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Important note for Commissioners.

Sat Nov 13, 2010, 1:38 PM
I'm returning to the commission work, because I really want to clear up the list before the new year however I don't promise. On the shoutboard you can find the list of remaining commissions.
So, I want to have EVERYTHING clear and have happy clients- IF I MISSED you of from my commission list, haven't got the mail, or something.. please kindly LET ME KNOW!

Also I've changed a bit in my "Terms and Conditions" by adding new sections:

- As an advice, commissioners should read my devJournal updates because I may put important announcements regarding commissions.
- Since I work on commissions with NO TIME FRAME (which means you may get a commission even in couple years), a new extra is if the commissioners are waiting more than 2 years, are receiving extra special gifts. I offer gifts every two years to make the deal more pleasing.
- Reputation.

Taking commissions and being responsible for them is very stressy, and I'm keeping it as simple as possible- the rules. And all is up on the client's what will do. Mostly the problems are coming out when the commissioner is not following with the rules/not reading them, after paying the commission. They simple don't want to agree the rules.
Reading rules is very important because it's all simple, if you don't agree (i.e. no refund or not getting an original) don't commission AND we're all out of the stress.
I've spoke with many artists who do commissions and commissioners and here I did mini summary (based on my commissions service):

Problem A: No time frame. Yes I don't do. I'm the type of people who doesnt like PROMISING. I don't promise anything and my life schedule and duties is going forward unexpectly plus I have health issues to deal (of course it wont last forever XD) I've put simple and fair deal, you certainly can get a commission on your desired deadline, with an extra fee- where I plan to give up my other project to give extra prior hours to finish the commission. Simple deal.

Problem B: Shipping issues- lost mail/return etc. The mainly problem is that the most of commissioners don't put the FULL address at all. In my rules, I want FULL address with every necessary detail and it clearly includes the name. And for shipping, I'm absolutely not responsible- what address I got from the commissioner, what will happen with the mail and so on- but I always ship with the insurance. I'll do my best what I can with the lost mail and even demand a refund from the post office with insurance. But clearly, I don't take any responsible for shipping so you can't blame at me (unless I've written wrong address than what I was given XD)

Problem C: Refunds. Favourite thing for impatient commissioners. I heard they're getting pissed by waiting so long (over 1 year) for my commission and are demanding me for refund... even they've readed and been informed about that I give no time frame (!). I very clearly underlined that I don't do refunds (unless I personally cannot finish the commission).

Problem D: Lacking with honestly. The commissioner receives complete picture, thanks you greatly with happiness... but in the fact, by themselves are unhappy of the picture without telling it to you. (that problem touches mostly with American commissioners) Your honest opinion of your commission and dealing/hadling with the artist would be very appreciated to improve.

Mini Problem: ... I don't spam commissioners with happy bomb of emotes and hapiness (-:
I'm no good at english neither in wording, so I apologize if I don't sound mature/polite with writting texts in exchanging notes.

So... what do you think? Any suggestions?

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IMPORTANT- London Meeting!

Sat Nov 6, 2010, 3:21 PM
Finally! Here  are official details about the meeting.

I with :iconkhaosdog:, Lupinicious and his friend we're coming to London on 7th (Sunday)
So, we are ALL meeting at 7PM on Paddington Undeground station (outside above "YO! SUSHI", not undeground) and after we meet we shall look for the cafe together. It will be fun (:
We shall have a transparent of devmeet to find us easier! (:

Also, we are giving 15-20 minutes of waiting (up to 7:20pm) and then we are leaving to cafe.
Hope to see ya!

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England - IMPORTANT!

Sun Oct 31, 2010, 9:56 AM
It's regarding to this journal:…
It's coming closer to my arrival.

I've came to do a meeting in London on 7th November (Sunday) in the cafe or nice tea house (no idea which, maybe suggest me a nice English Cafe/Teahouse with fairly easy to get- i mean like nearby to Underground Station or so) of a few deviants who wants to chill out all together with us in nice and calm atmosphere with tea/coffe. Or just simply in Starbucks (ftw) if I get no suggestions! :D

I haven't decided for the time. But for sure is evening.

So, I'd like to know who want to join with us? psh, I want to prepare little gifts XD
As far I know for sure attending are:
khaosdog (possibly)
Lupinicious (possibly)

Who's going to attend on small meeting in cafe, raise hands!

Btw, the Halloween-ish auction ends tomorrow at 6am of Eastern European time (+1GMT)! Hurry up to bid!

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The Gronlandshund

Thu Oct 21, 2010, 12:03 PM

The Grønlandshund- Greenland Dog

Pokedex entry:
"In Greenlandic folklores and myths believed by Inuit People, it was said the Grønlandshunds were their ancestors."

"The Seven Gronlandshunds were sent out by a White Wolf, the God's messenger, to aid for the humanity to survive."

Sisimutdogs by Exileden

Not huskies. Not dogs. Not wolves.

Inuit dogs are a unique piece of nature.
 They are the oldest and the only natural…dogs in existence.

You probably have heard many times about sled dogs and especially the main ones- Huskies and Malamutes, Samoyed and many other mixes. According to my polls, and the many people I've spoke to, used to research, I've noticed that GH(Greenland dog, Grønlandshund) is the least known Nordic breed and even rarely was mentioned... by myself I have had a very long and unique journey discovering such mysterious, ancient canines known as Grønlandshund...
... a long story which I'll never forget. Unlike many other breeds and animals that I've met, experienced and love, still GH leaves an unforgettable place in my heart. To compare... they are like dragons. Owning a dragon, amongst of dinosaurs and animals. Even researching about them, is like learning about fascinating creatures known as dragons. I feel like Daenerys Targaryen with her dragons. 

I thought to share this article about who these ancient creatures are, since there is absolutely no good articles in English (besides the Fan Hitch, but it's more scientific and not so useful for the explorers who want to learn about the GH).

This ancient dog, called Grønlandshund is one of the most primitive and oldest dog breeds in the world and the least "shaped" by humans and civilization. Furthermore, recent old notes by Danish researchers where they researched how the Inuit people keep the line of Greenlandic Dogs and in many areas, to refresh the bloodline and get healthy generation for hunting, they were often mixed with wolves in West/North Greenland areas known as High Arctic.
 For centuries Greenlandic dogs were working with humans of arctic regions in very extremal conditions, hunting, fighting with polar bears, making long distances on sled expeditions in the North, very far away from us...
.. they're still remaining as wild dogs in their Origin Land which is known Greenland keeping the Inuit's survival up to date. Greenlandic dogs are always fascination for researchers, travelers and even, National Geographic- where NG claimed those canines as one of the most fascinating dogs in the world.
Grønlandshund kept the oldest instincts that all other today's dogs that have lost due to evolution and breeding.
It's because they have their original land, Greenland where the real, wild and pure blood GH can be preserved in original climate, culture and environment- as well the strong tradition of many Inuits doesn't allow the civilization to take it away.Exporing/Importing dogs to/from other countries is forbidden, with a few exceptions. Greenlandic dogs were discovered by the world very late (1930-1970). In 1967, FCI claimed it as a dog breed officialy in Europe, but in the rest of the world (besides Canada) doesn't have Greenland Dogs known yet. The first discovery of GH happened when researchers needed a really and very, very good, strong and extremely capable polar sled-dogs...

In a sledge they're very dynamic workers. They almost have perfect statements for sleddog in extremal conditions.

Many of you might think on the first sight, that GH is like many other sleddog/Nordic breeds. So what makes GH so different, unique, almost like a dog from different world?

Many mushers, even experienced ones, are reclaiming that Grønlandshund is only a legend. A myth. A dog which should not be in the hands of the humans.

Their perseverance, psyche and stamina are legendary. They're so strong like Alaskan Malamutes but so fast like huskies and what they are best at is their psyche- unlike many other nordic sleddogs, GH are the most loyal and incredibly devoted dogs for their owner, like in Hachiko's Legend. In extremal situations GH are ready to give everything and do miracles of their action whenever, I  have read many various stories about GH and most of them brought me to tears.
Their statements create the perfect sleddog... but...
... this dog is only great for really extremal needs and conditions, not only extremal physical weather conditions but also effective through very strong mentally capable mushers and the ones who really truly understand the GH. Greenlandic dogs have very fragile and complicated mentality. To understand their language and nature properly, we need at least years of learning, understanding, humility and training, which is much more time consuming unlike with other dog breeds. Second matter is, their hierarchy of language is very complex and agression- they have natural agression that has been shaped in arctic conditions for the selection of strongest dogs. It takes just a matter of not being cautious, or raising them impatiently, in wrong way, violence or spoiling too much - Greenlandic dog is capable to stand against the owner.
Basically, when you're going to own a GH, you have to be ready to be plunged into their enchanting world- which is not understandable for many people.
GH raised wrongly, even by experienced musher, may leave the dog and the human to the destruction where the effect may be very tragic. This dog is absolutely not for everyone, even for the experienced mushers...

The owner not only must be strong physically but also psychologically. Force and violence will never help. To set up the dogs rights is a huge politic game!

