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Say NO to the Internet Prices

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 22, 2011, 9:09 PM
I've been observing a situation of the artist who courageously set up their prices on very decent prices (in meaning: no more 50 bucks full color image of yer characters! but almost 200$ one for her really nice character painting) where I felt so proud of her for being brave to set up the real price of the art. But I was also a witness of bunch of complaining people (mostly I noticed they were young) screaming that her art is not worth for shitload bucks.
I really wanted to slap faces of these people.
Really, who decide that someone's art is worth that price?

You do not decide how much wort is my art - as my work.
You do not know how much effort I've put into a piece, countless hours, stress, time, including also a years of practice and studies, frustration as well personal finances into the art materials.

Do you think my art is a fun hobby?
You do not decide if my art is a form of fun and what are real feelings with the artist while working on artwork as part of paid job.
It's no more scribbling like from the childhood.
Art is my job and a work where I have to pay bills.

You see my newest fully painted picture, where I greatly appreciate if you liked- however you're just seeing the picture with no effort, which suddenly popped up in your inbox and for that moment you gain the feeling like I am having magic powers to create a living illustration. I'm glad you are able to enjoy my artwork (as well others) with no effort.
However, I as an artist, in reality where no part of you can see- I put a hard work, many hours of sitting and painting till my back will scream at me for a break and stressing out a lot if I'll make on the time to work on next commissions.
Kind of unpleasant and typical stress like during the work.
Just think about the artist.
Especially one who is attempting into real artistic career and makes a living with the art.

Also I discovered one of common issues answering why the full time freelance artists are working on commissions forever and meantime having remaining list of unfinished commissions- are still taking new commissions. Also I've experienced that.
That causes lot's of stress and frustration for the artist and the Client.
Because of the "Internet prices".

If the artwork is charged for too little money than what real is deserved by, it leads to the "trap".  Example: if the artist earns about 100$ with a pile of work which worth 3 weeks of work makes artist impossible to keep up with finances which are necessary for living/or goals/, the stressed artist is forced (sometimes "silently", without online announcing) to take another bath of commissions for money needs and in that method artist is building up remaining list more and more, making an "endless" list of work and commissioners who ordered before are thrown to bottom. That system leads to destruction.
That's why I've seen artists doing major sales (they did amazingly detailed characters for very low prices) they left websites due to surreal stress with commissions and even more, having an endless list of remaining commissions, they attempt to disappear and not finishing any of commission.

If you are the artist who is working full time on art for living, PLEASE be realistic how much is your art worth and don't be afraid if no one will buy if is "too high". Your mental and physical health is more important.

Most of people on the internet are young, still being at the school, usually living with parents having granted food and living basics for "free" and mostly young people view art as a fun part coming from fandom and "hey I can draw that too!"… which is far away from the real ART realm.. deviantART is an universal community not only where people share art but fandom also. That's the internet. (PS: for the information: please pay attention that I marked NOT all young people are "like that" but it's in generic example. Of course there are older people who act like that. In general I'm regarding and what I've observed with the young people is the fact different experience and view on market.)

Lately I've met many non-internet freelance artists (who doesn't work via the internet and internet communities, majority they expose real art in galleries, meetings, conventions, illustrations for books, designers and doing jobs in real life forms) and mostly were specializing in wildlife and fantasy themes…  that's why I'm bringing that journal, to bring positive chances for the artists.
Do you really want know how much the real life artist takes for the painting?

I find that if someone is judging how much is worth art of certain person, is extremely rude and beyond egoistic without having a view from other person.
If you don't like the artist's price and think it doesn't deserve (nothing "doesn't deserve) from your opinion- simply don't buy and that's all.
Is that simple, isn't?
Commenting like that on public to artist is a childish act which is showing how you want to control and decide other's lives. Save it to your imagination.
Save your stress and eventually you'll understand why art is worth "that" much, and who knows, you might would want to come back and buy something from that artist where you disagreed their prices! :)

Also read this and my past journal about the price of art which may help you to find some answers :]……

I'm calling to encourage artists for positive changes, to judge by themselves how much is really worth their own art (especially to overcome the FEAR which blocks to decide themselves, do what they really want instead pleasing and letting themselves others to decide for them) and other people to understand and respect the artist.
Peace :]

Soon I'm posting a new commission system, prices and information.

