dogs from Tinka's Kennel

Harry. Cute liver-nosed one!

One on the middle is pregnant :3

Rakker. A female wolf-esque Greenland dog who has amazing movement.


Snowy. I adore his fluff <3. He'll be Daddy with Rakker soon!


Mivuu. Little massive puppy!


And some trees in Norway were so kickassly awesome. I must share tree photos with everyone!




I have tons other pictures, but I wont spam with more because journal might freeze xD.

After awesome day, we left to aiport back. I had at 21 flight back to Warsaw.

And suprisingly I've met Biomecka on the airport. Even the devmeet didnt happen, she still wanted to meet and decided to come on the airport. That was really awesome of her. And she made it on the time and had chance to met my Arnaq and how she is getting packed to cage and transported to the plane XD.

Apparently taking dog to the plane was SUPER easy and the BEST thing was... those people from airport totally FORGOT to charge money for dog ticked and cage! So... she flew for FREE! ;)

After bye-bye with Karen, I still had some time so I hanged out with Biomecka and we went to cafe. I had really awesome chat with her and such <3. I told her, I would totally LOVE to visit Norway again and do official devmeet.
Then she helped me to find out how I should go to my gate and said farewell to each, and I flew back to home. On the all way I was all worried how Arnaq will survive the flight because she was packed somewhere under cabin with luggages.

Arrived at 23:00, I found my Arnaq all alive in her cage on the airport. She was little weirded out but calm. And here was really lolzy. Everyone was all WOW or WTFy seeing me importing a dog. My Dad came to me and he laughted so dearly seeing me with cage... but with dog XD.

My Dad is awesome. He was all the way laughting at me, begin lolzy  because my 30 hours were full of adventures, flying to way different country all alone, met people from internet knowing about them NOTHING, running away from cops and etc.

Sorry, I had to write this SO quickly. I'm in big hurry as always. I apologize if your... internet has crashed because of my stupid photo spammage. Sorry for mistakes or.. how poorly I've made this review. Me stupid begin in hurry. Or.. something. I skipped many things and events, but oh well. Next time I might to do proffessional review once I'll have my traveller's website <3

Oh. And go and send much love to :iconbiomecka: for begin awesome.

Love for all my kids <3

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Stamp of the month.

Mon Feb 1, 2010, 12:32 PM
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Thu Jan 28, 2010, 10:51 AM

I'm in such shitty situation... which I'm so hopeless how to get out from this crap.

I've handled and solved my every problem in my real life. Every problem, sorrow, drama, tough situation or whatever.. is kind of an experience for your way through life. I've been always strong handed with this.

But now, this little thing is much more harder than any other ever I had.

PS: Thank you for all support and warm comments.

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Thu Dec 31, 2009, 3:15 PM

EDIT: We have a 2010 now! Happy New Year!

Life is like a book.
Every year is like a chapter of our book.
Everyone has unique life.
But now, my chapter of '09 is about to end. It was a good year, so eventful and I had so many fantastic unexpected adventures, and got so many experiences. Life is the best teacher. The ending of this year was depressing and full of sorrow, but all that must have happened to close this chapter.
I've closed some friendships and my dreams. Some things needs to be ended and closed.
And open the new chapter.. the 2010 one.

I go on my own Personal Legend.

I wish you the best in next year and to be on your way of your Personal Legend.  And never give up with your dreams. And be loyal to your dreams and on your Personal Legend.

Life is not that- business, money, fame and family.
Most people are going on the way what is trendy. To make a business to earn money, even that's not their true desire. But if everyone are doing that, and to be businessman is good job since you earn good money - so why not? If everyone are doing that so then I will do that as well.
We, people, became a puppets of new era. We usually go with what is trendies. We go by economy, teen's are going by celebrities and are celebrity-wanna'bes (and they lose their own personalities), politicians and goverment are using us and making us as slaves. And mass media became the Judges of our lives.
Only really few people are going with their true desires.. and those are great people.. which I truly adore.
I heard so many girls are desprerately searching for boyfriends/husbands, not that they truly want but that's trendy to have. Usually in common women world, singles are subcategoried- because it's natural to produce kids and have a couple. So nothing suprising that I hear so often how tragically are ending relationships/marriages.

So what's sense of life to sit behind the desk and doing business and earn and earn money which are just only papers, and raise kid, and your kids would do same as their parents endlessly? That everyone are working on economy in hurry are, as I said, puppets of new era and technology?