GH's personality and behaviour is quite primitive yet very intelligent, extremely similar to wolves, but they have some extremal differences to wolves. They are like... not dogs, neitherwolves. Observing a GH is quite impressive- while eating, they're selecting and sorting food and hiding it underground, and can dig it up and put it into water to clean dirty food and then eat. They are even cleaining their poops by hiding it in the ground burying it or putting leaves on top of it after doing the toilet. If you give a pile of toys to them, they usually make weird selections and do weird "rhythms" with them (basically organising them into selective sorts and into patterns ) - it's more or less like it's their own language. There will be a lot of little stuff what they do everyday is quite surprising for dog owners.

Another important aspect of GH- they're incredibly and the most emotional dogs as far I've met. Their emotional intelligence is something what is worthy to look at. Their way of expressing emotions are almost like humans, is very deep and they demonstrate a lot of signs of emotional communication, i.e. very clearly let the owner know that they feel mad at. Greenlandic dogs are sight observers- they learn very quickly by observing and can manipulate with others/dogs/and items to get what they want. They can feel incredibly strongly the owner's emotions and attitude of surrounding. Their emotional mentality is quite sensitive, so working with them requires a lot of love and passion. And also discipline, the owner must be very clear- because they are amazing at manipulating someone's feelings!
 I have witnessed some dramatic stories about how traumatically a GH life ended if they were negatively psychically treated, for example about a GH named Sherpa who commited suicide (!) due to the tragic emotional breakdown. And many other stories about how dogs were self harming themselves very quickly if they felt seperated from the pack and the love.
Gronlandshund is like a diamond- the hardest dogs, extremal conditions, capable to eat very few meals and be injured and wont care at all, however they are very sensitive emotionally.

In Greenland they're treated differently than in the Europe.

A signature factor of GH - it's hierarchy.
Their hierarchy is very incredibly solid set and probably one the most dynamic out of all canine species. Even more so than wolves. If something goes "wrong", the field turns into a massive colosseum of fights. Keeping every GH seperated causes it to be even worse, the pack forgets who's the alpha dog, they start accumulating the pressure, confidence and come up with plans to beat the shit out a dog where they find to dislike. Sometimes it's helpful to let the fights to happen between dogs from time to time where they must resolve a few conflicts and set up a hierarchy positions. Their politics are complicated so, often stupid (for us), it requires absolutely lots and lots of work to keep your pack in a right hierarchy and remember, GH will respect you if you're unmistakenable and true alpha to them. If you're interested, there is a small article how sociality is working:…

They're very communicative to each other. They should be chained in that a way that they could be in touch to set up their minimal position but the chain won't allow them to fight to the death.

src='… border='0'/>
Alpha of the team is usually covered in scars and bites.

Bear this in your mind- Grønlandshunds are doing everything with a passion. They'll work and love you with a passion. They'll work with a real passion which considers them as the most legendary sleddogs. They'll fight with a passion, which often causes fights to the death. I've heard a story about incredible GH siblings. They were raised, worked and lived all together for their whole life's. And what the worst thing for them would be  to happen to them is to seperate them away, they cannot live without their siblings. However they are skilled to do murderous life-threatening fights, even within their arguments, they're ready to kill their very beloved siblings - so you'll see how unpleasant end would be if one of them would kill their close relations and perish themselves.. So that's why  the owner must be very strong personally as an absolute alpha and psychically keep in control of the GH's "fucked up" psyche moments sometimes.

They're very family-like dogs. They take a great care for the puppies.


Those dogs does not haveo official "standard" coat and proportions- as a signature (s. husky is white-gray-black dog with blue eyes or Dingoes are ginger). GH have many various shapes, sizes, types and what's the most unique- they can have any fur color combination with various marking placements! We call  them "forms" to classify a certain GH type- their physical appearance, shape and coat- and purpose. On East Greenland there are more long legged, skinnier ones while on West are fatter. They're very easily shape changing dogs, so they may look so far different than "classic" looking GH- they can be easily mistaken with German Shepherds, Coyotes, Akitas, Malamutes (even IDENTIC!) and wolves- plus loads more. In almost every EU GH looks different because of different needs- I'll mention about it next time. 

Every color coat has different touch. Origin/Agouti formes do have between sharp and soft touch, while Gorgo (black) forme do have more sharp and smooth and white are just mostly soft and close to arctic wolf's fur.

Here is a chart of GH colors which I made quickly. I am probably missing a few coat colourations but I'll make a proper and better chart once I have my own photos for it:…

Black ones (Gorgo) are such noble and majestic looking GH

Evolution and influence. (this part still requires more work!)

Dogs are changing very dramaticaly due to evolution of civilization and human's needs- so what is responsible for the most, is the breeding factoer. Did you know the real and original Siberian Huskies were so far different than ones which we see now? They weren't so sleek-looking, with pretty and elegant coat before and even more- their personality where different. To gain an example, Balto was the husky from the past (closer to GH looking, so technically, for the most people we'd say just "uglier") which was very very different than nowadays.
What's responsible of the "evolution"?
In the past, people's needs were different- they needed a real survival dog to serve humanity with long expeditions and reach to unreachable places on snowy terrains... so what now?
In our civilized parts of world, aka. "West Civilization" or cities, dog breeding is becoming more and more as only entertainment thing. It's mostly for business and fun. Utility dogs are no more needed in this civilization because machinery and technology has replaced- such, sled dogs are completely not needed by this part of the world. Dog shows, breeding for business, olympic sports and trendies ... are the most destructive ones. That part about mushing races, as long as the mushing won't be considered as Winter Olympic Sports, is all fine. Once the fame, gold and money will knock to GH's world... I've witnessed a lot of chaos and cheating GH's bloodline, forming into sporting "mixes" which are nothing like original GH's. 

I'd like you to dedicate a few moments to watch the documentary how dog shows influence dog breeds. 

Greenlands used in the races. Almost ready for start.

Today we have classified GH into many types where purposes are quite various- sleek and racing lines are (Germany, Poland, Switzerland), Nordic GH (Norway and Scandinavia) and real, pure GH (Greenland), as well mixed. Personalities and physical appearances are adjusted to it's environment.
While picking a GH, we need to find out for what we are looking for, so I do think a big role is playing to understand GH bloodlines. If we have a documentation, such like known as pedigree and or databases will tell you a lot about your GH-  the biggest matter is how far is your GH from it's original form (a GH from Greenland) and location from their original land (Greenland) - if we care about purity of this breed. Nowadays is very rare to find a GH... as we call it, with "empty boxes" on paper documentations.

Their howl is on lower tones and don't howl as often as huskies. They howl when is necessary and before feeding.


Due to their raw nature, they are known due with aggressive behaviour and brave fighters. They are even capable to attack people or stand against the owner. That part is the most difficult with that breed- and this is why many people don't want to deal with.
I will admit, by owning a GH and worked with many ones, I do see it as a difficult problem. Many people know that huskies and in spitz type dogs are very weak with fights, however they misunderestimate Greenlandic Dogs- where their bite force is very enormously powerful. Even most of pitbulls stand no chance with my Greenland dog.
Next time I plan to write an article about it- because within many situations, people blame GH as aggressive dog breed, thus, their aggression has nothing to do with human's term of aggression as a wrong thing, but natural selective one for building the borders and hierarchy (NOTHING is for no reason)- and nearly on 100% situations are caused by human's mistakes, misinterpretations and misunderstanding with other dogs.

Alert-19 by Exileden

Interesting video clip how their nature of brave fighter is like (someone uploaded a clip from documentary film):

The War Dogs.

Grønlandshunds are one of seven dog breeds that are considered as Military Dogs. They served a lot of important roles in World War 2 as  transportation, survival and alert dogs due to very strong working personalities and psyche. Today they are used only in Sirius Patrol. More of it will come.
1199311984 by Exileden


Did you know not a long time ago GH could've been an extinct animal? They used to share a terrible fate of being in the danger of extinction...
Since when the civilization from cities and people from south invaded Greenland, many of the dogs were killed for fur and for trades. They were killed alive for fur! Due to all chaos, many greenlandic villages and towns were provided with technology that can replace what dogs did, many of people lost respect to animals, treated them as an unimportant thing, the more of law was forming on this country the harder was to keep GH, and the whole thing has started the cruelty on dogs.
All we thought the slander was just in the past...

Not  a long time ago we got updated with the information that GH are yet, still killed or getting negative treatment (no water or food for weeks and chained forever). I plan to make a seperate article about all the research about the horrifying cruelty of the GH and how we are able to help. We shouldn't ignore this. I'll leave a link for the interested people, but beware, the pictures are VERY graphic... if you're very sensetive, I really recommend you to not view them...……

So, for whom is Grønlandshund?

For not everybody.

All of it is really a matter of your passion and love for GH and you'll consider them as the best friend. And understanding animals and canindaes very well. 
 Other than a beautiful passion or a greaaat knowledge about animals, wolves, behaviour and loving Greenland dogs in general, what is mostly required is strong discipline, dedication, a lot of responsibility, healthy/sporting people, strong self personality, physically strong and "yes-I-will-go-out-with-a-dog" in the rain. No excuses. 

GH  ar quite a smart dog and emotionally intelligent, so practically they learn things very quickly. Good things and bad things. Raising them is like having a small children and even you'll have many moments of downhills with your doh. You'll meet with many troublesome situations, despite you feel like you gave everything for your dog. But sooner or later, all the hard effort will be paid off. That dog will be the greatest companion for long hiking trips, spending in nature, best friend, help you in difficult times, for mushing career, you might turn your life into a dream... everything is in your hand and picking a right GH
Many people who started with a GH as companion dog has changed their lives. They changed many people's lifes in unexpected ways...
It's often said that Grønlandshund is the best wild friend for human.