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Shiningbrightlight Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2013
The American economy has created this situation because this country does not have many well-paying jobs. Well-paying factory jobs have been replaced with low-paying restaurant and retail jobs. Moreover, the housing market crises caused the recession, which caused government workers to become unemployed. These job cuts have caused people to seek lower-paying jobs. As long as people are underpaid, they will always want cheap art. If a person is making seven dollars an hour, he will only make 281 a week. Would you be willing to spend 200 dollars on art if you made less than 300 dollars a week?
Underemployment affects all of us. When you buy items from a retail store, you are supporting a business model that causes people to want cheap art. Artists think that is wrong to want affordable art. However, they do not have any problems buying other goods from stores that underpay employees. You may be thinking, “how is that my problem.” It is your problem because you deal with these people every day, and their employers provide services and goods at prices that allow artists to have decent quality of life. For example, artists are able to afford restaurants because farmers sell their products at a low cost. Moreover, restaurants are able to offer meals for low prices because restaurants only pay waiters and waitresses two dollars and fifth cents an hour. 
Denece-the-sylcoe Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I agree. :)
At first when I was thinking up prices, money commissions alongside point commission prices, I had 5 dollars for a (drawing or something) and then 20 points...well, :iconchimerasblood: reminded me that 80 points equals one dollar. I then realized that I'd be cheating my person would pay 5$ the other would pay for less than a dollar..I quickly changed that.
Thank you for the advice on pricing. :)
Ilda28399 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
well, as a young preson, i dont see like 200 € (im italian and cant get much the change of value very well sorry ^^; ) as a hight price. being an artist, and that means I put effort in my art, i try to improve and get better, makes me know that making art takes time and effort and i'm no one to tell someone that's hight. mostly because it helps paying bills and medical stuff.

about the stuff "having all free".. well, yes.. but i know how much tuffs cost and i tried to do commissions to help my parents (and also myself and my sister) but no one would commission me anyway because of the price. Because if its a request for free then its ok, but if you make people pay for your art itslike you are committing a crime ._.

Maybe i'm not ready for commissions yet, but there are some really good artists that sell at low prices and get nothing, and i think that's unfair

i think you did a great job making this journal and i also think you are right
aquashiram14 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013  Student General Artist
Anyone have any tips on how to become a bit more well-known? I recently posted a journal saying that I'm open for commissions (and I am). [link]
But no one's asked me for anything :(
I mean, I guess I'm just being impatient and I should wait some more. I'm charging 2 - 10 points for stuff, which I guess is really cheap, but making the price that low gets more people, right? Or would I seem more self-respecting if I actually raised the prices a few points?
Feel free to tell me I'm being impatient and I should wait another month or so. I'm just kinda disappointed...
Nahiru Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Mrm, I hate to be a downer, but after looking at your work, I don't think you're ready to take on commissions. Artists undersell themselves all the time on deviantart, and it's not hard to find someone with art of a higher quality selling at your prices.

I think you should work on becoming better & build up a fanbase while you're at it, but that's just my opinion. Take it or leave it.
Kaneshe Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013
It's a human thing, people complaining about anything.
Youtube is a good example of people holding discussions about left is better than right or controversial.

You are a very inspiring person, I can't believe that someone like you had a deep depression.
All your experiences makes how you are. Everyone has high and lows in it's life.
I don't read a lot journals and recently I'm turning my back on DA a little bit. (not viewing a lot art and letting everything pile up in the message panel)
Still from reading your journals, you remain a mystery from me and I can't define how your person is. Encouraging words are easy to say, but the story behind and what really happens is not always accurate in the mind.

Suddenly I wanted to read a few journals of you from seeing some of your beautiful sledge dog photo's.