And due to trendies, people have forgot about their true dreams and desires. Like a person who dreams deeply in heart to sail on the boat whole world, taste a beautiful and extremal experience of journey- will rather give up this dream because there are things better to do - earn money and take care of their beloved company which is giving lots of money. Nowadays people listen other people/goverment/media/whatever instead their hearts.

Many people were calling me "you are so lucky" that because I do travel and discover amazing places and have great events.
No, I am not lucky. I have worked so hardly for this and indeed I had very hard and tragical past.  I never gave up with my dreams, even are sounding so impossible. I'm normal like everyone, but just one who has found Personal Legend. And I know everyone can find own Legend, like I did.

I had found my own path, which is called Personal Legend. Before I never tasted this.
And I felt like happiest person on the earth. And discovered how life is beautiful. Maybe one day, I will share with my own path experiences and what's exactly Personal Legend.

So that's why I wish everyone to find own unique path and go by true desires and realize dreams. The true hapiness and enjoyment of life is in your heart, not the money, fame, trendies or so.


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Mon Dec 14, 2009, 12:30 PM



It's canceled. I had a meeting with them about details of trip, it's beyond of my funds. That trip itself sounded so amazing, we were supposed to visit whole Florida plus go to Caribbeans. But tell me, who can pay for two week trip at LEAST 5000$+ ?

Soyes, Im sorry everyone! I was myself superexcited and really wanted to meet you guys from Florida! (devMeet!)

Love for everyone!

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America Trip

Sat Sep 26, 2009, 4:03 PM

BTW: I bewareee, it's a BIG LECTURE TO READ! :B
I typed this out of boredooomm... feel free to to talk with me <3

Today I was invited to exclusive American School of Warsaw ( Its a real american school with small village with pretty houses- and here the law, education system is American, not Polish and you speak here only in english. Thats like a small part of america in Warsaw XD.
Here was a huge picnic party, some american BBQ party which i have no idea. I hanged with some kids XD. I sat down and suddenly I started having "flashbacks" and thinking about my trip to america which happen week ago...

This my crazy unexpected decision going all alone to USA and whole trip was the best thing which I did in this year. I learned so much here. And it changed my life. America is my country and homeland, not Europe. Just I was thinking myself "OH hai im stupid european kid :B".

Yes. I've born in USA, and I lived for four years and then we ran to Europe... but originally, we were supposed to live in USA, as my destiny has been written. But my parents decided move to Europe...
I used to travel much but usually with my family or friends. Since I moved from USA to europe, I lived in Finland, later in Spain and at the end I stopped in Poland because of that my mother is Polish. Probably I visited whole europe. I remember always when i was getting back to home (to Poland), i was all YEEE, its always the best to be in my own coutry! I was happy and always excited. But this time, while getting back to Poland from USA i was totally unhappy. Now, still I am not happy begin here.

Going to america all alone, without using travel-tourist offers or whatever is called, without knowing english, to different world and especially living with a person whom i met on INTERNET XD. Isn't that creepy?

Well, that was a real taste of adventure begin on different land. Because if you go with brouchure tour/with guider or just with family- it has no real taste. No stress, because your family/guider/responsible people will take care with you. That was a waste of journey, believe me, I barely remember my travels to different countries with family. Suprisingly, I was in america only four years ago with my family for a MONTH- this my 10th touched me MUCH stronger, taught me MUCH more than the month one.
I was around with only real americans and no my native language speaking. I never had real practice with english, and absolutely I didt understand what they were talking to me. School never taught me english speaking well, even such short trip helped me more than several weeks of stupid english lessons maybe im just having dislexia and i work a lot better on practice >.>.
Whole trip was hard and stressful for me, but on other hand was really fun, adventurous and gained new experiences. I love challenges. I was all NUUU i want go back to homeeee, but in fact i didnt want go back to home.
Even now, im sitting at my room, without worry and stress, lying on my own comfy bed- i feel LESS happier and all ":/" than begin stressed on the trip.

You know, experiencing events without stress and emotions- you wont remember them well. Wont learn much from it. But experiences with big amount of stress will make you remember trip better ^^. ESPECIALLY, i remember the best part when suddenly i HAD to take a bus with creepy americans (my friend HAD to come and drop me from NYC, which was way comfy and safer than in foregin bus but she couldnt) to Syracuse for FIVE hours in stortm and it CHANGED schedule and i thought all time that bus was going to Toronto, not my destination.. plus my phone roaming died that i couldnt contact with anyone.. freekish stress. ANYWAY. I wont bore you with details of trip moar :B

if some ppl interested, I can make a journal of my whole this trip, including devmeets and funny events XD

That trip was sort of a test of my maturity. Also i came to visit my country which i born and as well to learn real english. Yes, all "exams" were passed, i came back to home alive, and yes I improved a little with english and.... I want to live in America.