Love and passion is not enough at all, like as I said it requires lot's of work but also to have right living conditions.

Some links

The Fan Hitch:
Greenland dog Base- the biggest GH database: (only Norsk language, use google translate)…
Greenland Dog photo gallery (Poland/Europe)
Video of working GH in greenland:…
Videos: (it's the mystery of famous Laila the climbing GH!)……

(will update more later)


(coming soon)

All photos which I used here aren't mine and are belonging to their owners. Sadly they were in my hard drive and collected long time ago so I no longer can find the source. Either, I used them for only education and no other goals.
Some texts, knowledge, quotes I gained from various books and mostly from GH mushers experience as well from my own- thanks to Andrzej Wilczopolski's quotes, Monika Stawowczyk, Herwig Schellauf and GH forums.

EDIT: I'd be grateful if anyone would kindly spot any gramatic mistakes in this text or even share with your knowledge.


Sat Oct 16, 2010, 8:47 AM
I'm off to England on early November (5-8 Nov) with awesome khaosdog and Lupinicious :D- mainly we're focusing to hit to the UK Wolf Conservation Trust and such other stuff!
We'll be in Reading area and as for the last day I'll be in London, of course I'll chill out with Tauregil

On Sunday, Nov. 7th, we'll hang around freely so if YOU want, you can come and meet with us! :D And we can figure some fun all together...

Lemme know! :P

I always feel so sorry for my lacking activity, and not replying lately as well taking less care to my friends online- bear with me- time and sickness is really stressing me out. Be patient, love for you all <3

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Collabissions- Kesame!

Tue Oct 12, 2010, 7:45 AM
Normally I'm not open for commissions but I'm going to open new two collabissions with my incredibly talented friend Kesame/Sullivan. It's going to be an interesting experience haha

We are offering only two slots of full colored illustrations of your choice- fully rendered and detailed character and full background and for an extra fee, we can do even more detailed character and background!

Digital Slot - 120$+
I'm doing the lineart and concept and Kesame is doing the digital coloring!
- base price includes fully rendered character. For the more detailed characters we charge an extra fee.
- includes full background- depending on theme. More complex and detailed and more epic scene, we'll charge more.
- extra additional character is 40$+ (depending how is detailed)

Traditional Slot 140$+
Kes is doing the lines with her great anatomy and I'm doing full detailed coloring by pencils and alcohols!
- base price includes fully rendered character. For the more detailed characters we charge an extra fee.
- includes full background- depending on theme. More complex and detailed and more epic scene, we'll charge more.
- extra additional character is 60$+ (depending how is detailed)


:bulletgreen: OPEN

:bulletgreen: OPEN

We're open to draw almost anything, such like animals, wolves, dragons, creatures, humans but no sexual/fetish/xxx please.
Please send to me a note if you're interested!

And please take a look Sullivan's/Kesame amazing art and sexy coloring if you have never seen before!……

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Mon Oct 11, 2010, 8:10 AM
I want to tell you a little story, is kind of creepy.
About haunting handicaped man.
Bear in mind, I don't have any proper writting skills.

Finally I managed somehow going on the sleddog competitions to sneak-peak what's going on and here I volunteered a help, especially it was close to my home- and by the way I raced for the first time with Arnaq. I never really race for sprints, I'm not fond of it. I'm rather a big fan of long mushing expeditions where the dogs were originaly created.
I could not start the race officialy because I skipped Saturday event because I had to go to school- so I started here for a test race. I got 50.3 No idea if that's good score or what.
But I'm really happy of Arnaq, I've learned a lot how she is working and probably I've got confirmed that she got best genes from Gimli, great father and one of champions from Greenland.
Plus also these competitions were charity-themed where we were helping disabled/handicaped people and kids from patological families and people with problems. I was representing them a Greenland dog since I was the only owner. It was fun to intergrate with non-healthy people since they were really open to everyone, easy to go, with no hatred and it was fun to help. Proud to be from Zaprzeg Zycia's Team (:

For bored people, random husky photos:………………

After competitions I had to go for meeting to the city. I was really tired, as usually I packed my Nikon camera, NDS, juice and some snacks.
Went to the bus.

And after some stops, someone went and sat above me. He was a handicaped man, about ~35 yers, kinda creepy looking and as far I could tell he was most likely mentally handicaped, probably deaf because he could not speak normally and used only sign language which I have  no idea with it and a white cane which is for blind people (but I can tell he was able to see well) but he was able fully to move very well and looked like healty people.

He with hand signs "asked me" to sit next to me. Simply I said yes and nodded.

I didnt expect that would go really creepy so far.

After I agreed with him, he thanked and "greeted" me with his creepy "rythm" movement (beating his fist on his chest several times, raising hand like a high five and shaking my hand strongly in two different poses(eventually once kissing on my hand which is weird old-english tradition)).  And then with sign language he was portraying that I was making photos from sleddog competitions... ooohhhh so that man WAS from sleddog competitions where I was volunteering and took a group photo, including him. I said "thank you" and asked him if he liked these races. It seems that didn't work since he could not understand what he said. I figured he must be completely deaf from the birth.
Then just I was sitting in a silence and staring on window in the bus.
Then that man started staring at me very creepily ALL THE time and very closely to my face. It was too close.
I got creeped really but I didn't want to move up because I don't want to hurt anyone, especially I have big tolerance to people with problems.
I stared back at him to look why he does that, he creepily smiled and greeted with IDENTICAL rythm as he did at beginning.
So  I decided that I'll just simply go out from the bus, pretending to him that I must leave (only 3 stops were left to my destination!). I asked him with my crappy sign that I must leave.
I standed above the doors. He too. I was all lolwut. Again he greeted me with his rythm! I thought so that was a concidence and he's leaving too. I said to him a goodbye, within of courtesy.

Got away from the bus. He too. I was waiting for next bus. He too.
You have no idea how creeped facial expression Ihad. He signed for somethning, but I could not understand what he tried to say. For some reason.. he can still see.. or something.. he wanted me to figure something?
Another bus came, I got in. He too. God, he was actually, following me.

I had to survive his creepy presence above me, standing so closely to me. I was trying to be polite the best as I could and.. on the destination, where we got off from the bus- I ran as fast as I could through fields to the metro/underground station. I'm athletic and sporty, so with jumping skills I somehow managed to run away from him as fast as I could.
I didn't look what's behind me back. I stopped to catch a breath on behind the metro station building and I was all flattered that I FINALLY got away from him. And I lifted my head to look around.....


That creepy man is above me.
He got to me in exactly same speed as I.
And "greeted" me with his rythm.

Holy crap. I could tell he's not absolutely athletic build and in comprasion with me who did parkour and running a lot?
My mind was all thrilled, full with haunting thoughts what really HE wants from me? By time he got creepier and creepier.
I was walking down through downstairs,he went above me, and started asking me for something. He as usually creepily "greeted" me, but this time every after greeting, after one second, he was automaticaly turning back to me and greeting again. 3 times in one minute. I told him enough and we already did the greeting many times, and if he could leave me alone. He didn't understand/listen me and greeted again.. and creepily clinging to me. Totally like a zombie or bot, I can swear.

When the train with six coaches was appearing, I noticed he was positioning to get in the same wagon which I'm going to get in. I changed my position to get on another. He did too.
We went to the train, I was all panicked and confused of haunting man, I picked up my cursed old key to metro which I've kept as memorial after hijacking actions from the past- I went though the forbidden doors which were connecting two seperate wagons and with those keys I was able to open and get onto another wagon and lock the doors.
I felt so relieved. Passangers were confused but I didn't care. All what I cared that finally.. I got off from him. He wasn't able to get to me as long as I'm able to get on unreachable places for passangers.  You have no idea how I was damn happy and relieved. I thought that underground is more of my world from my dark past where, merely, I still can control it. I felt safe.

Then I saw he wanted to get on my wagon once the train stops- but Marymont station was my destination and where I meet my friend.. at least I wouldn't be alone with my nigthmarious escape anymore.

I escaped off from the train like crazy and searched around the station to find my damn friend. Desperately txting on phone to her and I didn't want to look behing being haunted that he must be following me. I found her and told a story to her and we looked around where is that creepy man.

And he was nowhere found....

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Tue Oct 5, 2010, 11:00 AM
Iiiiiii've started school. After long searching for uni, hoping and giving up with Los Angeles' school, lots of stress, finally I'm attending to really small school called "Labirynth" of crazy art- I'll be focusing on the comic development art and concept section.. and as usually, I feel always uncomfortable when I'm new to the class. Tana, come to me!
...however I got worse setback with health issues and for last month I've been fighting and I'm really hoping it won't ruin my dreams.

dA wise, you'll expect hopefully something new from me.
It's the time for changes.
And october is for that.
(excluding Poke-art and silly doodles!)