Back to the first few sentences...human beings are rare kinds, some things can be explained and some not.
Following your heart is a good thing. I also don't know what I'm up to, but what I know is that the hardest events will go away and happy events will follow up.
A good thing from us humans is that we have a brain, we control ourselves, what we want to hear and not. Pretending is hard, but choosing friends and meeting (nice) people is way to long for.

Everyday can be the same, but even the slightest change can change the future.
People are people, so changing is inevitable.
SeverusBlackpaw Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OOH how I hate it when people want commissions for $5- $10 dollars or less and are grumpy when you say NO because it is to cheap. I actually take around $70 for a colored and shaded picture. I would not take less anymore as i also think a lil bit in money per hours like my real job is payed. Also because its no fun but a real job to draw a commission.
Alector always says I am to cheap but actually with my talent, its the max. realistic limit where I can go.
If i would be more realistic with the 10-12h I draw per picture, I would take $120-$150 dollar but nobody would buy it with my talent XD.
Also I hate those points that are getting more and more important here but the truth is, that I never get commissions here. Only on FA >_> .

I agreed with you fully. :D
And yes I know the prices out there. The real prices XD. But to be realistic, that is unrealistic with what I draw in that Fandom *g*
CommanderWolf1 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
If I had the money I would pay those prices in a heart beat! You art is worth it! I'll have to start setting aside some money!
SingingNight Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I've shared this journal on my facebook, hopefully it will make people understand that Art is just like any other job. As a propmaker, this is something i feel too, so thank you for this! ^^
Goldenwolf Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
*hugs* Just...WORD sweety. You really nailed what is going on. I definitely think it is high time for artists to stop being whore and to be -artists- and respect themselves, their time and efforts, and their work. Thanks for writing this :)
AkashaSpirit Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013
I totally agree with you on this journal, my art is not the best but my friend is affraid to raise the price on her art cause shes affraid people wont buy or commission her and that her art isnt very good. But hopefully this journal will make her realize that art is like a job and should be taken seriously. :)
P.S. her art is really good
Old-PaleoClipper Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I came here because you linked to it in your prices list.

I know you disabled comments on it, and I saw why before hand.

Let me say something here and now:
I admire your art, and your prices. They make sense to me. If you charged less I would be complaining that you were selling yourself short.

I will be coming to you for a commission sometime soon btw
Goku-san Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Sadly a lot of people feel they have to charge lower in order to get commissions especially if they are not a popular artist on sites like DA or feel like their art isn't worth anything.

I get told my art is too expensive yet I charge for what would be less than minimum wage (lowest art price is about $3). :/

I see a lot of artists underselling themselves just to get any kind of business.
sukoshichu Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013  Student Artist
my father one time sat me down with a calculator on a piece i did, it was a full graphite piece.
he said: okay how many hours did you work on this?
me: 8.5 hours for three weeks straight every day
he calculated that (for the mathematically impaired like myself, that's 178.5 hours [8.5hours*21days])
and he said: now, let's say you're working for minimum wage on that, for a commission. (min wage is federally $7.25 in the usa... that's 1294.13$ [178.5*7.25])
and finally: if this was a minimum wage job, you'd get $1294.13 for working on that piece. ...and the cost of supplies (which for me was like, 5 pieces of lead, so i wouldn't bother, but again, paint and copics and whatnot are A LOT more)

realistically, he said, i'd likely cut that in half or so, but technically, yes, it IS worth that much because that much work and effort DID go into it. if you're working on a full piece for a week at 4 hours a day for $35, you're cutting yourself short.
sukoshichu Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013  Student Artist
of course my earning was a 98% grade :D
Neotokyo6 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013
quality work come with price cause cheap thing never goods .
AlphaDera Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013  Student General Artist
Heh I wish more people could think like you...
Southrobin Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2012
Ive been using this journal to show a few people this issue lately. Its honestly really sad. :'c

I feel quite sad that people dont see my art to be worth something much. I think with the advent of points, it really reduced our ability to sell proper commissions. (even if art is a hobby to us and stuff.)

Now i get people telling me "no man your art isnt worth 100 pts" (because the person hand earned the pts, but i cant really blame her) or dude you're seriously overcharging for icons, I see people selling them cheaper than $8 :I (so many cheaper and better artists...)