I say, Europe and America are different worlds. Not only about lifestyle, law, stuff, schlock, landscapes, culture but people as well. They totally inspired me a lot... well next time i shall write journal about people. Its always super interesting to meet ppl from different countries. Now when Im back, Im moar americanized kid :B

Ok, I will stop babbling now. Just i want to let you know... spending on travellings, is the best invest in yourself. You'll learn about life, the language, meet the world and explore new horizonsnoegyptvacations plz... do hardcore and survival trips XD. There are many stuffs with travels, which the best school wont teach you...


Since I am in fact american kid, and *actually* I realized that I am illegal begin in Poland because I have no paperworks of legality begin in poland. DUDE, so many problems i had with travel stuff! They didnt want to let me to Poland because I have no polish visa since I was on american passport., who for many years was behaved in Europe, filled with european culture and shits, calling myself as proud european kid... I JUST planned that in future, once i finish university I am moving to America.
To my homeland.

But of course before this huge move, I definately plan to come back to america again in next year and try to visit as often as I can to reveal my true american spirit :heart:

... after that BBQ party ended at American School my shirt was all splatted with ketchup XD.  Andd.. some kids did NASTY prank with my phone :/. Im totally unhappy and mad of prank, I may write about it later- but what i learned, NEVER leave phone alone anywhere. GO everywhere with your foooonee..

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Ready for PA devMeet?

Wed Sep 16, 2009, 7:58 AM

Me and my comrade Enaxn with Katmomma and shikokumaji we are calling everyone for upcoming devMEET located in Pennsylvania, on Saturday!

It starts on September 19th at 11 a.m.
Localization: Montgomery County Community College West Campus & Riverfront Park in Pottstown Pennsylvania


:bulletred:What we are doing on the devMEET?

Simply, we are just meeting faces in real from deviantART, chatting and making new friends.
So , schedule is:

- We are coming at 11 a.m. and waiting for everyone to come. You can recongize us that we are here by our huge, awesome blue FJ car :B
- After that, nametag giveaway and Group Photo. Also i will be giving away my sketches and prints :B
- Collab picture time. Bring your pencils and one paper piece we will be doing one huge collab with everyone!
- If everyone has a car to ride in, we can do what Enaxn requested and go to Rita's Italian Ice (frozen treat place down 422 close to my house) as a way to end the day.

IMPORTANT: If you are willing to attend on this PA devmeet, PLEASE let us know!! Please let us know who is willing to be (post here or note me) Because, we shall give our phone number for you by note- it will be useful to contact due unexpectional situations- we could have contact between us.

Also another note, please be patient and dont expect too much from me :P Im on foregin land, I come from totally different world and I really cant speak in english (in case, you'd have to speak slowly and clearly, or write down on paper). Just lets try to have good time!

Any questions?

Btw, Niagara Falls meeting was awesome! :D

Due big complications getting to Canada- some creepy police has stopped us because Im suspicious, they pulled us from the car by force, researched everything and sent us to building, throwing dirty looks on us and revising me, asking me creepy questions LOL! (thats why from now we want to give phone contacs with you!) - we meet with kilara and blazegryph which I am SO touched how wonderful people they are! We had quite good fun here up to late night!

Im on the left, next is kilara, blazegryph and Enaxn  Thats our group shot, woohoo!

HMe and Kilara we were hiding behind our car :P


You were too awesome :heart:

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Niagara Falls devMEET- it starts TOMORROW! </sub>

On Sunday 13th at 7:00pm we are holding mini devMeet in the Niagara Falls (Canada). Me, Enaxn, blazegryph and kilara we are going to show up here! Remember to bring your pencils for giant collab and some money for food and arcades! :P

Here is localization (cricled in red) of meeting:




This ish Enaxn, letting ALL you children out there know that I has Pearl nao, and you may ever never get him back. Ohnoez.

SOYES.  Pearl flew here on a plaaaane, and then he rode on a busssss through a stormmmmm so he was delayedddd so I sat in my car all BUH for a couple hours and he sat on the bus all BUH for a couple hours, and then we drove MOAR, and now we're both in New York, and we're going to meet all of yewww and say hi to all of yewwww and yes.  That is if I let him go.  Perhaps he'll vaccuum for me.  <__<

This has been your PearlEden Journal Update. Feel enlightened.

Tally-ho, my pretties!

Also, Windows computers don't have a two-finger scroll. Sadness.

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