Did you know I'm working on a comic book with :iconkhaosdog:?
We have great expections of our comic project, it'll be quite different than the most comics - it'll feature really deep and dramatic storyline mainly with new and unique style of comic.... hopefully on this month we'll have something, at least very small part to show!
And another project with :iconalectorfencer:, which is still a mystery for now :D

Grrr.. broken keyboard is really an asshole issue for me and writting anyting is really huge burden for me. I know, I still owe EuroFurence report.. I might do when it's fixed. So I apologize for my lacking responsing.

Also, as important information to commissioners- due to my schedule I'd like to take a month and half break from commission orders- I really need to focus on the art school and my personal projects and then I'll return back to finish my remaining commissions (on the right there is a list) and hopefully finish all of them asap.
So by that means I wont be open for commission for really long time. (maybe just only small ones)
But either, about commissions.. you STILL can get wonderful commissions from:

The group Lapansatoo which consists of Illustration students from The One Academy, Malaysia, is accepting commissions in order to raise funds for their graduation exhibition in Dec 2010. Requests will be open until mid November 2010, pls read… for more info. Hope you can give them your support for students, thankhoyous!

Some of the group's works:
City of Colours by Wolfie-chamaScarlet Devil by Nyki90
Scubaman by slumberusGood or Evil? by poibutsGemma by xe-linn


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I went to a big media/book store in my country. Blowing out all shelves of various the most popular magazines representing about games, hobbies, films, art... yeah art.
What I see?
Many various amazing magazines about the art. Digital art. Tutorials, interviews with great artists, features, game/movie art and designs, guides... I normally would dream to spot a magazine like this but with Traditional Art.
Where we could learn and explore horizons wider with non-making-on-the-screen-art, discover new modern techniques and as well where many talented and young artists who are masters with art by using traditional medium more than digital, could get a face visible worldwide being featured. Being able to share the beauty and mystery with traditional art.

I am writting this, being as fan of both mediums- traditional because it's what I was raised with and digital where I'm really interested in exploring this new-age medium- I wanted to take a notice of a problem that in our actual world, where technology and computers are domitating, traditional art is fading out behind digital. And why?

We see more digital art as dominating over traditional.
Digital artist will get a job faster than traditional.

It's like, the power of the internet and computer and digital technology- as an example for comprasion, like we (many people) don't need to go outside, talk and play with friends in real life because we are enough entertaining much talking with friends, plus maaany people around the globe via internet. So why bother too much going outside? [facebook domination- I bet you already heard about obsessive issues with facebook] And it same goes with that, we can work via internet without going to the office/working place. It similar works with Digital, instead to have pieces done on paper, having on the screen is now dominated.

And so it goes, where the problem lies with typing that Digital is over than Traditional... that's how is featured and exposured by media. Yes, it's what I wrote at beginning.
You can find many amazing famous magazines about digital art (Computer Arts, FXimage etc.), and many young artists are featured there and where they find great successes with job and companies. To be discovered (an artist) with your talent of a digital art, only a shout in media is needed. You can get work and fame -> more young artists are going and evolving with digital than traditional. It's a way.
Except magazines, there is a famous EXPOSÉ book where they feature the best ONLY DIGITAL ARTISTS and trhere where a young digital artist can find a career and good way in their life. Another main factor is an internet and art communities...

DeviantART---> Digital Art.
DeviantART is undoubly the world's most famous art community and believe me, it has incredibly huge influence to art. As being long-time member of dA, with my freetime I often lurk what's going on and such, by all observing official dA news, presentations, films and parties- definitely dA itself features in majority digital art [in Artgerm's type]. Not a bit, but a LOT in comprasion to the traditional. Go to dA tumblr and there are only two traditional arts while whole this gallery is owned by digital/photography artists, myself I submitted several well made traditional art suggestions and none of them made on it...!
I really wish official dA could pay better attention on traditional art.

And YES.
Traditional art can be on level as digital is. It can be as modern as digital. You can create 2D art for game industries, movies, tattoos and designs where majority digital is used.
From my long-time observations what traditional art is getting an attention of many people is stylized one. People don't look for typical traditional paintings or drawings where stroke of characteristic pencil is shown painted on canvas, maybe they look for more modern stroke and closer what digital creates.
If we archeive on amazing level with traditional, with it's own unique style where people might think that you used digital art to create this piece.. and here now it get's more amazing because you tell that is created by all traditional medium, which causes more their jawdrop!
Not by paintings like legendary artists like Kyoth with heavy details and realistic universe and framed with ancient frames. By more stylized, modern and unique- that's what majority of the people are looking for. Since like I said internet and media are the power, where they need art is for designs, banners, websites, their comics, character references, tattoo designs, games and such.

From my own experiences this art:… and which is typically stylized new-age traditional art. I've been asked by many people if that's digital art. That art style like this or Moo Moo Shizuzakka sells very well, I've got so many various commissions not only from private clients but from companies as well- I wanted to mark in comprasion my full-BG, heavily detailed and really realistic art gets actually no attention. It's not what currently people want in our world. WildSpiritWolf, ursulav etc. are an examples of successful stylized  and trendy traditional artists.

Another advantage of digital art, since we are in hasty world and in a hurry, is that doesn't require much- only computer and tablet are main physical requirements, while in traditional artists need to fly from shop to shop getting many brushes, markers, paints and even crazy massive airbrush system and get- a massive space to be able keep stuff and work.
What's the most beautiful in tradtional art are equipments itself. We are in new age, so there are stereotypes that traditional art equipment is old-aged and wooden brushes are things... not what now, we prefer electronic glowing pens. No. We here have AMAZING new stuff. There are great pencils with neat designs such like Polychromos and using them is like a magic, magical copics, vibrant and perfume-looking brillant watercolors and airbrush is really new interesting equipment.... and alcohols. What is beautiful, is hunting for equipments! Quinneys and I are huge fans and our favourite thing is hunting for art materials. You can smell paints, touch magical pencils and paper while via screen you cannot.
And the best part are physical experiments, using alcohols and paints and BOOM all your room is in paint.

Due to everything what I wrote, on the final conclusion- Traditional Art needs to be supported and featured more- that tradtional can be on amazing trendies as digital.
Another aspect is... I've browsed many the most popular traditional artists of our actual era (on dA and internet) but they are themselfes.. inactive. Many of them just stopped evolving their amazing new-modern traditional technique, just showed to post the picture and went away. And many of them were just digital artists in majority but they decided just to scribble something on traditional just once for a long time and don't help to evolve this medium. That's all how it ends.
In picking another conclusion, we have too few traditional artists with pure blood who are evolving it's style.

On a side note: the furry community.
I'll say that mostly traditional art which is still remaining on fair level is in animal community on Art Conventions, especially traditional one on very traditional level, where realistic fur stroke may cause jawdrop of furry attenders. It's all because they all represent art from old times, renesance (lol sorry I don't really remember well the history of art- correct me if I am wrong), steampunk, traditionally drawn and painted in usual style (not modernistically stylized) with very charasteristic elements are ancient frames. That's the only exception, but that's complete seperated world and doesn't influence on reality. Eurofurence and cons are like a magic realm, once you enter... I feel we got in fantasy world to the past.

"Digital art- you have unlimited possiblities, but the only limit is your creativity. But with the traditional art, creativity and experiments do have wider horizons than digital, however we're limited with our exactly expections and what we want to create. Traditional art is like a ghost".

To underline clearly what I'm writting is not absolutely to prove that Traditional Art is better and down digital, heck no! Absolutely I'm NOT debating which is better. Both mediums are different in some ways and digital cannot replace traditional completely neither traditional as well. There are SO many factors and things which traditional absolutely cannot replace digital. They both are useful in each different way. What mainly I am talking, it's just the digital art is way overrated and it's clearly plunging traditional slowly away from our realm- it's also beacuse of stereotypes that traditional art is outdated by many people and we need a new technology. That's what people are thinking. Digital, electronics, technology...
.. not at all, believe me non-digital stuff can archeive on good level. Like clotches, we wear traditional clotches, not electronic... or what the heck it would be! :D

All of it is just my opinion, based on my long researches and articles. So, feel free to post your opinions. I really want to open this issue, and what we could do to get traditional art on a better audience? Help it to evolve onto new levels and horizons?
I would love to submit this text on news and, eventually, I hopefull can reach to staff to help spreading about it. DA promised to keep traditional art on same level as digital. Yes.

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They're looking for YOU...

Sun Sep 19, 2010, 3:16 PM
Just shortly, those dogs could not find any home or even a chance to find in our country. We, as team were working on concepts with other adoptions worldwide, to get chances helping them more effectively.. adoptions on international area.

These dogs are victims of human's job.
Not planned litters without fixing a dog, husky trend propaganda, treating a dog as more an toy than soulbrother and breeding for business...
.. not much is left for them..

... help them to find a right place to live!

Shon - the half blind one.………

He's a fantastic and a young mix of husky.. with one eye. He lost his eye on his accident, however living with his impariance is absolutely no problem for him. He can see as well as normal and healthy dogs.. and can see through his own heart.
And he's waiting for a new home for long time...
Not everyone is willing to open their heart for one-eyed beautiful beast...