A good journal you have here, but i wish more people would read and understand this ;A;

I wish i knew the right amount to charge thats fair to me and to whoever that wants to commission me :'c
Exileden Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2012
I will do another "follow-up" journal based on that image and all comments/questions/doubts and final conclusion. At some point in the future.
Southrobin Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2012
Ah thats cool c':
Thanks :D
PewterKat Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2012  Professional General Artist
Well said. Too many of us (like me) are afraid to ask for a bit more because everyone thinks your art is too expensive, but cheap commissions don't pay the bills.
PrinceofPride Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
It's partly because of this whole internet price issue that I've always been afraid or nervous about the price of my art. I'm not an actual 'professional artist' nor do I ever intend to become one. Art is more of a side job or hobby for me. I've had professional artists and art teachers tell me what they believed my art should be priced, and I was surprised at the amounts they were suggesting. I've seen artwork that looks very professional on deviantArt and these people, according to what I've been told by actual professionals and teachers, are selling their art for what mine would apparently be worth. They are seriously under-priced. But instead of selling my art for what it's worth, I get afraid and push my prices even further down. There's a lot of other artists who push their prices down as well, and it gets to the point where I've seen decent artists selling their art for only 5 USD a piece. Now I know why so many artists were telling me that deviantArt is a terrible place to sell your art.
Exileden Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2012
Normally I stopped replying under that picture due too many repeating comments buy yes I totally agree with you. Da is extremely immature community with real art and kinda... Destroys the real value of art. I feel like it made cheap trademark of art :/
All artists which I know who doesn't have da account charge very high prices which is normal for them (which I agree) while extremely talented artists because were raised in da community very undercharge their art value. It's like taking 80 dollars is a standard while other artists 500$ is normal
I feel because of mass production of art on da and extremely huge community on da undervalues the price of art- its same as we would produce more of usd dollars where value of dollar would drop up.

Secondly its also fault of da artists who feel bad to charge more because in fear that their watcher will complain. Artist who is being so hesistant, giving too many questions if should charge more or no so openly is like opening a can of worms: people will definitely use that chance to persuade to keep prices so cheap and influence artist so much mentally. They spoiled chance by large amount by watchers to have prices so low.
Raylorn Featured By Owner May 15, 2012  Student General Artist
I think the reason internet prices are low because people most people can buy the artwork in real life with lesser risk.

But on the internet you can't see the person face to face and most people do not like to pay for the shipping.
So think of it this way, if you sell the same item in real life and in the internet with the same price. People will expect prices on the internet to be cheaper because of the shipping price and the item price combine.
SashaWren Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh no, I think you misunderstood what I was saying... I'm sorry if I angered you for saying something of yours was expensive, I just have always wanted to commission you and it's so impossible right now. :(
Exileden Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2012
It's okay ^_^
Marawuff Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I agree with it. But it's hard to set prices. If I raise my prices, I think it's too much because noone will buy it, if I make it lower, I think it isn't worthy my nerves, time, stress and hard work.
People like to pay less. Once I did 'outsell' myself, where I worked for some hours for 10$. It were like almost 30 commissions... Somewhen I had a breakdown, I was overhelmed with them. To be honest I had just a small, short idea of dissapearing, but I couldn't. I couldn't betray people who paid for their commission, so they should receive it. It took me about a month more than I planned, but I finished every one of them. But also, I got poked on my forehead when my friends learned of the prices for what I sold...
It is also hard, when you need money and you simply have to take more commissions than you feel comfortable with. Sometimes you just have to. I just think if you take commissions, you should also finish them, no matter what.
Finally, I'd like to say I agree with everything you wrote here. In RL prices are much higher.
Exileden Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2012
there was a story of a very talented artist (pshh, she took way too cheaply for her artwork) where took 50 commissions for amazing, inexpensive price where a huge amount "in a first glimpse" sounds awesome because got thousands of dollars.
but the reality of working on uber amount of commission totally broke her down. she was so broke mentally and physically with huge amount of commissions, and time wise where the time has passed she needs money for living again but she couldn't (due to many factors) so made her to disappear and betray commissioners.

at the end, it totally broke her down, with 50 commissions (it was approx 1500-2000$ in total) where that amount of commissions took her more than 6 months of work... can you believe whereas she earned a bare and starvey amount of 1500-2000$ for six months and more...?! In the USA even a waiter earns a normal 1500-2000$ per A MONTH!

It's a real and very bad plan for the artist and commissioners.
Yes, by paying so cheaply for art they get their art so late/uncarefuly made/or even dont get if the commissioner gets broke down.

Myself I commissioned artist who undercharged way and way too less, she broke down and I never received artwork. Oh well :P

Be fair to the artist.
IsaidRAWR Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
birdgarden Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2012
thank you for this so much
IsaidRAWR Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Avidest Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, I agree with you 100%!
DarkLordsDaughter Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Needed to be said, and well done for saying it.

Personally, I do occasionally browse through artist's commision prices on DA. Most of them I can't afford. Which is fine, cause I'm a student, I have no income. I've never complained about it.
If I can't afford to commision someone, thats my problem, not the artist's. An artist should get paid what the time, talent and effort is worth. And artists so often undermine what they're worth :( I hope if I ever commision someone, to pay a fair price; and have the guts to offer more money, if I think the artist is devaluing their time and talent.
xxtemporaryinsanity Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2011  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I am a plusher here on DA, and this journal... is perfect. I get harassed all the time for the prices I commission my plushies for. A common complaint is, "But you can get one for like $20 at the store!" The thing is, I am not a store, or a factory. I do not mass produce things. Everything that is made by me has hours and hours of work, materials, time, thought, et cetera, put into them. I tend to attract a lot of the youngsters here because I mainly get commissioned for Pokemon and the like. But I won't back down. There are people here who charge way more than I do for plushies, and I think my prices are quite reasonable. This journal just made me even more sure about my prices and how I do things. So, thank you. Everyone here appreciates it.
Ahkward Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2011  Professional General Artist
I used to be like one of those "younger people". I didn't understand how much work truly went into a great piece of art...

However, now that I am an artist myself, working on making a career in it; I understand a lot more. It's hard being an artist... professionally .Hours of work, sketching, painting, writing, photographing. It all is something that is not well understood. I would like to eventually join the freelance community, on the side as an animator. I know the wages aren't GREAT, but decent. I'm expecting to need something extra, so I'd like to be able to offer commissions on the side.

Even offering them now, to save up for an internship to Japan, is very tough. I've had to close them for now because of my college classes, and some commissioners canceled their commissioners because of it. But I've always been really cheap with my commission, less than a dollar (or 80 points for a full complete picture). While they were open, if I even raised my commissions by so much as a dollar, everything stopped. I stopped getting any. They were now "too" expensive. I was spending more time on them, and my time was vanishing due to my part-time job, and college classes. I started getting upset, and when I asked why people stopped buying them, they were too expensive. A dollar more, really?

I got fed up with the cheapness of my peers, and raised them to what I thought was fair. My prices are all $30 and under, but even that is too much! I work DAYS, weeks on my full paintings (the $30 dollar ones). I'm lucky to get a dollar an hour. I find this very hard for me, and my prices include shipping the original to the commissioner. It's not like they pay me and I only post it for them. It's very insulting to me. I'm keeping them closed for now, since I'm in finals now, but they will open next week. I hope that people can understand more when I post a journal about why my prices are what they are. As for your prices, Kilu, I think your prices are more than fair. Now that I paint, or am trying to, more traditionally, I understand all the work that goes into it. Now I really think about everything that an artist puts into their prices and artwork. I appreciate them a lot more.

Now, on to kids. they don't understand the value of a dollar. They really have to ability to, unless they are working or very aware of family finances. My mom kept me in on our finances, and now that I work, well, off for now for school finals, I understand how important making money is. I'm already buying my own food, and paying for my own gas, paying insurance. Those things cost money. Some teenagers, not all, can't understand money yet. They can't find the jobs (not that they DON'T want one, jobs are just hard to find), if they can't get money, or don't have to pay bills, buy gas, food, college books; they can't understand. Sadly, a major part of the dA community falls into this category. MANY of my friends do.