Shon is a mix of husky and is quite strong and healthy psychically- it's a kind of a dog for ONLY active people. He's able to run, do sports(only recreational) and wonderful companion for hiking trips.
Shon has safe and very friendly attitude to all people, however towards other dogs requires more work, effort and time to accept them- because in the past he might lost his eye in a fight with other dog.  Shon has very strong hunting insticts, and is extremaly prone to hunt animals. That's why, on open teritority (forests, fields) he must walk on leash. His personality is like in typical working husky or a wolfdog, with very strong character- where owner must be absolute Alpha to him. Negative and agressive training methods will affect him badly which is absolutely not recommended, especially mentally which would be very hard to fix.
Shon is not easy dog to live with- he'd require a lot of work, patience and lots of love. The hard work with him- a friendship with THIS dog would a wonderful experience and will be paid greatly. Nothing can be such beautiful for the owners, if he'll get into right hands.
He's still young, strong, energic and happy but while closed in his kennel without activity, he'll die slowly. Firsly mentally. Then later he'll disappear.
Every dog needs a bit of freedom and move - but this one cannot live without it.

Czinuk (Chinook)

Czinuk is a beautiful and typical Siberian Husky male, approx. 5 years old. Very friendly towards people and most of other dogs (females prefered). His personality is typical for siberian husky, on dogwalk he typically shows sleddog activity. He is able to do recreational sports. He gets very well with females along, but males is a bit worse.

What about the Transport?

We are able to export dog almost worldwide- depending on a location, we'll make sure. The  adopting person is covering transport costs and it's not heavenly expensive, however if there is any need- I can offer my time and effort to escort a dog via being transported directly to you. About details, we can discuss.
Dog location: POLAND, EUROPE

Gah, I so wish could help them, but I can't give them a home...

But you still can help! Spread these dogs to everywhere else, facebook, dA, other websites, or find if any other people might be interested which you know! We'd be happy just for that! But remember we want to contact directly to that person, not by someone.

This is only for serious interests.
If you are interested in adopting one of them, please contact with me, I'll explain you a few basics and I'll give to you a direct contact (email or Skype) to a right person from "HuskyAdoptions" and for the rest they'll contact with you.

Any Questions?

- "Zaprzeg Zycia" team.

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Wed Sep 15, 2010, 9:43 AM
Dogs are our link to paradise.
They don't know evil or jealousy or hate.
To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring - it was peace.

-Milan Kundera, poe and writer

One of the best and very true quotes ever I heard.

People, that quote is NOT regarding directly about the dog. It's kind of a metaphore. It considers about how human is complicated with it's own emotions, feelings, desire, overreact and miss simple things.
Hate. Jealousy. Propaganda. Grudge. Greed. And many others.
If you do something wrong, they'll remember. If you do something good, they'll remember for short time and forget.
Most people just love focusing on bad things more than good causes. Simply of an exapmple is drama on dA- everyone is appearing and focusing on it.
Very often, nonsensual issue is, human's jealously. If they, even you both don't know with them and you did NOTHING to them, they will grudge against you because simply are jealous of success archeived by you (like well drawing, great dancer etc). No matter what good causes you're trying to do, they will want just prove that you are worthless.
Spreading black rumors about others is simply a greed and egoism, because you want to feel you're saint and others are worst. Can't you spread good causes which will help effectively improving than wasting time on rumors?

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Fri Jul 30, 2010, 5:16 PM
I'm fine.
It was hard. Just needed to have a rest.
Thank you for all comments and support.
And yes, Zaprzeg Zycia will move again.
I'll write about it more in further- we'll have funeral and our Last Road for Ewa on Monday. That's our last mission. The saddest part is how Ewa's family is suffering of tragedy... but  more about it, will come later.
And I wanted to tell how it was wonderful experience and it changed me a lot begin in charity organization.. and just to be able to help someone.

And yeah, I activated my Facebook account... I never really was interested in this (I created it earlier, but as usually I abandoned it), but I thought to run it active as I heard lot positive about it. I always wanted to spam with photos or something non-art related stuff but I didn't want to overuse my dA... and eventually I have in plan to put funny comics here. We'll see...
It's open for some people:… If you want to add me, LET ME know who are you that would help me recongize you. Most of stuff will be only for friends.
EDIT: Eww,  I'm so clueless with FB! I thought it works like LJ, but no... so, if we know fairly each- let me know though message! And I'll add you.
And no offence if I wont add you.. I want to be fair with whom I know and have a right distance.

Oh I so want badly Red Dead Redemption.
Damn, probably it's gonna be one of my most favourite games ever.
btw: Any other game suggestions?

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Tue Jul 27, 2010, 1:38 PM
I know. I was supposed to be on hiatus.
But what happened today, totally crushed me..

Ewa Uba has passed away today at 19:01 (27 July 2010)



To make a story short:
Ewa was our friend, she was a fantastic woman and precursor of mushing in Poland.
About year ago, she had a cancer. For whole year she was fighting dramatically with her cancer. A very dark story.
But, Eskimoteam and co. did run Zaprzeg Zycia, amazing little charity organization of Light- to help Ewa to fight with cancer and support financialy with her life tragedy. Our Zaprzeg Zycia had very successful and many picnics organized in all around of Poland.
This year, ZZ got in my hands. Many artists and I were supporting Ewa by doing amazing art. On EF I planned to display ZZ special art gallery.
And we had in plans to organize next splendid ZZ picnics in Norway and the final and most beautiful, massive one somewhere in Poland.. it was my dream to organize.. but I always wondered will Ewa survive to Autumn..
We, our all friends and mushers were financialy and spiritualy supporting her.. it was such beautiful fight.. doing all together. We were pretty positive to win, everything was going well.
Thanks to commissioners from dA from financial support to get AC for Ewa because heat waves were dangerous for her.. everything was great...
Today at morning, I got informed that her health went so  dramaticaly down.
I was drawing a new art of Lightbringers and Darknessbringers fighting together..
.. and she has passed away. Light has faded. Our Zaprzeg Zycia, the light sled dogs has lost the battle with darkness.

Sorry, I'm extremaly crushed and so sad and whole my body is shaking. Thank you everyone for help. Thank you.

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charity commission- urgent!

Sun Jul 11, 2010, 12:32 PM
Quick stuff:

Right now I'm on Vacations, so means I have very limmited access to the internet. And to people who're waiting for my original art- it will take awhile since I'm not at home and I can't ship.

Also, quickly, I want to take one charity Zaprzeg Zycia's commission. Ewa, the woman who is fighting with her cancer, needs very desperately an AC, because really heat waves got hit our country. We have 36 celsius, and heat is killing Ewa, even if she is doing well with fighting with her cancer!


And Enaxn better hold me very strongly because... because... arghh,... I want... toto kill sraki... HEAR ME, ENNY??

Warm love from Jurata Isle for everyone!!

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The Group of Zaprzeg Zycia is set on live!

I want to give this group in good hands. I already explained in the last journal.
So, I'm looking for a staff- mods and admins for this group.
:iconmoonsongwolf: is part of this group.

I'm looking for active and responsible people who would lead this group well.
Fairly good in english, skills in writting (look at me, Im bad with grammar lol), communicating and creative people with ideas and suggestions.
No, no I dont really expect omguberawesum people, just fairly enough.
Just that we all could make a great group and great pre-cursor Charity Group on deviantART.

Once I get the staff, we shall discuss the plan for this group. There will be some contests, a blog about Ewa how her battle with cancer is going, ZZ actions, interviews with great artists who helped etc.
Of course everyone is welcomed to watch it etc. So everyone who did art for ZZ, you can submit to this group!

If you want to be part of this group, moderate or administrate, PLEASE post here a comment, tell about yourself and what you can do etc.

BTW: NO, it's not a group for mushers or anyone who has a knowledge with mushing or sled dogs. ANYONE can. It's just only sleddog themed, because mushers started doing charity actions. It's all about helping and art.. and fairly if you love animals :3

IF you dont know what is Zaprzeg Zycia and what my project is about, SEE HERE:…

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ZZ Group? + SHOP

Fri Jun 25, 2010, 8:24 AM
First of all, huge thanks for those who are wanting to lend a helping hand.

After what MoonsongWolf told me, the dAGroup of Zaprzeg Zycia (if you havent heard, please read here:…) would be an excellent idea and everyone would post art there done for ZZ. Here would be informations of this action, what we did and to whom we helped etc.
Sounds like neat idea, and even I thought doing more, like an interviews with famous artists who offered a help for ZZ giving their an amazing art which would be great honor for themselves, and honored thanks (and prizes!) to great people (no matter what is their art level!) who helped for ZZ etc.

However, knowing me I might not have time to take care with group. I already OWE you LegendaryCreatures group, I let it to starve. Gahh, I feel so guilty. So I'd like to give ZZ group be in hands of responsible people, who would administrate this group (and I'd be just a headmaster). I have always many good ideas but I'm horrible with fullfiling them, I tend forgetting and due to lacking time.. so yeah, I'd like to call for couple of resonsible and active people who would lead this ZZ group. I'd have to educate you what is going in ZZ that you would be aware what it is and what is going and updating with main informations.

What we are looking responsible, active, offering ideas and with good in communicating people. We want to show an excellent example of group. (bear in mind, I wont be active in this group, besides iobserving, informing and communicating)
I think I'd need like two or three candidats. And I have quesion, do Zaprzeg Zycia group should be named in Polish Zaprzeg Zycia or english Sleddog of Life? Or different renaming? (Zaprzeg- means a sleddog, dogs pulling sleds with musher and Zycia- is a naming form of Zycie (Life in english) and is used when we want to name something.) Comment if you're interested!

Zaprzeg Zycia would be not only helping to Ewa who has cancer, but also to other people and abandoned sled dogs.
Probably I with adoption team of Spitz in Poland- we want to do International Adoptions of spitzs. But about more, later- now let's focus on our little first step.
And I'll try to promote this group via higher dA admit staff to help spread this group- because I want to show that we can help others, not only creating groups because we are fan of something. Very few people are starting some charity actions and helping others. It's said.. we wont change world but we can change ourselves- and that's basic.

Also, I'm pretty suprised that audience and ideas for ZZ is pretty low. I'm suprised more people are interested in my loss of my bike and Zelda rant lol.  Also, yes I was testing if any of good artists or people with good audience would be interested in this, but sadly no (besides my close friends). I'm very happy that many people wanted to offer their art support for sale but I want to convice those *high artists* to join in actions like this, because by their amazing audience they could spread this word and their little amazing piece of art could help a lot. Really a lot. Very few artists uses their great audience and art for good cause, not only for themselves... So here, I am starting from myself.
Quinneys, MoonsongWolf and KristenPlescow joined to Collabs section- and big thanks that they want to offer an individual pieces of art for ZZ as well! <33

I've opened my shop of my merchandise stuff, some remaining originals which I can sell, prints and items for charity. From time to time please visit because I might set up new stuff: (you can place an order via bigcarter (dont worry about Polish Paypal, it's only direction to payment) or via note!)

And finally! In charity art section finally I put stuff for Zaprzeg Zycia! Some great prints and limited framed ZZ prints:…

And this art is on auction! Please generously bid your offers. The higher offer you can help more:

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Lend your a hand for fading Light.

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 23, 2010, 2:59 AM

I have very urgent message to everyone. Please read below:

Zaprzeg Zycia (means "Sleddog of Life") is a little charity organization with unique atmosphere organized by some people with heart- which is focusing to help people who are in tragic life situation, fighting with cancer and helping abandoned sled dogs. We started helping and supporting Ewa Uba- a woman, a musher who is fighting with her cancer and is in very tragic situation.
It's not a sponsored or big organization, but is held by friends- with their own time, energy and finances they sacrificed for Zaprzeg Zycia to help Ewa. Isn't that beautiful when people and friends are helping disinteresly and doing everything to save someone's life?

Also what is unique with ZZ (Zaprzeg Zycia) and it's team- here, mushing in our country is getting more popular and we Poland are most successful on international ring specializing in Sprint Racings organized by WSA. Sadly, in effect the self ego of mushers grow stronger and stronger. Most mushers who race, did not put a helping hand to anything- they are extremaly focused for winning races or getting best dogs and get the fame. Those mushers who runned ZZ are ones who are not racing on official sprint racings, not interested in winning and ones who are supporting true mushing with long distances. Many people (non-mushers) do see mushing very often badly, like on people whom desire to win races and fame.
We, ZZ, want to show that mushing isn't about to sprint race and using dogs to win, but we want to show we are part of family, animals make us as better people not creating ego and especially- raising a helping hand, like how it happens in Alaska and in Arctic Circle.

So, in previous year where Zaprzeg Zycia was born, we successfuly organized several party picnic in some places in Poland such like Warsaw and Gdansk, and it ended with great success, we had mushing attractions, picnics, concert and fun- and all money which we collected went to Ewa. You can see photos from Warsaw's one!…
Not only by organizing picnics but we are seeking other ways for funds and help...

However. Right now Zaprzeg Zycia has stood on the edge in danger to fall off from cliff.
Things went more difficult. Funds are shrinking and life is going away. Everyone believed in ZZ which would run again in this new year but probably it's going to end the cycle. Ewa is ending her living cycle too, dark cancer is stronger than light in power of ZZ.

We have a great chance to lead Zaprzeg Zycia alive.
We can draw.
We may not have dogs and ride on sleds, but we can bring a life in drawing.
Itself drawing has a big worth and meaning.

I'm calling artists with a heart who would be willing be a little part of ZZ by doing art and sell on charity auctions, thanks to fund we could help ZZ continue running. How you can help

1. I'm seeking for good artists who would be willing doing official Collaborations for Zaprzeg Zycia with me. The originals will be represented on auctions (if we can keep ZZ running alive, they would be represented in Eurofurence) and I thought doing an album of Collabs for sale with pictures of collabs and extra infos about artists + photography.
Khaosdog and me, did successful painting who is symbolizing a running light of ZZ:
The Lightbringers by Exileden

Current artist's list:
khaosdog - done, "Lightbringers"
MorRokko - done (will upload later)

If you're an artist with good art and willing to participant in this, by lending a helping hand- please send to me a note. Sorry I'm very limited with collabs.

2. Artists from all around world can draw a painting or illustration can draw (it can be sculpting etc) and offer art for sale for ZZ. I don't care how good artist you're, but the art should be done in right quality standards and as the best as you can. Once the website will be up, pictures will be for sale. However, you would have to send the original to me and I'll be carrying album of originals for ZZ. YOU dont need to send a note to me, just note me when you're done with picture- but questions, comment below this journal.

Theme for art is sled-dog related as the most prefered, but it can be wolves or other animals-themed. Art doesn't needs to be realistic but it can be surreal with nice meaning, like Lightbringers which shows a hope of light breaking through darkness.

Deadline? There is no specific deadline, but we would love to get art as soon as possible because every day counts of life! Would be good if we could manage get art done for middle of July.

3. For non-artists, you can support us by purchasing our art/stuff for ZZ. There will be displayed originals of collabs for ZZ on auctions, prints, original art from people who were participanting and other stuff. I plan to run line of framed Lightbringers prints for now.

4. You can spread this journal. <3

Any other ideas, suggestions are welcomed!

My dream would be to organize artistic Zaprzeg Zycia-devmeet somewhere outside of Poland. But we'll see, if many artists can reunite together and we can lead living own ZZ, someday we could organize ZZ in real... but on the other hand, I'm working to have allowance for ZZ in Eurofurence at least ;)
So yes, let's see if we all around the world can help each together! Thank you for reading, commenting and supporting!

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Quiz Answer

Sun Jun 20, 2010, 5:13 PM
Those quizs were interesting, especially reading comments what people think who are those canines.
Oookay, to not tease you and hiding in mystery- I'll announce an aswer right now below...

THIS DOG… Quiz 1 was actually hardest to guess and actually only khaosdog and Nimrais gave a right answer within thousands answers.

Another dogs from Quiz 2… and Quiz3… were much easier, easiest was from Q3 where a bit more people gave right answer.

But the answer is only one.
All in photos there is only one breed represented.

Those all mysterious dogs were undoubtly, pure Greenland dogs.

Suprising? :D

The goal of my quiz-polls was absolutely not to fool you, absolutely no- therefore, I wanted introduce you all to very rare and legendary breed Greenland dog which is originally called Gronlandshund :D (GH in short) and about this, I will feature an article about them in next journal with nice photo album.
And more, I wasn't expecting anyone to shot a RIGHT answer which is GH but I was just guessing about everyone's knowledge. I lead reasearchs about GH for GH club and that poll was just a little test- I know the most people there are Americans and GH is NOT recongized in AKC, so it's like that breed is not existing in USA (which is BIG sadness) and more people knew about GH were Europeans (mostly from Germany) so that's important point for me. Europeans and Americans do have different views regarding about northern breed dogs- that would be interesting but later about it.

On Q1 many people thought it's a Siberian Husky- but honestly, he looks absolutely NOTHING like as for Siberian. Body anatomy is different, head shape and especially fur type.
Another is malamute- but I'd say the only Malamute-esque thing is head but again fur and slim-esque body makes nothing like malamute. Plus I never seen malamute with reddish locus pigment fur.
Many guess were about sled dog mix and alaskan husky- it's okay, if I wouldn't know about GH much I'd say same XD. And most shocking and suprising answer and there was really high percentage- so damn many people thought thats a wolfdog :omg:
Really, a fluffy fur, triangle shaped ears, white paws and sleeky muzzle makes immediately OMG THATS WOLFDOG? (I'll move this thread further below)
GH is a dog with "universal" looking, shape and pigment. I've met many GH and most were in such huge contrast different to each, but I'd say thats clearly a GH because of characteristic fur: which huskies, nor malamutes and even wolves dont have. Their fur structure may vary but that "khaotic" one was typical for wild GH from Arctic Cricle and head shape with neck is very GH-esque.

About Wolfdogs.

I spoke a lot with Starcanis who is working in Wolf Sanctuary and she has amazing knowledge about wolves and wolfdogs. As I observed, really many people get fooled or do think- dog with pointy ears and sleek body and long paws and fluffy fur- this is a wolfdog! And more, more people are fooling others, "look I have a wolfdog" even in a fact that dog is NOT wolfdog but looks like. I wont write much, but you know how is *cool* to have a dog with wolf inside and tell everyone "omg I has teh wolfdog"

In America wolfdogs are so popular, and they can be mixed with many types of dogs. To educate lookings and how wolfdog should look like, is there:……

So yes, to cheat someone with dog "that's a wolfdog" is very easy, sadly. Snowie and I were talking about really illegal kennels who breed wolfdogs but in fact those are NOT wolfdogs. With massive cheat they sell puppies for 700$ which is crazy.. yeah crazy. Or some people were talking with me, were presenting "I have a wolfdog", and I see begin all "uh, looks like a dog but has features like a wolf by a little.. where did you got?" and the person said "I found him straying". SO yes, I'm very sure that was imaginated by person- and just because dog look like wolfdog absolutely doesnt make him as wolfdog.
I WILL believe that's a wolfdog, is where the person got from real source- real wolfdog kennel or some special wolfdog places like sanctuary (wolfdogs dont have a pedigree but from right source there should be sort of agreement or document proving that).