Until they are put in a place where they start understanding how much of a role LIFE plays into prices, they can't understand. Supplies, time, shipping, so much plays into it. I'm not fully on my own yet. I'm lucky to have a house to live in (with my grandparents), but I still pay a huge majority of my own finances. I'm learning about the real world, and I'm finding it's a lot creuler than I thought. That's part of growing up.

e.e Long comment... sorry
AxletheBeast Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
This post gets 5 out of 5 hearty fist pumps.
thoughtwright Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
It bugs me when artists complain they're overworked and underpaid. Economist protip: That means you get to raise your prices!
towlie36 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I've seen a lot of artists at work, so when I see a piece I can tell how much time and effort has been used based on medium type and detail. And judging from both material costs, time, and stress, I believe even the current prices of hundreds don't do the art piece much justice. Sketches should be kept low. But those high-end finished pieces should be reserved for those that can fully appreciate the amount of effort put into it and are willing to spend the correct sum of money on it.
It's a bit different where I was, because I went to an art school. But the majority of younger kids will leave a comment like "wow that's amazing" without having any deeper thought of any kind relative to the piece. This leads them to, as you said, believe that an artist can just put out a work of art without effort, which is untrue.
On a personal note. I'm sorry I haven't been able to buy anything from you as of yet, I'm having a bit of trouble paying some bills and regular costs of living. (I'm not a professional artist.) But I shall buy some as soon as I can get extra bucks in my pocket :) Your work is quite captivating.
chris1989223 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2011
couldn't agree more, artists put a lot of work into their work, they deserve to get paid accordingly without argument.
ExquisiteIllusions Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2011
An amazing journal that I totally agree with. This is also very inspirational at the same time, despite what you say about the troubles and trials it also gives hope. =)
Thank You
VerumDicereIsRetired Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2011
Art buyers really should take a closer look at how much art is really going for. Traditionally a painting ( non digital) can go for the thousands, even other art such as metal works and pottery .Why should digital art be any different? Maybe some of these people need to take a walk outside along their local art community and see what being expenssive really is.what most do not understand and i was taught in my advanced art classes is that, prices are ranged by how much time an artist invests into their painting or art. not by how pretty it looks.

So they need to get over themselves
lydario Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2011
:iconskaffa: had a journal about internet scams recently, he seems to have deleted it, but on his facebook page he still has large images showing his conversation with a... 'client'.

Southrobin Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012
Best link ever. I used that today because someone wanted me to work for free for his project :U
Eviecats Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2011
That was very entertaining, thank you for posting it! :XD:
lydario Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2011
LicianDragon Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've always hated how internet prices are so low yet if you saw someones work in person in an art shop or something it'd be hundreds of dollars. People don't realize how much time and effort go into making a piece of work and like you said, you have to add in all the hours of practice you're doing to be able to make something so good.:no:
DeviantIrk Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Well said. I used to think "my, that's pretty expensive..." when seeing how much some artists charge for comissions. But then I thought about how many hours they spend on it: if you spend 30+ hours on a picture and get 50 bucks for it you did not earn much. Even 100 dollars would be rather cheap considering how much effort is put into the artworks...
issuldra Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
AMEN. It's great to hear a great well-known artist speaking out about the prices artists post. It sucks when you pour hours into artwork and no one even glances at it, and the few comments you get are somewhere along the ways of it's too expensive.
TheOtherSarshi Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2011
I totally support this. I'm a writer here, which means very little exposure, but I set my prices so that commissions would be worth my time, not a sort of chore. I'd rather not work than work feeling frustrated and resentful.
Hirui Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2011
What if we consider it like a real job, where the artist gets paid by the hour. To include the studying and preperations and planning of the image that the artist is going to produce.

Figure minimum wage of about 7 bucks an hour, when the average artist would spend 10 to 20 hours on a digital painting (this is just a guess mind you, I know i spend a lot more time on my work than it should take me for my work) But that's what? about $140 US Dollars? Your point is perfect. ^_^ Pay the artist for the work, time and effort it takes to be as amazing as they are. ^_^

Good journal.
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