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Ninetndo, I am so dissapointed.

Tue Jun 15, 2010, 2:08 PM
Zelda: Skyward Sword.

All my expections about most amazing and finally true, real, powerfull Wii Zelda got ruinded down deeply. Nintendo teased us and kept in secred with new Zelda for a WHOLE year. They posted most amazing new Zelda illustration year ago and this teased us with greatness of mystery. For. Whole. Year.
So many news were said that'd be completely new and different Zelda.
A perfect Zelda.

I must say, I'm not super happy with Twilight Princes but I'll admit that was well made and beautiful Zelda but too short game and storyline was lacking (save princess and kill ganon). TP style is speechless, amazing concepts of twilight, Link wolf and that'sprobably ultimate traditional Zelda story. Majora's Mask is my number one most favourite game, with most original and craziest Zelda concept. Thats the ony game which does not involves stupid resquing princess, amazing creepy and dark style with intense colors, sad story, crazy masks and three-day concept (very KH esque :D).

When I saw this artwork: I immediately sensed that would be most amazing game.. and it totally reminded me of Majora's Mask. Finally I thought Im going to reach my dreams to finally see MM-like Zelda.…

Chaotic, and what caught my eye were very intense and dark colors. Crazy reds, unmatching color palette, and very dark shading. It's like Twilight Princess mixed with Majora's Mask- epic realism of TP mixed with craziness of MM sounded so epic. Link. Looked most mature and we everyone guessed that would be most mature Link in Zelda ever. And logo, steel-cold letters instead red traditional letters. That sounded like something new than just Zelda. Notice, most Zelda games do have red letters but MM had purple. Maybe it expresses somethin *new* than what usually?

And there wwere a lot of informations (BESIDES rumours) from interview that team wanted to do completely truly NEW Zelda. With something "alternated" game play system than usually. They were referencing a lot to MM, as something "new" and kind of Zelda Gaiden. And that was about to be the most perfect ZElda game...

Now E3 came and I knew thats finally a day where new Zelda is going to be revealed.

God. I wish that I am dreaming.

Itself name really sucks... is weird. Sounds little way too amateur. Yet, I wont judge too much because we dont know whole concept of it but the first impression- is important because title tells a lot of main plot or source in Zelda. Sword is boring word, it happens all the time in Zelda, and yet again we have to hear stories with sword..
And the most sucky thing is.. logo. Ugliest ZElda logo EVER. I thought that was joke. It looks like fan-made logo.…
Mostly I point on Skyward Sword letters, that baby-shiny blue font in childlish style absolutely doesnt suit with whole logo. Background is extremaly boring, but maybe it tells about ZElda Origins stories? I hope that logo is still beta. The best impression made Twilight Princess logo.

Next, about style in game- that's the thing which I am so so so so dissapointed.  CELL SHADED! Half cell shaded. Omg. Seriously, another Zelda for kids?
I'll admit I dearly hated Wind Waker style. It had no atmosphere of feeling, so fake world, it didnt plunge me into game because of epic fake world and so damn childlish. WW was acceptable, but later when Ninny decided to make lots of sub-zelda's in WW style... enough. Enough. I hated more. It destroys characteristic creepy atmosphere in Zelda games.
Whole new Zelda looks half cell shaded and half TP styled. It sucks dearky, and DESIGNS. Monsters are totally WW styled, childlish. Totally. And WORLDS.
You can see gallery above:…
Look at that Winney-the-Pooh styled fucking tree, wow. I do not approve winney-the-pooh style in this.

"This style of quasi-realism does not look great on the aging Wii hardware."

I saw all gameplay trailers and style looks extremaly low as foe Wii enginee. Amazing realistic TP style is only on GameCube enginee, so on Wii we expected for something more epic!.. but, fail. Looks even worse.

And at the end.. Link looks damn fucking the worst.. sorry I have no words how again Im disa. Looks like totally 14 year old girl. Why kids again? Artwork itself is awesome, new style is impressive and thats watercolor(!) but fucking dammit why they made him into girly gay?

Generally, that new Zelda is far and far away from what we expected from Poster. On poster was supposed to be creepy and darkish Zelda, with mature looking link and "something new", but we see childlish link and colorful a la Disney esque world? Please tell me, that was a joke on E3.

I'm extremaly sad. It was MOST antipacting game EVER for me. Extreme disappointed.  But still on good news, thats still a tester BUT I doubt that they would change whole style :/
I love E3 so much, so many news - both happy and unhappy. But this time it striked me strongly..


I'm not completely bashing and judging OMG THAT WILL BE BAD ZELDA- there is no time to judge that game until we'll finish playing it. The first impressions are important. Yes I do expect that's beta, demo and tester BUT many and many demos are showing the most of *outcome* of new game. Some years ago, the first major announcement for TP on E3 was splendid. Zelda always announced splendid testers, demos and trailers and out of most of demo trailers style most likey shall stay as is shown. I'm worried that cell-shade style will stick and I'm worried about this. I'm judging as the first impressions and visually- impressions are bad as far and Im comparing to great expections from the Poster- how game and poster looks far and far different each. I'm Zelda gamer since I was very little child and I have high expections of this game... especially when Ninny says that is going to be the most perfect Zelda? Impressions are not cool. I didn't judge whole gameplay and story, we know NOTHING about story- I'm looking so forward!


Also, seriously they shouldn't really do cell shaded anymore, or even realistic- I was looking for a new style. Judging by artwork and main poster, it has very paintery, artistic and unique style. What artwork represents, maybe that would be a soltuion for new style? Like shading would be based on Color Theory rules, instead typical using black as shadow. I havent seen any Color Theory based shading in game yet.
Notice previous Zelda games: TP had artwork based on more dark style which suited well in game, WW toony style same goes in game, MM with intense and dark colors suited in game etc. so in demo style does not suits with artwork.
I'm guessing and really hoping that game which is shown is really hard beta tester and demo- where majority style could change. I noticed on E3 they represented Motion Plus movements and effects of Wiilot in Zelda as major point, not game itself. So maybe it's just hardcore beta? Also Zelda show on E3 did fail, Wiimote did not work as they expected etc. So maybe staff was in hurry and did quickly cell cover to show game and later will be changed? And date of game release is moved on later and I expect it will be moved many times.
I dont strike out completely that game, I still believe something will be out of it... just that sounds too fishy at all.

EDIT2: I noticed in SS both Master Sword and Hylian's Shield is based on classic OoT designs. Does it means something? I saw this extremaly ugly small artwork of this:… and I noticed itself Link has brough classic looking from 2D zelda (dark pants). Itself sucky logo's back is a typical sign of Hyrule... so I seems to expect nothing new and unique with zelda but probably a presequel of Zelda origins. That's my guess.

EDIT3: Onto good news, we found that game will not be *actually* stupidly cell-shaded. They said the newest Zelda will have a new style, referred to Impressionism- that would be rather a 'living painting' and they still have to work on this for quite time. That now explains a LOT. Referring to poster which has very artistic and oil paintery style, and then official link artworks are watercolor-y. Impressionism is a style which mainly focus of crazy brush strokes and color palette.

Bear in mind- there is NO war between "New Zelda Sucks" and "New Zelda FTW". Here we respect everyone's opinions.

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Terms of Service

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 6, 2010, 9:29 AM
Terms of Service

Commission Policy

1. Commissions and Prices
Please check here: (currently there are no commission pricing and infos- I'm updating with new commission system. Will announce when is ready! :])
The prices of commissions may vary (these are examples and estimated prices), please contact with me if you want fully estimated price of your desired commission.

To order a commission, please send a note on deviantART or email to: leonheart (at)

2. Payment
I accept payment preferred via PayPal. Other forms of payments such like snail mail  or bank transfer may be accepted, depending on the situation.
I take payments up front, before I begin. However I can arrange payment plans for commissions above $200-300.

If the artwork is finished before final payments are made, the Client will not receive the original painting/drawing or un-watermarked digital image of the commission until final payments are made. If the time frame between completion of artwork and final payment exceeds 6 months from the date of third (3rd) reminder email/note/other contact source, I have the right to resell the commission to the highest bidder to recuperate the loss in income.

About Payment Plans: This option is available from $200 and up. The Client pays the first portion of arranged payment before the start of work.  After the commission work is completed (I will show a preview of finished commission in small format before final payments. Full size of image/original won't be delivered to the Client until all payments are completed), the Client is responsible to pay all final payments within two weeks. If the Client fail to deliver final payments, will be charged with an extra fee - 30% of the remaining payment (i.e. if the remaining payment which the Client has to deliver is $100, the new price is $130 if they fail to complete payment within 2 weeks)- and will have extended deadline by one month to complete the payment (deadline can be discussed). If the Client is unable to finalize the payment again, I have the right to cancel their commission, including delivering the original painting and full size file to the Client without any refunds. I'll reserve the right to re-sell the original of completed commission.

For the information: while realizing Paypal payment (or any other form) PLEASE include your deviantART name if you're ordering a commission from deviantART.

3. Refunds and Cancellation
I do not do refunds so please be certain that you want to place an order before doing so.
However in very unique situations if I cannot complete your commission due to specific reason, I can provide you a full refund.

Also I reserve the right to cancel a commission due poor communication, rude or inappropriate behavior by the Client.

4. Revisions
Clients will have the opportunity to direct alterations of their commissions in the sketch stage if they asked me to show. I will do two revisions: one in the sketch stage and one in coloring stage (only Digital media). After that, revisions will cost extra fee- depending on the time it takes to do them.
As for working in progress status, is the Client's responsibility to request/ask for updates.

Small commissions are considered as small works, and thus time revising sketches is no factored into the price.

5. Estimated Waiting Time.

Please be aware that I'm very busy artist, student and with lots of my duties in real life and I'm working as a traveller as well.
So basically, that means I work within NO TIME FRAME on commissions, so I cannot guarantee any time when your commission order will be completed. Please be patient, I'm trying my best to take the most of the time as possible to grant with the best quality for your commission order :]
Feel free politely to send a note/email asking me about your commission status.

If you wish to receive a completed work from me on certain date (deadline) we can arrange that.
I will charge an extra fee for a deadline. The price is dependent on in what time I need to complete, how big is commission and availability of my time.

6. Shipping

For traditionally made artwork, the commissioner may receive the original piece of commission upon their wish. The commissioner must pay an extra fee for the original and shipping&packing costs.
I will ship the artwork worldwide. The prices may vary depending where I'm currently.
Estimated costs including shipping, packing and gas: (currently I'm in the USA)

Prioritaire Shipping/tracking number within USA:  8$  for an A4 size artwork.  OUTSIDE of USA: 13$ for A4 size.
I also provide option shipping by Courier where is the fastest form of shipping and safest as well. The price may vary, starting from 20-30$ +

There is no guaranteed timeframe of delivering. Within USA, it may take up to a week. Outsie may take from 2 to 3 weeks.
I DO NOT TAKE ANY responsibility for shipping. I pack the original piece in secured envelope and secure the best as is possible. Once I take the package/mail to the post office, it's no more of my responsibility what will happen while shipping and how long it may take. The commissioner has right to ask for tracking number or proof of shipping.
The Client is responsible for providing a correct shipping address.
INFO: It's highly recommended to provide the Client's REAL NAME (no fake names, nicknames or internet names), because there is chance that package may not get without addresse's real name where they live at. I don't have time to check everybody's address if is correct or no- it's up to customer.

Damaged or lost artwork from shipping.
Unlikely but - If that situation happens, all what I can do is to issue for a refund from Post Office if that option is available. If I get refunded, I can fully refund for the commissioner what I got from Post Office. If the refund isn't possible from Post Office, I can send a gift print copy for the commissioner to cheer-up :]

For the information: While I finish a commission, it does not mean that I am shipping the original artwork of the commission order immediately- due to owing to circumstances beyond my control during my traveler career- I'd like ask the commissioners for a patience and understanding while waiting to receive the original artwork, while you agree those my terms by purchasing.

Paying for the original picture necessary fees and providing a shipping address immediately after commission completion or taking commission order is highly recommended. Deciding to receive the original picture of the commission much later after the completion of the commission is not recommended- I do not provide shipping originals after several months of completion due to many reasons. The Client must be decided whether want an original painting or not while placing the order.

The Client is responsible to provide a correct address via note on deviantART /or other Community where the commission informations were provided/ or email-  I will not ship on address which is given by Paypal. If The Client fails to give an address -even if the shipping is already paid- I am not able to ship the artwork.

7. Usage and Rights

a) I reserve all the rights to the commission work. I have right to use the commissioned work to produce my prints, merchandise and sell them unless we arranged something else/or it's a commercial commission. Rights can be negotiated for an extra fee.
However I reserve full rights to display commissioned artwork in my Art Portfolio.

b) The Client may not make and sell prints of the artwork, or profit from the artwork beyond the resale of a physical original painting or drawing (traditional media, not digital). The Client may resize or crop the artwork to create icons, wallpapers, or other graphics to be used in non-commercial digital format, but the Client cannot alter the artwork itself. The Client may also upload the artwork to their personal website or gallery, but credit is required in the form of a link back to the artist's gallery, and it must not be any high resolution or unwatermarked version of the artwork.

c) All commercial usage and other rights can be negotiated.

d) The Client cannot claim that they or someone else made this picture besides me.  (The Client cannot claim my work as their own)

8. Optional stuff, which makes communication between the Commissioner and Artist easier with a smile.

- By providing the information for me about your desired commission order- please write the most necessary, clear and as short as possible informations for the commission. Sketched out references or any visual references are the most welcome to catch the best accuracy for your desired image.

- If is possible, a good advice when you have possibility to track my deviantART Journal or my Facebook page posts where I may announce urgent informations for the commissions.

- If there is any problem with the commission or feel not pleased with the service, feel free to mention, but please do it very politely and be willing to resolve the issue where I'll be happy to do my best to fix something.

- It happens rarely but a few times I've experienced "missing notes" where I have not received from the commissioner note/or they have not received. (also this happens with emails) In that situation, if I'm not replying on urgent commission related note more than two weeks or something, always feel free to send a note again.

- If I complete a commission for you and our deal is finished, I'd be happy to hear your honest opinion about my service where would be a good reference for me to improve better with my services :] Happy clients counts for the most!

Buyers policy

This is an extra short policy for the Clients who has bought my merchandise, prints and original artwork.
Please read before purchasing and you must agree with all terms.

- I am not taking any responsiblity for the shipping. Please look above for "Commission Policy" rule no. 6. about shipping. The Client is responsible for providing the right address and the real name.
- original artwork: do not remove my signature at the bottom of artwork.
- I do not refund money for purchased items from me. All sales are final.
- If customer is unable to prove the right address/or get the item/or get in touch after payment, I'll hold the item up to 3 months in safe area- after that the item is voided and will be up for sale again.
- If you have received an item which you didn't order, let us know. We will work out to replace your order.
- I reserve the right to refuse selling items due poor communication, rude or inappropriate behavior granted by the Client. 
- The Client have rights to resell the original and other items but cannot reproduce them.

By ordering a commission from me, the Client is agreeing to all the rules above.

Other terms than what is listed can be negotiated. Any questions, please contact with me!

Thank you for your support! ♥



Only Serious Bids!

When I have a certain item for sale, I am asking for real, serious buyers who are able/and obligated to pay for this item by using real money. It's not auction done for fun and no, absolutely no points.

- When you place your bid offer- be absolutely serious and 100% sure that you are able to pay the price which you offered if you will eventually win.

Exactly. When the highest price is 50$, and you are offering 80$- that means, 80$ is the highest price bid. If auction will end and if you will win- you are obligated to pay what you have offered.
Always pay attention to your price offer- take that your offer is the price which you will pay.

If you are uncertain, don't bid.

- No taking back your bid offers/changing your mind.

That rule has to be absolute. This must remain an absolute, with no exceptions to friends or begging person.

When you offered a bid (even if they are on lead) and then request me to cancel it, I will not cancel your bid no matter what due to many certain reasons. All what is left is for you to hope that someone will outbid you
But if you win, you're obligated to pay.

Why? Because if we keep people to slip out, cancel bid or change their minds, even if we let only one person to do that, it may ruin whole market with auctions. Once one person will see the unstability with auctions, they will not take it seriously and more people will bid enormous offers then be all "hey I've changed my mind" and disappear what that could ruin whole market with auctions.

Or, let's see. I've put item on auction and for four days I had to take care (yes it takes my time to control it) bids there, then I finally close it and that person changes mind and does not may the price. In result I'd have to completely re-do auction. And yes, I really would rather to not dirt out my account with non art stuff that too much (In general  I do auctions  very rarely) where the process of restarting would be not on the hand for auctioner.

Just simply let's keep one clear rule: the bid is absolute. No quitting or changing mind. Simple but that keeps a balance
I also really deeply recomment to other auctioners to be absolute with that rule for good sake for everyone.

- I will not tolerate situations like: I can't pay because…

If you are winner of auction or even with your highest bid offer as leader (when you have the highest bid offer, always take this option that you'll buy this, than "maybe") and then you come out with a text "I can't pay because.. (because I bought a present for my friend) (because I had to pay bills)etc."

I really happen to have many Clients from dA who kept telling me that they want to commission me or buy certain originals where nearly when they were decided, they kept changing their minds where their common saying that they bought something else already while our conversation about purchasing art from me was earlier than that decision with item. I'm just telling situations like these above, with Auctions- will NOT be tolerated.
Be absolutely sure and have a common sense of prediction in future (aka. if in a week auction will end, that you will have funds to pay for item in next week, i.e. if your phone bills arent on your way where will take away your funds). Be responsible with your finances, okay?

- Blacklist.

All people who broke rules above: which means changed their mind, disappeared or never paid for item while were obligated to do- will be posted on black list under there and are not welcomed to purchase anything from me.

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